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100% Fed Up reports, New England Patriots player Benjamin Watson responded to comments from Hollywood has-been actress Alyssa Milano for claiming that anti-abortion laws would affect “women of color” the most. Watson’s wife weighs in on the subject in a video below.

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BRAVO! Patriots Player Ben Watson Slams Alyssa Milano’s Abortion ‘Lie’ [Video]

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  • You can tell she is lying. So you get pregnant and you aren't "ready", and should be able to decide sometime in the 9 months you are pregnant that you aren't "ready", and that an OK excuse??? I was a first time mom at 15, a second time mom at 17, that's not being ready, but to bad, I plowed through any way. So not being "ready" isn't an excuse. And it shouldn't be an excuse. There is no EXCUSE in this day n age to get pregnant if you don't want to!!! Alyssa is simply trying to remain relevant!!!! Women can have the choice to be un-reproductive all they want, but not, NOT BY USING TAX PAYERS MONEY!!

  • Women don't have a right to have an abortion. The baby is not part of their body and is a human being at conception. What about the health of the baby? If a woman's life is in jeopardy, which is extremely rare, that's a whole different thing and is not murder.

  • It's called taking responsibility for your actions. Alyssa tries to make it sound like it's only for the health of the mother or economics. Bull…most abortions are birth control to these people. Grow the hell up and learn to be responsible for your actions…. don't murder a baby because you are not a responsible women.

  • A death sentence, abortion if you will, deserves a death sentence. Try pushing adoption Ms. Milano. Stop pushing murder. Try it and see what happens. You'll be amazed.

  • Milano has all the intellectual rigor and credentials for anthropological expertise of a circus clown, but that's the entertainment industry for you.

  • WELL! Made big deal when new york leg. passed law about abortion. Lit up iconic tower in city. STUPID! Everyheard of not poking the bear?! STUPID,STUPID,STUPID! NOW backlash for poking the bear. YES, consequences for actions!

  • This abortion law that will execute anybody who commits one is a wake-up call for people to start understanding that Jesus Christ is on the way.

    He's not going to be happy when it cleanses the Earth seeing what we have stooped to

  • So not being ready gives you the right to kill???? I hope you have to answer to God and you have to defend all the innocent lives you fought so hard to be killed .

  • Women who have abortions. And the doctors that gives them abortions. Should be given the death penalty. And it should be carried out shortly after the trail. Melissa sounds like she likes killing babies

  • Milano talks like were in a 3rd world nation..You're nuts..You ass licks..You're pushing back everything on the 9th circuit. Milano never mentions the obvious.. Like the fact that you already took the baby full term and its disgusting to kill it alive…Where's that conversation huh? Y do you choose to ignore it? Also, man bad choice here.Choosing this ding bat to be your representative cuz she sorta remains famous was like the LBGT going with Caitlyn. Ooooo bad idea!!!!

  • These lying cunts always claim this mothers health bullshit story. If someone is at risk of dying they will always save the mother you lying cunt face bitch. Also the percentage of women dying from child birth is 0. It is so small it is measured as point something and that is world wide

  • Well that's hypocrisy at its finest. i guess only unborn babies deserve the death penalty. Women must enjoy abortion they do it so much. When in the cases of pure irresponsibility all they have to do is take a pill the next day. no need to pay someone to rip your child apart limb from limb. unless you like it. Oh wait she is to busy the next day. she will just wait so she can kill someone later.

  • So let me get this straight, these celebs and leftists say they care about kids so much that temporarily separating them at the border is a moral outrage yet they are 100 percent in favor of PERMANENTLY separating them by abortion.


    If i had the words for these sick blind wicked ones…

    I have an abortion story… I had the choice, made appointments, didn't go! My sweet baby boy has been nothing but blessings ever since.

    I wish I never had that choice! Weighs heavy on the heart to think what could have been…😣

  • What the Victimcrats fail to realize is that the Court did speak and ruled in favor of Roe v Wade, 47 odd years ago. Yet in all the time, the Victimcrats never tried to make it the law of the land.
    So once again we are hearing that the Victimcrats are expecting help from the Courts, just so New York State can overturn the law again with another Infanticide Bill.
    Abortion does hit people of Color.
    We were 18% in 1972, but only 13.2% today. Margaret Sanger is feeling success.

  • The lefts views on abortion could be part of their plan to control and eliminate the number of blacks and Hispanics being born in this country. Especially since they are the race that has more abortions by percentage.

  • Nobody wants an abortion but there's circumstances like when the filthy depraved whores cheat on their husband's or boyfriends and commit murder so they won't find out that their partner is a disease spreading rat.

  • Thank you Ben Watson for being brave enough to stand by your convictions. All Christians stand next to you in the army of God instead of in the army of Satan. May God bless you.

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