August 17, 2019 Jailed Wikileaks publisher Julian Assange is reportedly “too ill” to even speak at a scheduled extradition hearing today. He is said to be “gravely ill” and even near death. If Assange is worth more dead than alive to the governments he has embarrassed by publishing the truth about their crimes, are they trying to make his death happen? Or will he be slowly killed by a 170 year prison sentence?


  • Thank you, Mr. Paul. I respect you so much and Americans should be proud on you and people like you. This case with Assange is so horrific, sad and unjust. I am from EU and my whole life I was told how good America was/and still is … I was told that there is a best place in the world and how one can pursue justice. I believed that for a long time, but sadly I am now discovering the other side of greatness of the US. Here in Europe people are well educated … I mean in the sense that people know what is going on, certainly much better and much more than average US citizen. I am saddened and shocked at the same time to see how average American doesn't even know that EU is not a state and how little they know about things that are going on in their own country. I am horrified how little is necessary to totally sway a public opinion. Of course there are corrupt politicians all over the world, but this shallowness in the US is very disturbing. Nobody knows nothing about other human being. I am so proud on dr. Ron Paul and his co host who is also very intelligent and knowledgeable. I^m watching you with great interest. You are both so kind and beautiful inside that one can almost feel it. Thank you for exercising the 1st amendment and for teaching us the right thing. You know, when I see American flag today, almost all negative comes out. And I say this with great sorrow, because there are a lot of good people in the US. But because of its foreign policy all became very sad and dark. And there are still ppl who defend that policies, because they just don't get it.

  • Dr. Paul, finally Julian Assange’s native country, Australia, is beginning to realise the importance and implications surrounding the tragic circumstances of their citizen.

    Centre Alliance Senator Rex Patrick said today, "The United States Government’s decision to charge Australian citizen and publisher Julian Assange with new espionage offences relating to receiving and publishing classified US Government information raises a grave threat to freedom of the press worldwide, and must be viewed so by the Australian Government.”

    He went on to say, "The Australian Government should be active not only in providing consular support to Mr Assange, who is an Australian citizen, but also outspoken in making representations to the British Government against allowing Mr Assange to be extradited to the United States on charges that so obviously constitute a grave threat to press freedom."

    Senator Rex Patrick’s full statement is available at:

  • The British government, who violated international asylum laws, by forcibly removing him from asylum, and the United States of America, and their complicit corporatized media, will have a lot to answer to if Assange dies.
    It would constitute an unequivocal murder.
    Murder of a non sovereign citizen, never charged for any crime, by another sovereign power, violating rights and laws its leadership has sworn to uphold.
    It violates the US Constitution, the UN charter rights, and the Geneva Convention on war and torture.

  • Who are the criminals and who are the heros? Where is the Australian government, looking after their citizen? Or Licking uncle Sam's ——–.? and who did 9/11 that kicked the whole thing off.? Our freedom goes with Assange. WAKE UP AMERICA. And the hypocrisy astounds me, like the US has never spied on anyone eh!

  • How Capitalism Brainwashed Americans Into Being Perpetually Surprised by its Ugly Truths

    There’s a strange and funny thing that happens regularly, which amuses me in a kind of grim way. Every month or so, there’s a scandal of some sort. And Americans don’t connect the dots. Maybe you do, but most people don’t, society, culture doesn’t. Pundits don’t tell the tale and intellectuals don’t consider the problem.

    Take the most recent scandal to blow up — rich and famous Americans were essentially bribing colleges to admit their kids. By way of hiring “consultants”, who’d then find all sorts of ways for their kids — who were eminently unqualified — to get in. Everything from having their exams taken for them by professionals, to being placed on sports teams when they couldn’t play sports (wait, why do athletes get special preference, anyways? We’ll come to that.)

    What’s this scandal really about? Is it about education? Is it about parenting? About meritocracy? No, my friends. It’s about something deeper and simpler and truer, all at once. That something is this.

    In a capitalist society, everything is for sale. Including all the things we all know shouldn’t be. By “a capitalist society”, I simply mean one like America — one where capitalism is the single dominant organizing principle and force of everything, from work to life to relationships. (Canada and Europe, even Asia, aren’t like that. They have many forces softening capitalism, fencing it in, whether families or social bonds or communities or socialism or all of those. That is why they are kinder, gentler places, too.)

