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Report date: 03.10.2019

Nellie Ohr was working with the CIA at the time she was pushing the dossier, the testimony of Bruce, Nellie and others are not making sense, they are contradicting each other. Clapper is trying to back track on lying, because he knows that this can be used against him. Trump Jr., Nadler should recuse himself. Venezuela blackout was most likely caused by the [DS]. Q drops more bread, indictments are coming, the truth is about to be pushed onto the world. The Great Awakening across the globe is about to begin.

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Intro Music: YouTube Free Music: Warrior Strife by Jingle Punks

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  • As for immigration, we have these duel citizen parasite Bolsheviks like George Soros, Tom $tyer groups paying for advisors to go to other countries to instruct people how to immigrate illegally. These atheists fund the illegal invasion of our country. This has been happening since the late 60s. This has disfigured the progress and economy of the country. The voting block has been twisted by this activity funded and led by these Bolshevik atheists parasites from NYC and CA. And why no one arrests them when we all know its happening?

  • Forget about the government crap. It is yesterday's news of a totally failed system. Think and speak of the next tsunami on the horizon designed to destroy all but the perpetrators of all confusion. If you want to survive and thrive stop reciting yesterday's news.

  • Don’t think they won’t have big time attorneys. I seriously doubt it’s going to be a cake walk to put any one of them in prison. If you think there will be civil unrest if they do anything to our President, think of what will happen if HRC, BHO, etc is attested. Libs have already shown they will cheat, lie and create civil unrest when they don’t get their way. The country will be torn apart if those crooks are arrested and or hanged


  • So what we have is trump feeding information to news agencies. We have the left feeding info to news agencies. So what is the difference between them except the narrative?

  • Jackie. I pray EVERY DAY for God to protect Pres Trump & his family. This is truly a SPIRITUAL WAR between Good & Evil. And it is GLOBAL. I also pray for our country. I urge all of you to do this because the Deep State is trying to destroy all that is good.

  • The video is very good. A lot of information. Thank you for the clips that showed several racial backgrounds and ethnic origins who were sincerely expressing their support of President TRUMP regardless of peer pressure. If we love America, we should boldly express our loyalty and commitment to Our Constitution and follow the rule of Law. In doing so we should love and support each other. People who pretend to love this Republic and are actively and verbally trying to destroy America should move out of this country. Loyalty to America is imperative for success. Let's work to Make America Great Again. ☝🇺🇸💪….👉

  • bla bla bla why isn't Hillary in jail why do we have chem trails why do we drink and eat poison. nothing is going to happen nothing to see here. fake 22 report don't hold your breath people you just might die but that would be good at least its self inflicting.

  • I’ve followed this channel for a couple of months now and I agree with everything , because it’s true and this country needs a big change. I just wanted to get some clarification on minute 12:00 ish where you say the wall is going up to stop illegal immigration and the “blending “ of this country. I consider myself republican and agree on stopping illegal immigrants,but I don’t know if using the term blending would confuse what you meant. If you could shed some light on that. Thank you

  • I agree. Many things are coming to light. But time is running out to do something about it. When and if Trump loses the 2020 election all changes for the better will be reversed. If these monsters are not charged with treason, found guilty and receive the death penalty, the snake will strike again. The head of the snake must be taken, that means George Soros, Bush, Cheney, Obama, the Clintons must be removed for all time or they will come again.

  • Trump is a TRAITOR!!!! He is talking about ILLEGALS…MEANWHILE….he is talking about INCREASING …BY FACTORS OF THOUSANDS… of LEGAL immigrants!!!!

  • Niburu is due any day now, for the last 10 yrs, yep, any day now, LOL,LOL. Hillary is going to jail any day now, yep, everybody is going to gitmo any day now, yep, lol,lol.

  • How it works: Defendant named in indictment is arrested. At the first court appearance, which is for the for purpose of entering a plea of G or NG (called arraignment), defendant has right to hear charges against him, however reading of the indictment is usually waived b defendant. Regardless, at this time a sealed indictment is unsealed, i.e., there is public access to it. Different if defendant is arrested by military, in military custody. Don't know when or if indictment is "unsealed", i.e. public may see it, press report on it.

  • These lefty dipshits just keep digging themselves in deeper. Trump is bent if he doesn't stomp them into the dirt. They're handing it to him.

  • Rumsfeld announces the Pentagon can't account for 2 Trillion missing (black ops, dumb's were built to protect them using tax payer money) next day 9-11 SO people what do you think this evil cabal will plan to hide this HUGE NEVER BEFORE CORRUPTION that will be released? MEGA FALSE FLAG that will make 9-11 look like a picnic. THIS IS HUGE and they need to control the narrative, divert the attention from their crimes. This is going to be Historical and we will be witnessing just what the evil cabal is capable of and what lengths they will go to to protect their asses. I think it will be un imaginable cause most can't handle that their own Government was behind 9-11 so what is to come will stop the EARTH FROM SPINNING as they are desperate, Humanity has a chance for the first time ever to expose this evil and rid the planet of it forever. The scale will be shocking. But that is why we are alive and experiencing this, The awakened are here for a reason, That is who they spy on, that is who they fear, the awakened.

  • Pray your at least partially correct But somehow I think this will not happen and all will fade away after the 2020 E, if were so that more than 60,000 indictments will be handed down, the shear chaos and lawlessness that would occur would put the country in a civil war like mode,, as the country is about 50/50 with bad vs good, …they would not go down easy, if this does happen, which I have doubts, there would have to be military intervention and streets and cities would be a chaotic mess. IF there are arrests, it would seem it would have to be in a short period of time, otherwise all the rats would just escape and not seen again

  • The majority of churches are NOT of God, they have little to do with God, they use His title and His power ONLY to serve themselves and not others, and Don't Serve God, they will offer health and wealth but ONLY want your money , they Don't give a Damn about your soul. only money and driven by greed, their thoughts are wicked continually .

  • well get the president and family some place safe and drop the hammer already. Q stop tripping over your paper pushing indecisive leadership the enemys at your gate smashing in the door. we don't care about the MSM or the idiots that want to be controlled. if they kill a few of us while taking them down( like we are not already being killed in record numbers) that just means we got more cause to really give them what for. end this now.

  • well get the president and family some place safe and drop the hammer already. Q stop tripping over your paper pushing indecisive leadership the enemys at your gate smashing in the door. we don't care about the MSM or the idiots that want to be controlled. if they kill a few of us while taking them down( like we are not already being killed in record numbers) that just means we got more cause to really give them what for. end this now.

  • Keep holding your breath folks? This time it will all be fixed? WAKE UP FOLKS. Turn to the LORD JESUS WHILE THERE IS TIME. Isaiah 55:6 (KJV) The third horseman is riding now.Those are business scales. Revelation 6:6 (KJV)

  • Rubio the rube had prior knowledge… then mistakes a reporter named German Dam for an actual location? more likely Rubio was outing German Dam… keep an eye on him, but don't board a plane if he's on it.

  • As far as the border, the President should declare this is a war and close the border: military should be allowed to fire in the air and send the illegals running back. If they persist then fire at will. Be Forewarned! It will take only a few air shots to send them scurrying. Trying to get in before the wall is built is still an invasion! Yes – we are sick of Congress inaction!!! They are Seditionists and MUST BE PROSECUTED!!!



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