August 18, 2019 China produces 90 percent of the world’s rare earth elements. About 1000 pounds of such materials are used to build a single F-35 jet. Were China to limit their export to the US, it could have devastating consequences to the US military.


  • Oh. I think we have plenty of things China needs too. Food etc. You can't eat rare earth materials. I've heard about this issue years ago.

  • Hahahaha…..


    Actually- they are "rare" only in the sense that extracting and cleaning is toxic and causes massive pollution. Which is why China took on the task. Including the use of 6-7 serious bleaching agents that are toxic to the land.

    Therefore, we CAN do it- We just don't want to. Which I agree with, but tough times call for extreme measures.

  • China says: “if you really want to stop us from cheating with your IP and stealing your trade secrets, then we’ll cut the rare earth materials” a trade balance deal is under extortion of the worst type now? they got spoiled since they have been freely bleeding us to death for so long, so now they just want to continue until our extinction huh?

  • Anyone with a lick of sense should be able see the nexus and realize that China and the U.S. have been colluding for the purpose of funding the Military Industrial Complex.. War or the threat of war is a great money maker for those who manufacture weapons of mass destruction. Wake the Hell Up Folks!

  • ..Ben, you are the one talking big in a simplistic way about the matter,.. rest assured that the US is taking all issues into consideration and sufficient alternative sources are available, so don't go scaring people around please.

  • We have enough. We have chosen till now to rely on china. Invest in american based companies who process these metals and american based mining companies

  • While Ben is 100% correct he has to remember that the u.s. is already building its own rare Earth mineral mines. They're scheduled for completion I think by 2022 at the latest

  • I know exactly were the idea came from. It came from the dragon family to try to topple the FED. They are the ones being the Chinese gold backed currency and most likely the Russian one also. They know the dollar is not backed be squat and the corperation known as washington DC can not keep afloat much longer.

  • We need to just cut all food off that includes anybody that trades with China but I know everybody would be crying because America is supposed to lose.

  • there's no real concern. We do have REM, in volume, we just don't exploited those reserves due to the environmental impact. Im sure sufficient stockpiles are on hand to supply our needs for many years, during peacetime.

  • That is why they are after control of Venezuela. There are rare earth resources there along with the oil and other things the corporate military complex wants!

  • Bill Clinton designated the land where a large US supply of rare earth minerals was discovered, to be a National Monument – after LARGE $$$$$$ from an Indonesian/Chinese slime ball. Just ONE of Many Clinton sell outs of military advantages !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Ben, it ain't going to happen! china only REFINES rare earth metals Cheaply because they don't care about the earth OR their people refining those metals FACT! We can do the same as china! the only difference IS the Cost THAT'S ALL!

  • He Ben, you are DEAD wrong on your 'facts'. If China were to limit their export it would HURT them more than the USA, furthermore there are places in the USA that could easily supply the military with the components and materials that are needed for the F-35 jet!! Shezzzzzz.

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