    Americans, it seems to me, want it both ways. They want a capitalist society — not anything else, they can’t stomach it, after all, socialism is the devil and “communism” is something to fight wars against — yet they also don’t want everything to be for sale. Bzzzt!! Sorry. Both those things cannot be true.

    You can’t have it both ways — have a capitalist society, and also not live in a place where more or less everything’s for sale, where there are sane and healthy boundaries to what is a commodity and what isn’t. Yet it’s pretty obvious Americans want things both ways, not just because they’re horrified to find out things like college admissions are for sale — because they’re perpetually, constantly, endlessly surprised to…find out that everything’s for sale in a capitalist society. Whether it’s their data, their lives, their sanity — there’s this constant pulse of shock and outrage, isn’t there? “Oh my God, I can’t believe that capitalist is selling my data! That one’s selling my longevity!! That one’s raiding my pension and selling it off!!” But what do you expect? What happens — inescapably, inevitably, predictably — in a capitalist society is that everything is for sale.

    And by everything, I mean everything. Yes, really. Go ahead and think of something that you can’t buy if you don’t have enough money in America. Can you think of a single thing? I can’t. You can even buy the blood of teenagers now, not to mention organs, universities, cities, or Congress.

    Capitalism corrodes everything in its path. It chews through morals. It sucks in ethics. It inhales standards, values, codes, rules. It is quite happy literally killing off all life on the planet. All to burp out more profit. That’s it. Very simple. The problem, though, isn’t just capitalism. It’s that Americans have a Soviet relationship with it. They’re as attached to capitalism as the Soviets were to communism. They can’t see its shortcomings and flaws and problems. They idealize it and romanticize it. They are single-minded about it, obsessed by it. So how can they connect any of its dots about those shortcomings they can’t see? Which dots do I mean? Let’s consider a few more things that are for sale, but we all know shouldn’t be.

    How about…the Presidency? Last month, the scandal was that the Presidency was mired in all kinds of shady business. Mueller’s apparently still on the job. Towers in Moscow, payoffs from oligarchs, etcetera. But what do you expect? Won’t the Presidency to eventually end up in the hands of the most predatory capitalist of all, when capitalism is all there is in a society? What do you expect in a capitalist society, a society where only capitalism and the pursuit of profit matters, but to end up with a President who slowly sells off the Presidency and the country?

    You see, that’s just common sense. It’s blindingly obvious to more or less everyone outside America, anywhere, from Asia to Africa to Europe — which is why America’s a global laughingstock now. But there are many Americans who can’t seem to connect these two shatteringly obvious dots — capitalist society, capitalist President, who sells out that very society. That is obviously what is going to happen. Or the bigger dots: constant, endless scandals about things that shouldn’t be for sale, in any sane or civilized place, but are, because in a capitalist society, everything eventually will be.

  • Contacted my US senators and representative, used this as a guideline to organize my thoughts (this is well put together), was polite- it’s a small amount but you never know. Thanks for the video 🙏

  • I read that he has been transferred to Belmarsh's hospital wing – it doesn't make any sense, he seemed alright when he went in, if just a bit rundown, if anything he should be getting fitter.

  • I would think that his mother should have access to medical records
    Has anyone talked to her since he was admitted to hospital? He would be better off if he were extradited to Sweden.

  • It's "West Minster" Dr Paul, not "West minister" – Many Americans make the same mistake.

    A bit like you all add the "Shire" to places like "Oxfordshire" like we are a bunch of hobbits!

  • I'm from New Orleans. I saw them remove the Liberty Monument from the foot of Canal. I was there with David Duke in the 80's defending it. What next? The statue of liberty? They took down the Jackson Monument, of all things, a hallmark of the French Quarter. There but for the Grace of God go I in ever returning to that beautiful city.

  • I believe in the God that inspired the Declaration and the famous Jeffersonian phrase promoting equality for all men and women. So I believe that this planet has fallen from its Creator’s intentions. I believe in the separation of church and state but I also believe and God is very much behind the original inspiration for our government. Here’s my solution and my wish that we could all get together sufficiently to take back our country and by doing so save our planet.

