Michael Northcott, editorial director for Mulberry Media, on what would happen if the Brexit process was reversed

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  • It's obvious that Brexit isn't what politicians like Boris Johnson said it would be,there is a difference between being in the EU and not being in the EU. Britain can be in the EU and act as an EU member or it can leave the EU and act as it likes but it can't leave the EU and still have the advantages that the EU brings to it's members and to Britain.It's time for the Brexit people to grow up and see the world as it is. If Britain stays in the EU work to change how the EU works ,act like adults and not children, when everything doesn't go your way don't cry and take your ball and go home,work it out like grown ups.That is what governance is that is why politicians exist not to lie and misrepresent like the Brexiteers do but to tell the truth to the voters and show what their policies will bring about.

  • This man is absolutely lying through his teeth. Farage said he wanted to go for a Norway Plus. Boris etc said of course it wouldn't be leaving the customs union or the single market. How can he know that everyone when they voted wanted to just leave everything. No politician or even Farage said anything like that. Look at the video tapes of what they said at the time if you don't believe me. This chap is just totally changing the narrative. He's just a straightforward liar.

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