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Bayer Monsanto is facing financial annihilation as court losses continue to mount. It’s chairman was found guilty of crimes against humanity. Now, the company found a way to turn its deadly chemical weapons into pesticides, herbicides, chemotherapy drugs and pharmaceuticals. Instead of murdering people for the Third Reich, the corporation found a way to murder people for profit. David Zublick unseals the truth in this special report!


  • If you want to thin your blood DONT use aspirin. Eat garlic, it lowers BP, thins bloods and reduces cholesterol. I started garlic and was able to get off all meds.
    Ronnie is correct, dandelion and chickweed are great weeds to eat, they have alot of vitamins and minerals.

  • It doesn't matter. There are so many chemical companies ready to take their place…if you've never seen the documentary "The Devil We Know" you need to see it. This will make Monsanto look like Mother Theresa….No lie.

  • I have used Round Up for years. In 1996 I was diagnosed with Follicular Non- Hodgkin's Lymphoma. While staging my disease Renal Cell Carcinoma (kidney cancer). I had a Radical nephrectomy and lost my right kidney. I next received radiation for the Lymphoma. In 1999 the Lymphoma came back in my upper left thigh where it had originally appeared as a lump on the right side of my neck. In 2016 another lump showed up under my chin. It was diagnosed as Diffuse large "B" Cell Non- Hodgkin's Lymphoma. An aggressive variety. I received RCHOP. Chemo and Radiation therapy. Now having occasional extreme head aches only on the left side of my head. WTF?

  • The reason we must take care of ourselves involves many factors. Genocide comes in many ways & the obvious is showing It's ugly head, like murdering the elders, healthy or not. The medical field is not something people should trust, period. People would have to be blind or heartless to not see it.

  • organic …. your organic verse filler transitional or sustainable grape plants during several years of trying to clain oooooorrrrr ggggg aaaa iiiiii c.. how much does the air flow from anywhere … the nuke electical plant in the fire zone that caused probllem or fuka or cherry noble falll out ,,, all are ooooo rrr ggga anannic.. and cover the but words during a few lullaby years while some tractor oooopsse droped some hydralic fluid on the soil in a vinney .. wine whines whinney … it is always about buyer beware. and how much sulifites or shells from little crustation or shrimp etc pick one shell that is used to clarify the wine.. so learn about wine making and sweetness or the dry less sweet grape aclc haulled for tif ied … you got soon gaul to bitch about the fuss and muss and time to do forms to get that statues of oooo rrrr ggg anic.. … while other issues for all wines world wide Should be on the label buyer beware shell fish allergies sulf etc reactions.. same a cheeses what ever various flours egg white that are used to clarify wine. all are organic as you all organic .. ps japan has been making meat out of poop of course scientifically.. labs ~ got a prob with the fruit flys near the press or crusher etc … dang did some one spay bug killer.. toxic yet workable the spray did not land on anything right.. ~ wine vinegar next?

  • Ain't no Bugs ain't no food ain't people! Oh there ya go, genocide via apples and oranges! Go figure! Oh when was the last time yah hade to clean the bugs off your windshield!

  • The Mon Satan 'o' Bear will die and it's executives will have to try and swim in the Lake of Fire! Millions of Americans eat Round Up Ready Sugar in the fructose corn syrup.

  • this is exactly why people need to avoid medications and stay away from pesticides an and GMO corn and other products I'm so glad this is coming out now because so many people have died because of them

  • Awesome! I remember taking a walk last summer in a local 'arboretum' that Bayer took over. The smell of chemicals was so strong i was sick for two days afterward. The pond and creek were pure white with chemicals. It was sickening.

  • 19👎🏾must be GMO Junkies Hooked on Cancer Causing Processed Food lol such Idiots who has no Knowledge about SH!t. Gotta be DemonRat Airheads😱👁😱here's one for you guys. Bayer Purposely & Knowingly put AIDS in Aspirins & Released the Virus to the International Public

  • To my understanding ; there has been a 90% loss in the bee population! Without the bee ; plants don't get pollinated ; without pollination plants don't grow ; without plant growth ; humans starve!!!

  • Ronnie Mcmullen how do you that you are planting heirloom plants and seeds ? Is there such a thing as heirloom seed available to the public , just saying ? I've been told by more than one source that heirloom seed has all been locked away from the public , and is only available to the elite , of which I am not . I've been told all seeds available for public consumption is most definitely GMO's , and most likely round up ready !

  • What a coincidence that the first big lawsuit loss just happened after the takeover of Monsanto. Bayer was a cash cow and is now being looted by American financial vultures.
    40 billion flowed from Germany to the US. Instead of mentioning this coincidence you talk about 65 year old Nazi stories – how convenient. Both of you guys have totally lost it! Name change, my a..e. Look if Blackrock or GS held massive amounts of shares and maybe sitting on the board? That is how it is done. May I ask has the US paid any reparations to Vietnam?
    Bayer was bullied/forced/corrupted into buying Monsanto!! No one could that stupid that is doing so well in business. Cannot listen to you any longer. unsubscribed

  • They only have one agenda and that is to destroy humanity, if they can not control us they will kill us anyway they can.. That is it in a nutshell. Even that is only one aspect as to what they have planned for the completely poisoned planet! They also know what is to come over the next few years as they have a hand in the technology that is destroying the planet too. Organic does not mean Natural.! Big difference nowadays with gmo makes that self evident.

  • GITMO & the Gallows for the Satanic Scum Nazi's on the earth "

    The Hell with their Company going BK"
    It needs to be Terminated along w/ every one of those F's"

  • Not trying to play devils advocate but if he was convicted in the Nurenberg courts why was he not sentenced to death like other Nazis or thrown in jail for the rest of this life like other Nazis

  • And my second question is why is around up still on store shelves?I’ve always been organic about my plants and stuff so I never use that junk, and I am so glad I never did

  • Be careful what you wish for folks. They are truly evil to the core and
    they have worked to make sure their destruction takes down as many
    of us as possible at the same time. A large majority of retirement funds

    in the U.S. are very heavily invested in Monsanto. They planned ahead
    so that when they fall, millions of our retirement funds fall with them

    and there will be nothing we can do to recover the billions in losses of

    our retirement funds. "Satan comes only to steal, kill and destroy." We
    are there… II Chronicles 7:14's time has come. There is only one way
    out of the pit of destruction humanity has become… "Seek Him while
    He may still be found." Seek…Pray…Trust and Obey His Instructions…
    that truly is our only hope and our only weapon against the pure evil

    and the darkness we see consuming mankind… In His Name…Peace…

  • The cure for cancer was found in the 1970's in the Amazon rain forest but was not used or publicized because Big Pharma couldn't patent OR MAKE MONEY from a natural product!

    Statistically, most people live longer and healthier with no chemo than with it!

    I lost a wife and child to cancer. BOTH HAD HORRIBLE YEARS, shrinking down to skin and bones before they PAINFULLY died!

    The THEORY of chemotherapy is to kill the cancer with poisonous drugs THEN MIRACULOUSLY SAVE THE PATIENT FROM DEATH WITH MORE DRUGS!

    The procedures from mainstream are BURN, CUT, or POISON, aka RADIATION, SURGERY, or CHEMOTHERAPY!

  • Why are you not mentioning the geoengineering spraying in our atmosphere of barium, aluminum and stratum as being part of what is killing the insects as well as devastating the earth and destroying people with all of these hurricanes, twisters, cyclones, floods, fires, earthquakes and volcanic eruptions?

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