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Losing close friends has happened to everyone I know in this genre. Upon awakening, we have all lost long-time friends who just don’t understand why we were the ones who changed. Conversely, we have a hard time understanding why they aren’t growing spiritually, yet neither path is wrong.

The article referenced in this video is, ” So, Your Spiritual Awakening Cost You Some Friends”.

Has this happened to you? How did you handle it?

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  • So true personally I lost some close friends and am still losing..
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  • It is heartbreaking that you had to endure the loss of a friend who trembles inside neurotically trying to warn others by belittling them into submission. Though they think it is for their own good they must be told that they are being cruel. Hopefully as more of us live from our living higher Self your friend will run to the winning win win side. Group think is that fear of an event where one decides to cut off from ones soul connection to temporarily protect ones physical self or small s self. Abandonment threats can be shattering. Traumatic so you could say many have post traumatic stress disorder. If one is in an environment of complete acceptance and can be encouraged to remember the event as a safe loved adult one can be compassionate and see both sides to make a new choice. With the media spreading fear its audiance focuses on fear. By surrounding ourselves with loving friends we are on the compassionate side. Life operates on love seeking the light. We can only be an example.

  • I lost mostly American friends that I had previously stayed with in the US. Brits seemed more able to accept the changes but I ended up dumping Facebook as I got fed up with their derogatory comments. I had known these people for decades.

  • It is sad, yes to lose those you Love πŸ’”I walked away from a 40 year marriage after my awakening πŸ˜₯ couldn't do it, lost my family tooπŸ’” I didn't understand allot, but I TRUSTED SPIRT πŸ’–I didn't want to do this AGAIN πŸ‘Œ So I stepped out in faith and TRUSTED GODπŸ‘ Hasn't been easy, but I've learned to TRUST myself and the leading I'm getting for my life πŸ’– BLESSINGS to ALL on THEIR JOURNEY πŸ’ž TRUST YOURSELF πŸ‘ŒπŸ’•

  • My family…. devorce… 4 children now adults it's been ten years… a world gone mad… skies like never before… trees dying from the inside out… ringing in ears… orbs.. auras.. ufo's… shapeshifting… chi… numbers… signs… syncronicty… beings… matrix… who knows anymore. Peace…

  • In today's insanity if you dont agree with someone they will turn on you. Sometimes I think its easier to just go solo in life.

  • Wow. That's some story. I happen to be listening to Michael Newton's books (*Journey of Souls* and *Destiny of Souls*) on tape for the past few days. I wonder if your childhood friend agreed to play the role he did, for any number of reasons. One thing for sure is that if it was a preplanned test of your resolve, you surely crossed the Rubicon. And thank God! You are loved and appreciated.

  • Been there. My BFF of 20+ years. I ended our friendship in 2010 b/c she always tried to make me feel worthless to pump herself up. She cheated constantly on her husband and was just a nasty human being all around. I knew this for years but never said anything to her. Letting her go was hard but it propelled me into something better.



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