August 20, 2019 In San Francisco, local lawmakers are pushing for a new ban on the use of facial recognition software in the state of California, as their own municipality will become the first to prohibit police from using this technology without a warrant.


  • Orlando needs this! They are working with Amazon to catalog us all, especially neighborhood by neighborhood through their fucking Ring home devices.

  • D.F.R. demon face recognition invented by hero David Hawkins ( abel danger ) patent was stolen by the patent lawyer Hillary Clinton for nefarious purposes

  • We are not a democracy! Karl Marx viewed the establishment of a democracy as the first battle that must be won to help bring the target country under communist rule.
    We were formed as a republic – the rule of law – the public thing – not the rule of "the majority" or the mob. Law does not reside in a mob. Lawlessness does.

  • We have to face the fact that our faces tell much about ourselves and others.
    How do we shield ourselves from the prevalent intrusions of Big tech, AND honor our Creator's image: uniquely stamped on each of us?

  • Thanks again Ben. Technology has moved the boundaries of the definitions of 'privacy', 'liberty', and 'encroachment' to an area that has only barely entered the domain of public discussion and philosophy. However, a ravenous public sector with near unlimited confiscated funds and desire for control has already justified it's stake in our security, and thus is blinded to the greatest threat to our security – them.

  • Law enforcement has been given to much leeway and their ability to have these invasive tools and a lot of blame can also be layed at the feet of the chinese and isrealis, f em both to hell.

  • Its a noble step, but too little too late i feel. They'll claim they arent doing it publicly, but whats to say they arent gathering everything anyway. "REAL ID" cards have already been implemented, so and thats the thing about video is that its recorded and can be stored for later use.

  • I mean duh, if your a child trafficker, it might be detrimental for business, lol. Good example of how evil can put on a face that good can agree with. Democrats and Republicans unite under your criminal enterprises interest. This is one we the people agree.

  • Uber is also increasingly requiring its drivers to capture their faces to continue using the platform. An Uber driver has no choice but to allow Microsoft to capture and database his face in order to drive for Uber. There is no law requiring this, as its competitor Lyft does not require its drivers to submit to a face scan. Who knows what Microsoft is doing with all the facial information its collecting on Uber drivers. You think law enforcement isn't going to tap into Microsoft's collection? Ha #BoycottUber

  • This is a GLOBALIST agenda. Stop it NOW or live your lives as SLAVES. The choice is yours, get vocal and get active. WWG1WGA

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