A new bill introduced in the California legislature would wipe the slate clean for millions of people who have served time in prison – but law enforcement agencies would still be able to access these records. Investigative journalist Ben Swann speaks with RT America’s Manila Chan about the proposal.


  • Agreeish. I'm prejudiced against certain crimes and not others and would want the law to reflect my prejudices. For example, pot possession = okay but shoplifting = not okay.

  • Recitivism is the same for most drug-related crimes. So if you're gonna give a pass to drug-related crimes, give a pass to low level sex crimes too.

  • As bad as the criminal system is, I have know of a few guys that "have learned their lesson", now especially if 2 or 3 years go by and they haven't got into more trouble, let's give them a damned break. Ben doesn't mention that people with money can avoid allot of jail time as well and get their records "expunged" but you have to have a lawyer to do that.

  • At the risk of sounding like a SJW, this law is racist. There are an inordinate amount of people without means that couldn't afford a lawyer get thrown into the big profit prison machine. They have no desire to rehabilitate these people, certainly NO incentive. I support this bill, the first sensible news out of CA in I can't remember how long.

  • Great idea. That way we won't know who is a constant repeat low level criminal. If there is a timeframe that those convicted have to stay clean before erasure then yes, I agree. But to immediately erase it upon release from jail? No. I've got family who have gotten in trouble and even if their records were wiped they'd still be back in trouble because unfortunately they are sociopathic. Too many variables to be considered in this equation.

  • I've always said that there needs to be more alternatives to fighting "justice". Even though alternative rehabilitation, job agencies and therapy programs would be more suitable, the endless cycle in the prison remains due to the dminishing of men especially in the black and latino community.

  • There is a process for expunging your records and even for restoration of rights after a felony conviction.…what's the real motive here? Mass deletion of criminal records for a specified crime (we can't POSSIBLY screw THAT up..ffs) But it means prosecutors can't show escalation or patterns of irresponsible behavior. I am a libertarian minded person so I understand the intrinsic value in portions of this law…however, if employment is of utmost concern… than limit the availability of misdemeanor records to employers. But lets then not hold the employers responsible for the actions of their bad hires. Petty theft is no big deal until that person gets a job as a dog walker or a house cleaner. Are you sure they can handle the temptation? Then there's the single parent trying to convey that they're the more responsible choice for primary custody of their children. It shouldn't be on a clean slate/equal footing with a parent who has 2 DUIs and a history of check fraud. As an employer, who runs drills and saws and other hazardous machinery…I kind of want to know how many times over the last few years a potential employee has been caught with a dime bag…because if it looks like a hobby for him…it could mean financial crisis for my business in the form of workman's comp insurance increases, OSHA fines for safety failures, even law suites. If we lived in a world where everyone is held responsible for their individual mistakes…yeah sure..go ahead. But we don't. We live in a world where employers get to pay for the mistakes of their employees. That's why we don't hire petty criminals. And that's why we don't expung records for those not willing to make an effort to prove they're beyond their mistakes. Now…are illegal immigrants denied legal status if they've committed a "victimless" crime? And without these records being expunged…is their a "pre-sanctuary" record of their legal status. Uh oh. ..did I stumble onto the actual motive as CA counties clean up their voter roles? Yeah… Thanks but no thanks. Crime has consequences that last…its a deterrent so people obey the law.

  • Possession is not a reasonable thing to continue to arrest people. You see, you don't need a training program that's completely useless. You need a program that helps them enter the real world of work and paying bills. This should always be the focus!

  • Also, California can banish all military weapons from their police, require only fbi to come in with a swat team and they should never use weapons of war on citizens unless there is a mass shooting a bank robbery or something that would kill multiple people!

  • Amen to that we definitely have too many people that are locked up for dumb stuff I definitely agree if you do your time no one should be able to question it in unless you're like a rapist a child molester a snitch you know people like that and of course also murderers

  • They are simply trying to make a new workforce due to how many hard working people have left and are leaving – PLUS they cant profit from illegal aliens due to not paying taxes etc.

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