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  • I just sent a request to President Trump via text, and despite my spelling and typo errors, it accepted it! So it's possible it will wake up someone if we all text him and tell Potus to send a black ops to rescues Assange from the clutches of the privy counsel and the evil British queen who is trying to 'Otto Warmbier' Julian Assange like she and her evil has done before. President Trump will have a hard time reconciling his lack of action in this regard unless and until he tells Pompeo to stand down , and puts Gina on notice for her loyalty to the privy. Just try it. it might work. Since when does Sweden care about the rapes anyway? The rapfugees assault their women and children all day long, yet the Swedish men are silent. This really makes me mad when the swedes both ignore the rapes, and then attack a man on a false charge like this.

  • Well all this goes to show us all who's really in control, and it's not President Trump nor the Patriots. Assange is being killed by the deep state and Mueller just set another trap for the president. WAKE UP EVERYONE!!!! Things are not what Q says. Q is just a distraction. These demons are going to destroy us all. So sorry for Assange and shame on President Trump for doing jackπŸ’© for him. I'm so sick and tired of all these disgusting political games. Don't care about anything right now. Make sure you're good with God. We're going down. Disgusting.

  • He was sick trying to get Drs inside the equador consultant.
    Nobody talked about the search warrant and all his stuff confiscated to America including all electronics, flash drives, documents… Ect. Everything.

  • Julian needs healing. Lord we pray in agreement for the complete and powerful recovery of Julian Assange. We pray for every defect caused by the Satanic abuse he has endured to be righted by the power of God, to the glory of His Name.
    Thank you for his complete and perfect healing. May Raphael guard Julian's healing, and may Michael protect him from further harm. Let him be supernaturally cured so that everyone will see the power of God.
    We pray in agreement, in Jesus' Name,

  • @TRUreporting
    Have you got Assanges prison Number?
    If you don't have it, then don't send money as the prison governor / prison will confiscate it, especially if there is no return address etc.

  • They should not let these persons be privately owned there is no one to make sure there are checks and balances in place and people are being treated at least humanely

  • Julian, you’re in a good place, friend! The prison hospital is a place that some nurses WANT to work in. There are less patients and they can give their patients more immediate and focal care. They are generally more able to give you a good look-over every hour, which is what you need right now. Lord Jesus, give your good angels care over Julian’s health and welfare. Thank you, good angels, for giving us our friend back, healed! πŸ™πŸΌ πŸ€—

  • There is power in prayer. Please, everyone, set aside a few minutes to say a prayer and send positive thoughts to him JA in hopes to keep him strong through this. If his attorney is able to pass on the support and LOVE being sent to him as well, it may fuel his strength even farther.


    Comment and send love.


  • I think that they must make the DS think JA is not going to be able to testify against them. Plus I also heard that the hospital might be the safest place for him to be. I feel he's safe.

  • What does Assange know that scares the government? Why do they torture someone held but not convicted? Why does he plunge to poor health so rapidly? Such an injustice.

  • praying for him and all who are good, hopefully optics or maybe also a way to freak out Q people into thinking that trump will not do anything to help Assange. love to all!! WWG1WGA WW

  • I don't know a whole lot about assange but wish him no I'll will, God is in control. But hacking is illegal and there is rumored he raped someone so i can't see praising him, dont
    get me wrong, id rather see justice than unjust mistreatment

  • Thats weird, only after he is in custody this happened. Didnt someone say a month ago that he was being subjected to the same radiation shit that spy was?

  • Time for a visit from Bikers for Trump to have a talk with these rotten corrupt demonrats. And if that doesn't work. … a citizens march on the Capitol to let them know how we feel.

  • I thought JA was in protective custody. That's my hope. I'm thinking this news about his health may be a ruse to mislead public about his state of mind. He is the one who can blow Russia collusion narrative out of the water. If UK has him, he'll end up a zombie. If white hats have him, deep state needs to discredit his state of mind, making him unbelievable and not of sound mind. Just my opinion. In these times, you question everything. Q has been on the mark so much of the time, they said "we have the source". I'm sticking with that, but still praying with my pedal to the metal

  • What's this crap about an "alliance"? Who said they were an "alliance"? Q team is from NSA. Put together after Snowden skipped out with his haul of intel data. That's it!!! Why do you think Q dropped "@Snowden" so many times? Think! Nothing other worldly about it bozos.



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