August 17, 2019 No extended for Capricorn because the message was pretty straight-forward


  • Tried to upload Capricorn, and it took forever, and still couldn’t digest; too dense for YooTube!!😂😂😂
    Thank you A!
    Trust, trust, trust…..
    It is amazing how much my physical body is resisting the change from manual labor farmer to lightworker who does yoga and qi gong.
    Working with my children is nothing compared to coaxing my body down a new path!!!

  • Aluna, I find myself saying this every week, but I love you girl!
    I so needed to here this as I have just come to this realisation your talking about, and you have now confirmed this for me.
    Deepest love and gratitude for this beautiful message ❤️🧡💛💚💗💙💜

  • Thank you so much! This was a clear message😅 Feeling stuck for years now …I sure can feel resistance and a lot of anxiety within me… I do feel something is unfolding but I am not seeing it yet….trust is a huge challenge for me…I am grateful for the time that is given to me to heal and to explore myself💖

  • 🎩🦅💎💧🦋🌎🌴🌳🍃🌿🌱⚡️✨🐆🔥☄️💥🌈❤️🌹🍁😈🔮💜🌪⚖️🎨 Namaste – love 2 strong feminine Capricorns 🎩💎🦅🗿😈🌎🌪love London ley lines – chalk I live on … Kent – the garden of England . Sits on chalk . Chalk is conductive to PLASMA . Is memeory of the earth – white . Holographic projection . Has to be right 💧🌪💎🌈🌎 amount . The land Melissa owns in turkey is Empty open space with 3 mountains of crystal quartz … some gold . Quartz vibrates gold. The golden age really isn't to crazy . Condensed HU is vibrated from quartz why scientists cannot measure . Gold can mimic its reflective . Some trees in Australia leaves contain gold . We are missing magnetism blue source from inner earth the crystal orb . Plasma. Can be brought up to conduct the chalk . Chalk is global we must veiw this grid system . Only HUman disconnected. Creativity allows me to go DEEP within a space without . So deeper into myself into my canvas … I find essence . Source … as within we venture out in creativity same with musicians . This scared place of flowstate . Is source . This place takes me days to reach sometimes . LOVE 🦅💎🎨🌈🌪🎩😈🔮💜🗿

Aluna Ash- 9D


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