A Personal Message from Doug Hagmann: As someone who follows the news and dives deep into the headlines, it is evident that truth has become a casualty in the global war between good and evil. There are numerous things that we encounter every day and take for granted, including and perhaps especially those that might seem trivial or even irrelevant. Yet they are far from trivial and very relevant, and understanding just how much impact these seemingly “little” things have in our daily lives can make a very positive difference in our physical, mental and spiritual well-being.

As a career investigator and a Christian Conservative, I have personally witnessed the perversion of truth at nearly every level. It can be disheartening and it is most assuredly disturbing, especially when one dwells on the vast array of problems all of us encounter. It was during my search for solutions that I became acquainted with Michael Tyrell, the founder of WholeTones. At first, I was far from interested as I did not believe that music or the frequency of music was of any relevance whatsoever. My initial reaction of disinterest was abruptly changed when my wife began playing WholeTones – first in our house, then in our offices. I first noticed a change in the behavior and “mood” in Lady, the Studio dog. Little things at first, and then a positive change in her demeanor. Then, my wife commented on my mood, increase in mental clarity, focus, and our collective productivity. Suddenly, everyone in our office noticed a positive difference in THEIR lives in different areas. The only change we made was playing WholeTones in the background at home and in our offices.

It was then I decided to contact Michael Tyrell to find out what was going on. As an investigator, I wanted answers. He directed me to his website for the background information I needed. I researched the history of frequency and learned that even frequency and our music was perverted. I was still somewhat skeptical, however.

Now, this is where it gets very personal.

I ordered WholeTones for my father-in-law who suffers from advanced Alzheimers, asking his caregiver to play it in the background 24/7. At that time, he was becoming very agitated – his quality of life was horrible and it deeply hurt all of us to watch him mentally decline. About two weeks later, his caregiver and all of us noticed a very positive change in his behavior. I won’t get into details, but the improvement was remarkable. No medication was responsible. The only difference was the “frequencies” to which he was exposed.

I then asked a few others to try WholeTones. To the person, they reported back to me that they experienced positive changes in their lives, whether it related to behavioral issues of their young children to their own issues. The rest, as they say, is history and now WholeTones is a staple in our homes and businesses.

You don’t need to believe me. In fact, I prefer that you do your own research and try it for yourselves. Based on my own personal experience and that of those closest to me, I wanted to share WholeTones with you. I asked Michael Tyrell to come back on my show to explain what I could not, and he was gracious enough to do so.

I cannot stress enough how important it is that we take back our music – our “frequency” – the frequency of God and not of man. I could not keep something this good to myself – and I wanted to share it with each of you.

For more information, please visit: – Michael Tyrell is generously offering $10 off his product when you use the promo code “Hagmann”

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  • Introduction wasn't bad just that it takes you so long to say something. 10 min introduction. A lot of videos aren't that long.

  • I believe Doug was referring to Sean Hannity, Tucker Carlson, Laura Ingraham…

    There's a reason the left demonizes Fox News as a whole and why Obama said that people who watch Fox were living in a different reality.

  • I've known for awhile they changed the music standards in the mid 1900s I think from 432hZ to 440hZ which basically is evil. The elites will go through any lengths to corrupt the human body and soul.

  • The "Mandela Effect" (Alternate Realities) theory is an ILLUSION!

    Have you ever considered why "common sense" eludes humanity today and is replaced by delusionary perception?

    The term "Common", sense is skewed and is no longer a relevant term for "good sense", as human thought is corrupted and "wounded minds" are incrementally inundated with an unlimited data feed from unlimited sources, creating a mental burden that is overwhelmed by information.

    Contrived speculation develops rabbit trails that taint human acuity and result in an alleged "alternative reality" and subsequent obsession.

    The "Mandala Effect" and "flat earth" theories are examples of obsessions that have successfully transitioned into a delusional conclusion and fester wickedness by preventing humanity from seeking TRUTH and salvation in Yeshua.