  • Just called the White House got a trump representative and ask them to free Julia assange for knowing and speaking the truth and our first amendment rights the real crook is Hillary Clinton she should be in jail uranium one is so big and everything else that she has been doing

  • No one expects anything different from the country that bombs and uses chemical weapons on children. Seriously, on your ever expanding list of war crimes this is not even in the top 50

  • All,

    Please contact the President and your state representatives:

    [email protected]…/find-your-representative

    Here is a copy of the letter I wrote to my representatives:

    Dear __________,

    The reason I am contacting you is in regards to Julian Assange, and the reports that he is currently dying in a Swedish jail.

    America has always been a country that values our traditions and our American way of life. No matter our differences, we are, as I believe, a people united under the common cause of liberty, justice, and the written rule of law.

    But what is Justice? Is it not the equal treatment of every citizen, or for that matter non-citizen, under the law.

    No government which derives its authority by the consent of the governed, has the legal right to perpetrate against a citizen that which a citizen cannot lawfully commit. In order for anyone to delegate an authority, they must first have the authority to wield that power themselves.

    The Constitution of the United States is explicit when it says, "The right of the people to be secure in their persons, houses, papers, and effects, against unreasonable searches and seizures, shall not be violated, and no warrants shall issue, but upon probable cause, supported by oath or affirmation, and particularly describing the place to be searched, and the persons or things to be seized."

    And please, before you say our rights under the law do not confer to non-citizens, please explain to me what Jefferson meant when he said:

    "The Moral duties which exist between individual and individual in a state of nature, accompany them into a state of society, and the aggregate of the duties of all the individuals composing the society constitutes the duties of that society towards any other; so that between society and society the same moral duties exist as did between the individuals composing them while in an unassociated state, their maker not having released them from those duties on their forming themselves into a nation. Compacts then between nation and nation are obligatory on them by the same moral law which obliges individuals to observe their compacts." — Opinion on the Treaties with France, 28 April 1793.

    The moral and legal duties of every member of a society, are in every sense, the aggregate duties of a society as a whole —the two cannot be separated.

    Therefore I beseech you, in the name of justice, to fulfill your moral and legal duty to those that have by our suffrages, placed these duties in your trust.

    Julian Assange is being targeted because he did nothing more than tell the truth. He is not a spy nor a member of any foreign military or extremist group, but is himself a journalist whose actions are a guaranteed right according to the 1st Amendment.

    Thank you so much for your time in this matter and I look forward to hearing from you soon.

    Yours In Liberty,

    We The People

    “When the goal of political action is no longer the defense of liberty, no word other than demagoguery can describe the despicable nature of politics.” ― Ron Paul, Liberty Defined: 50 Essential Issues That Affect Our Freedom

  • Our journalists are not journalists, they are propaganda spreaders. So they are not in danger of losing their credentials. You don't need credentials to do their jobs. Just need to tell lies convincingly. Repeat what they are told too.

  • What can journalists do? If they dare write or speak up, they will likely lose their jobs, health benefits and pension with their corporate media employers. Do you know what happened to Jesse Ventura, Phil Donahue, Ashleigh Banfield? The media (television, radio, cinema, newspapers, magazines, and Internet-based Web sites) in the USA is 90+ percent owned by corporations which do no want some truths be aired and shared with the public at large. Journalism is no longer practiced in the USA, it is propaganda, the same level as Nazi Germany. What is confounding is that the American public is not realizing it. The truth DOES NOT set you free, not in the USA. There are two political parties and both are controlled by fascist corporatism. I often wonder, how my countrymen still believe and talk about us living in the best country in the world, with the most freedom.

  • Poor Julian! He doesn't deserve any of this. The wretched Belmarsh warders have been given orders to break Julian by pumping lethal drugs into his system. This is torture and totally inhumane. May and her govt are evil!!!!!

  • The ONLY REASON why my family members voted for Trump was because of Wikileaks.
    Julian Assange NEEDS to be FREEED or EVERY straight shooting journalists will be treated in the same fashion.

    ANYONE giving Dr. Paul a thumbs down has lack of empathy for not only life, but they care NOTHING for the TRUTH..

    Deepest respect for
    Assange, Manning and Snowden..
    Thank you Dr. Paul and company.

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