August 18, 2019 Join us for a special conference call this Thursday night, May 30th at 8 pm eastern time. Call in number is (605) 313-5142. Access code 774025#

Addiction. It’s one of the biggest issues facing the United States right now. Millions of Americans have become dependent on alcohol, opiates, pain killers and more. Breaking that cycle has been difficult and in some cases, impossible. Until now. Are you an addict? Do you know someone who is? Watch this special report, then call in and find hope!


  • Why can't you just tell us, it's ridiculous to spend all this time on the phone with the money adding up. Some people are retired and can't spend that kind of money for a telephone call. If you really want to help people, tell us what this product is.

  • He keeps pulling this bullshit! He says, pay me and I’ll make you happy and ok. Fucking snake oil salesman. I actually thought this guy was a good dude once. Looks like his favorite book is the Talmud.

  • Oh l see, 8 o'clock eastern standard time, they will have a conference call on the channel. Call 605 313 5142 access code to put in is 774025# they will tell what is is then. Its not a good time for me because I'll be at my sons dads funeral until 7 then to cemetery so l hope you all write it down and take notes for me. I'm suffering really bad and need to know this

  • Addiction has a long arm of destruction. This epidemic goes why beyond “ The Addict”. Soooo many Families have been torn apart lives have been ruined and people who have been prescribed these meds for 20 years are walking around out of their minds because that’s the withdrawal from benzos Alcohol, benzos and heroine are drugs you can die from if not detoxed properly

  • My spinal cord was permanently damaged by 1. A quake hip surgeon
    2. An incompetent spine surgeon who almost crippled me permanently.

    Don’t try to panic people about the Pharmacy controlling opioids. When you actually need them opioids are a life saver. And your doctor knows whether or not you need them.
    If some yellow pill can fix all that I would buy it. But there’s no yellow 💊 that can do this this is fraudulent.
    I can’t understand why people in pain and I’m not talking about a sore back I’m talking about crippling pain are made to feel like a street addict.

  • In November 2018 i broke my femer in 3 places…my surgeon was careful with how much pain meds she gave me but i was proactive in my care..i had to make the choice to not get addicted…i will admit..i did not take the addicted pain meds for fear of becoming dependent on them…once i was out of the hospital with a rod in my leg and screws..i decided to push passed the extreme pain a week after i got hurt like hell…but i refuse to be big pharmas latest victim..i praise God He got me through…and gave me the desire to not get addicted….today i walk normal, painfree and .to God be the glory i am not addicted

  • I wouldn't put much hope in big pharma — most of those companies have a long history of making people into human drug experiments without informed consent, and the drugs they purport to use to move addicts away from cocaine and heroin etc. are even more addictive than the drugs they are trying to get away from. If there is a non-pharma natural solution, I have hope of helping people get away from cruel and merciless big pharma.

  • Wow! All she said went right over my head. I was so distracted by the very loud snorting!! What are YOU addicted to David?

  • I know for a fact that this is NOT a hoax and is very real. It has helped someone very close to me tremendously.  Most of their ailments, aches
    and pains are gone and it is helping them wean from their pain medication, too.  What an incredible Blessing from God.  I would say if you came here to find help, don’t listen to all the haters and do not let background noises and what you cannot prove push you away from freeing yourself from pain and disease, and yes, help you or a loved one wean from addiction. This information is there for those that need help.  What is there to be skeptical about when you have NOTHING to lose?  I’m so glad I called in one Thursday night.  It is free, no one tried to sell me anything, no one hounded me after I hung up, and you can hang up anytime you want!  Once I got on the call, I was all ears.  I couldn’t wait to speak to someone when it was over.  They answered all my questions, every single last one. I still call on them when a friend or family member has questions.  They send me information to backup what they are saying, and I’ve done my own research.   I tell everyone about this product, even strangers!  We all know someone in our family or circle of friends that have addiction problems to pain medications, we all know someone dealing with disease, chronic pain, allergies, you name it, and most of us are dealing with some kind of health issue even if it is just something small.  I have 3 friends in
    their 60’s and I told them about what I learned.  They ordered the product and they are all telling me how they improved in the first week with their knee pain, thyroid issues, no energy, post wrist and shoulder surgery, loss of memory, and more.   It is working!  I say, this is not about the person who shared her story or about David, this is about you.  Help yourself or a loved one.  You have everything to gain and nothing to lose.  Much love everyone!

  • My sister is two years older than I. She did see :The Cholesterol Myth" but ignored it. Now she is a zombie and can't cry or smile and cries for her Daddy that she hated and doesn't even know who I am.

  • My husband has the same pain issues with his back, he doesn't want the yellow pills…he definitely wants what the host his having😜🤧

  • I am a Cannabis Caregiver and Research Specialist. I make Cannabis products for chronic pain, autoimmune diseases, and cancer patients. I've found that CBD along with the full spectrum plant with all its cannabinoid constituents is helping these folks immensely. The women on the phone need to put her mom on CBD along with all the other good things she is already doing.

  • NEVER BELIEVE BIG PHARMA! Many years ago I had a work injury which required narcotics. I had wheened myself down to a very small amount every other day BUT then Big Pharma took away (thankyou Obama) buprenorphin and forced me to spend 10 times as much for Subutex, which they claimed would get rid of the addition. Instead of $50 a month it skyrocketed to $500 AND it made me MORE ADDICTED. My dosage INCREASED!.

    It took 4 more years to get Subutex/Suboxin out of my system!

  • Ok David, I watch your channel a lot, now just what are those sounds I'm hearing, is this a joke ? Because I'm laughing at what I'm hearing buutttt such a serious matter ! SMH

  • My deepest sympathies for the poor woman. Ive been disabled 26 years due to chronic low back and nerve pain. I've endured 34 major surgeries. I've taken opiates for that entire time. I'm on so many meds and my condition will only worsen. Medicinal marijuana is out of the question. None of my Drs are willing to sign for my license. I'm live on SSD and am on Medicare. Which wont pay for MM even when prescribed. I do have a spinal cord stim unit. It makes a significant difference. It too only masks the pain. Opiates are my only savior. I'm not addicted. I ran out of pain meds for 3 weeks. My only recourse was to go back on them when I received my benefits. It's all I can afford. I've never popped a UA. I take them only as prescribed or less. There is a significant difference between addiction and dependence. I depend on opiates to control my pain. I've tried every alternative therapy prescribed.

  • What is it? You have to call to find out? I've been in practice 36 years and this smells like s scam. If it is so great just say what it is….unless its a scam.

  • David im a fan but dr,s do not and will not perscribe for cronic pain they send you to a pain clinic if your lucky becouse yuong junkie gen has fucked everything up including our country and becouse of ignorant law makers who think they know best many many older people are suffering to epidemic prepositions

  • Had to feed my dog she was pawing me anyway drs can no longer perscribe anything the big pharma tells drs what they perscribe or not its a joke we need to take big pharma down they are in bed with the genacidal globalists Big pharma is hurting everyone

  • Has to do with the wheat source, Monsanto destroyed the soil, look for documentary, The Corporation, not fines, death to monsanto, collect all head hunches, and encarcelate, thank you Zublick.

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