Ancient Sun Temple & City Built into Mountains, Where Did Everybody Go? Mesa Verde, Colorado, National Park, Remains of incredible civilizations that built shelters into the Cliff Side.
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  • Last Comment, promise( . . heheh) The BLack was the end!! Being a BLack meatbag has nothing to do with BLack in nature!!!!! That might seem wrong , but it's NOT! BLack is usiaLLy Dead or yDying. Night time isn't BLack! See Roger from MudFossiL for existing DNA tests of the BLack! WouLd be nice to know if a Giant Died there & they Left in sadness. Or BLack Goo fiLLed their Lungd! 'CreEp out.

  • YOU NEED TO KNOW that FB is taking DOWN all alternative medicine FB pages NOW …. we are not allowed to share anything anymore ! Mention anit vax. you go byebye . HOLY SHIT

  • so the other day a dove landed in a tree a couple feet from where i was. i knew i couldnt take a picture cause it flew after i tried. the a mockingbird did the same thing.. and i went to snap a pick.. and it flew .. then a big fuzzy raccoon came by. he was so cool,.. and instead of chill for a couple minutes like i did the first two times. i mmediately went to take a pic..but these animals think im stealing their soul and he quickly left. i believe these animals were representing alchemical ethereal energies of people.

  • Civilizations built by our ancient ancestors decimated by others. Our races true history and a accomplishments hidden by Smithsonian and govt. They create false narratives to diminish our capabilities and intelligence unless it serves the pthatbee. We were in Afghanistan with castles and mosaics rivaling the Grecian and Atlantis built pyramids in Egypt. Chased and slaughtered around the globe by the clone races.

  • They were hiding from micrometeorites and ground lighting. The pix of people with lines coming off them were of people throwing off sparks. Think about it. It’s obvious when you don’t look to hard . The pix were ment to be simple like a cartoon so no way to read a language. Most cartoons are visual words not needed. This came to me in a dream. It’s happening again soon. The water would have dispersed the electric charge so they did not get killed. The Dino’s could have been a version of pet or hunting partner for people. I think it was like donotopia where the big animals were used to help build the giant structures. I a great idea. Be like having Dino from flintstones as a pet.

  • Hmmmm…….do you think they poured sand on top of those stone gutters then SHHHHHHHHHHHHHHAAAAAAAAABRRRRRRRR!!!!!!! totally vitrified all them gutters with sand in them with giant lasers or one big lightning bolt blast and melted em all down so they could mold it like putty into proper angles to flow where they wanted it??

  • Honestly it's a defensive position, the environment meant that they needed to store food and food was harder to come by, cliff dwellings decreased the possibility of raiding from other groups. Usually a lack of food resources AND the possible mysterious "death cult" could have had something to do with it. Also the ascribed belief is that people just slowly left these locations, movements can be followed by following cultural artistic styles especially on pottery. Also on some of the rock art, the serpent like creatures are possibly cayman, alligators or crocodiles. Travel and trade did happen with Central America.

  • hey rex…here is one for you…fb is blocking the conspiracy groups…every time i try going to one there is nothing showing and then i am kicked out of fb for a bit

  • My opinion is that it was meant to catch water, since it doesn’t rain that much they tried to collect as much as they could and also distribute it equally around the area. Kind of explains all the little run offs everywhere.

  • Rex, I loved the excursion to these cliff dwellings. Hey Guys, the must watch, I found this regards Smithsonian and the Grand Canyon.
    Actual discovery presentation, though no-one is permitted in there!!!
    Lyn Leahz

    Published on Apr 25, 2014 Ancient Egyptians Came To America, So Did Joseph, and He Was Their King!

  • I have a vehicle that might be perfect for you for now, it has video set up and more…oh, it sometime sings the WB theme song when sliding door opens, great on gas, has major pickup speed, can drive almost in anything… LinkedIn msg me Rex for details if your interested, but if not, I’m sending it off for auction for Veterans at the end of this week. (Last vehicle I donated was converted for a Vet in wheelchair, and one before went to family in need). Life is much better when everyone helps each other out. 🙏✌️👍 great video

  • Had to add, come check out America’s Stone Henge in Salem, New Hampshire. It’s quite a place. Also, Viking ruins up in the Waterville Valley NH area, and many areas that are still waiting to be discovered hidden since the 1700’s. Also see Old lava flows from who knows when. NH is beautiful place to find hidden treasures of all sorts.

  • i think they traveled south like the hopi said.
    I have found mayan looking petroglyphs in the petrified forest on this crevass on newspaper rock that i can not find anywhere on google images or at the museum for the park.
    There is a site in mexico called paquime that has similar symbology and architecture to things you find all the way in utah and colorado.

  • I can see why channels such as yours appreciates funding. This stuff, to go see personally must be expensive to a degree. I used to tune out as soon as money was spoken of. But I get it. It needs to happen to be able to go to these amazing places in person, to gather FIRST hand information. In my books…so to speak. There is NOTHING I like more than FIRST hand information. If i didnt do the amounts of work into the reserch I did. Just repeated what I've been told. I'd never feel like I cud teach. I'd just be preaching. All my experiences, dark or enlightening…usually they come hand in hand, I've experienced myself. Tho in the more metaphysical department. Who would I be if I didnt atually experience the metaphysical phenomenon I speak of in esoteric science ect. And in scripture. Brill work. Always Rex. I do suggest your channel to ppl starting to wake up, as u have covered so much ground in an amazingly entertaining way. If i gave these ppl math to do, physics, hypothesis, scripture to look at themself, it'd be to much. Love ur work man. Take care.

  • Bol- smh- they died with the OlmecXi- Olmec- Califians-and other black american Natives and Brown Native indians that would not give up there beliefs and land and way of life for the Spaniards ideology and later Colonial ideology hiding behind the Pope innocent treaty to.make slavery legal around the world after they finally figured out the world wasnt flat- they killed 100 mill black and brown people from the 1400's till 1900s – but now thy kingdom is coming- and the 400 year curse is over -why you think they spraying? they dont want you to see whats coming from behind the sun !! the lord is closer to you than you think

  • Cool video.. ❤the world is at a critical point in time .. nature is upset . Mankind is disorganized! Our water's full of plastic , we need to join and spread our care as a collective ASAP! Instead of watching mainstream science and news! And cat videos ! We're born live eat kids bring them up and die? Is that all is to life? Wow really…please join me live show starts march 20th ❤subscribe if you want to hear some crazy secrets I discovered about water and light in my work 16 years hidden from the mass public , thanks much appreciated if you do ..❤ 100 comment wooohooooo

  • Hello Rex it was told that a Reptilian being appeared to the Anasazi and taught them ritual magic practices with which they opened a portal through which Giants came through and actually ate the Anasazi out of existence. Check out the writings by Tom Horn and Steve Quayle, who were told this by a local elder and this is the missing link you are looking for.

  • 12:19 This may have been done by forming clay over the stone work, then laying a massive amount of wood over the dried clay and burning it to fire the clay to a ceramic state.Just an idea.
    They were ceramic masters as evidenced by their pottery, And jewelry work.

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