    “And for this cause God shall send them strong delusion, that they should believe a lie:” 2 Thessalonians 2:11.

    Today information "OVER-LOAD" has caused DELUSIONAL PERCEPTION of FACTS in the human mind that are designed by Satan to confuse and distract men away from YHWH.

    The human mind, in its' present form, cannot process the copious amount of daily data input of information that is disseminated in a modernist world that IS adversely affecting the masses, resulting in various levels of mental duress and consequently new forms of mental illness that affect reason and sanity.

    The "Mandela Effect" is another demonic distraction from Truth that is designed to expend energies away from relevant Truth of biblical PROPHETIC matters that directly affect humanity today in every way!

    The "Mandala Effect" is nothing less than conclusions that are based on the “amalgamation” of fact and misperception of data, resulting in a convoluted world of lies and deception.

    The human mind tends to consolidate information and "blend" or blur imagery and data over a period of time in order to achieve "easier recall" however, often resulting in tainted memories.

    The reason that there appears to be a human “collective” recollection of events and imagery over a period of time that indeed IS both false and deceptive is due to the way that the human brain stores information.

    A frequent example used by mandela effect propagators is the brand logo character, Mr. Monolpy of monopoly game fame and alleged "changes" to the character that seem to have "vanished" and never existed.


    NOW consider the company logo Mr. Peanut, with his monocle who strikes a familiar pose, (WITH a CANE in hand and TOP HAT), that loosely resembles the "millionaire" character Mr. Monopoly, who also holds a cane and wears a top hat, thus a memory is conceived blending the two images of past memory together in the human mind and creating an "alternate" memory, which is not an actual alternative dimension or "parallel universe" but rather a skewed memory of data. These are indeed most deceptive times.

    Regarding "CERN" and the "Mendela Effect".


    Some entities have already gained entry into our human dimension however, 2021 will experience a major incursion of demonic principalities into our "world" that will affect the mankind in short order!

    There is no turning back … Only an expectation to meet our Savior Yeshua, "Face to face"!! Amen! MARK THESE WORDS, they are NOT my own! – BOZUNG

  • Free download program Audacity, watch short, informative YT tutorials and convert your own music from A/440 to A/432. Also, get an inexpensive instrument (guitar) tuner in order to verify source frequency and result. This is not as complicated as it may seem….afterall, I can do.

  • Hey Doug! Long time Subscriber here! My husband and I watched this video this morning and were like, "WOW! Finally some actual Christian material on what we've always known exists…in everything…FREQUENCY"! We immediately went to the website and purchased the set! Well, we were so excited to listen to it that we immediately started playing it! I felt instantly refreshed and revived! BUT…unbeknownst to us our 16 year old daughter was in the office adjacent to the room we were in. After about 15 minutes of this playing she slowly walked out of the office…WITH TEARS RUNNING DOWN HER FACE! I ran to her to find out what was wrong! She just looked at me and said that NOTHING was wrong…in fact, she felt such an overwhelming sense of JOY that she couldn't help but cry! IN JOY!! That NEVER happens to her! It's usually the exact opposite when she's crying! She's not a drama kid or anything, but this intense feeling of happiness, to the point of tears, is not something that is 'typical' for her. In my mind, there's only one reason…the music! Thank you SO MUCH for having this AMAZING man on today…we plan on just letting his music play, day and night! ♥️

  • I've done the 21 day trial and it's life changing! I needed this 30 years ago! Believe me, this is absolutely the best thing to have happened to me in years! Doug, I first heard of this on your show and now a miracle. Thank you for having saint Michael Tyrrell on your show.
    Wholetones even has the 7CD sets and ACTIV workout frequencies! I began with the 2Sleep and I want the Christmas CD as well. LOL, wonderful gifts for friends as well. So amazing; Thank God

    Youtube video with Michael's sample frequencies,

  • Blessings to you and ours Doug and Michael. I purchased 2-wholetones Sleep/Gen2. Sleep very well last night. Giving one away as a gift. My prayers are with you all.

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