Theres alot energetically happening and it can be hard to put into words because it’s a battle between the soul and the personality, it’s an internal battle.


  • Thank Aluna for you continued messages and understanding!

    Live Free: The Intuitive Life Ep5 Recalibration of Your Mind in a Sleep State

    This is a joint episode and also the same on the Breaking Free: Freeing Me Series

    In my past experiences in starting new beginnings in my own life; I carried forth thought processes, emotions and behaviors from my previous β€œlife” that transmuted into my new life and beginnings. This resulted me repeating cyclic behaviors and choices.

    Recalibration of your thought process and emotions is an important aspect in the self-expansion through self-actualization and emotional enlightenment.

    When I find it challenging to release negative thought patterns, emotions or behaviors in an awake cognitive state; I give myself instructions before entering a sleep state to address those thought patterned, emotions or behaviors in my subconscious in sleep state.

    My Thoughts~

    Authenticity is not about being right but being real!

    Attune to your soul and body to create the life you desire! πŸŒΉπŸŒŽπŸ•Š

    The Compassionate Narcissist: Your Guide to Intuitive Life and Living Free

  • I guess Tower moment is one way of looking at it πŸ˜„ This is a momentous reading for a relentless week for me, transformation by relinquishing control, yes revealing deep Karmic cycles opening up new levels of energetic awareness. I head into the New Moon feeling the Love ☯︎ I am deeply grateful for the integrity and Love you give Aluna, thank you – with Love and Light πŸ’› πŸŒŸπŸ™πŸ½

  • I’ve never watched anyone do a tarot reading online before. You grabbed my attention. I’m a female Capricorn sun Aquarius moon. Your reading was eerily and amazingly spot on. Ended a three year relationship four months ago with a Libra male, and only just recently realized this is helping me heal on a very deep level. Finding the gold from the pain of it all. So thankyou for the reading. Incredible.

  • Hi Aluna, thanks so much for the time you make to share this with us. I am a Virgo and the other day you said if we feel drawn to a msg we must listen… I listened to 2 tarot readings that wasn't for virgo yet the messages was for me.. I had chills down my spine… Knowing spirt is working in so many ways to give me msg and confirmation.. Thank you very much Aluna. We love you and are truly grateful for your channel!!!! I always look forward hearing from you xxxx

  • I had a tower on a tower on a tower moment and the question is how long did it take me to See lol but then comes a day… And you can see clearly… U let go and realize that this is the changing moment of truth xxx thank you for the confirmation you bring we love you xxx

  • This hit me right in the feels. I understood this story completely. I usually resonate more with Sagittarius, but geez Louise, this Capricorn was on fire πŸ”₯

  • So… the way i see the tower moment for him… im the aquarius.. he is cap with aqua moon. We broke up months ago.. he went with onother, didnt get well.. he was trying to get back with me, started to talk more and more with me. We broke up sooo many times in 7 years of relationship. I always understood him, waited for him, forgive him.. and he thought that this time would be the same.. that i would forgive. But a couples of days ago he saw me in the mall with my new boyfriend.. that's the tower, thats the heart break, the magician is the want to manifest something with me… so… thats it. He has a bussines with his familly, alwaya working hard but not much gain of money, always frustrated because the lack of abundance, his parents are dictating his life, his job, his time… You always pick up our energy. My number is 27, i always always see this number. Our both readings, aqua and cap have 27 min… kisses

  • I ♋️come up grounded and he (Capricorn) isn’t .. so true .It’s not my fight . He has to get it together. Several tower moments and hits to his $$ . Hopefully he understands soon.

  • I am going to order an energy amplification necklace from a woman who hand makes them but wasn't sure of which stone to get….citrine is one of the options she has, I think that answers my question!;-) Have had the continuous cycle of one or more narcissists in my close proximity of relationships…hoping this is the time for that clarity and clearance of this!

  • This is the 1 year anniversary of a very dark time in my SO's life (and subsequently, mine). Last time this year, he went through a very dark night of the soul right before and during vacation, and I suffered collateral damage. We are about to go on vacation again, soon, and I know we're both feeling a sense of dread about it, because of what happened last time. We're also traveling during less than optimal astro transits, and our area is within the flood zone, with more rain expected while we're away. The triple towers…. could they be three separate events?

  • Narcs dont chamge..they just pout get a new supply ghost you and move on.
    If he's going thru something trust he's blaming me because if he didn't he would have apologized.
    He can keep his money inheritance was his love i was AFTER however narcs only love money!
    I'm the one with the spiritual awakening i shall continue on my path.

  • Wow , i just hear about the citrine .. the last two weaks i have found 4 citrines and my intuition was to take them and i do . Thank you for that . you made me feel beautiful because I have confirmed the guidance .

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