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Report date: 03.10.2019

Trump is controlling the narrative when it comes to the economy. The statistical numbers are amazing, he is using the same weapons the [DS] [CB] used against the people against them. Trade deals reversed, globalism is now being dismantled. The next obstacle is to change how currency is created because most of the world is drowning in debt. The [CB] have just backed off of their plan, their biggest fear is being exposed, Patriots in control.

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Intro Music: YouTube Free Music: Warrior Strife by Jingle Punks

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  • everyone should ask why the federal reserve can store and access citizens information, like Social Security numbers. this is theft of your private property.

  • Dave, why do you chose for your videos an X inside of a circle? Do you know that the symbol you use is a satanic symbol, mark of the beast? It's a Russell brand, X Man, Just wonder.

  • Right now the globalist puppet governments in Canada, UK, France, Germany, etc. are virtually hanging on by their fingernails in the face of populist anger. If they were to cause a U.S. recession on purpose in an attempt to get Trump voted out in 2020 it would most likely result in the overthrow of these EU governments, etc. perhaps permanently because any U.S. recession will also tank the economies of its trade partners who all have weaker economies than us. Trump could get re-elected anyway. I would say that the globalists need prosperity even more than Trump does right now. Think about it. WLR

  • The CB's are to blame and they can't raise rates enough to cover their stealing of the worlds money through their manipulations of world markets and currencies there is no hiding it they are exposed. Game is over

  • Swiss household debt is at 128% of income and the Swiss are #1 in the world??  And here, I thought Canada, at 143% of income was the highest.  (unless Canadians have paid down a huge chunk of their personal debt, but I doubt that has happened.)

  • The US is #1 in debt and has a total of 29.27 trillion dollars of external debt, translating to around 45% of the total debt owed. Don’t forget the extra $21T is about to come to elucidation.

  • Russia and China have stated they will defend their investments in Venezuela from U.S Criminal actions. The latest U.S simulations of war between Russia, China or both every time show America being totally destroyed in all scenario's. You will not be missed America.

  • Its true what you said about them loving dept because when i was working i couldnt get a credit card and never got offered one until i lost my job and became homeless then i got offered five different credit cards. Thank you and i appreciate all your hard work you do to keep people informed. God Bless your channel,you and your listeners

  • All us Anons know what you say makes sense but many of us are in the debt bubble and a crashing economy is going to be the end of the road for many of us… unless there is some support for handling big debt. You advertise "get prepared" and I would if I could do it without going into further debt. What is the far-end plan for us? (if any)

  • If Patriots were in control, McCabe, Comey, Rosenstein, and Strozk would have be indicted by now. Mueller’s Russia spy probe would be over and the President would move on focus on securing thevoarder and improving the economy without fear of the deep state’s false motives.

    I hate to say it but the Clintons and Bushes are still in control.

  • Getting into debt is like a drug for most, and banks count on this. Banks do nit want people to ever pay their debt off. The world banking system is a gigantic ponsi scheme based in acquiring more and more debt to increase fiat money reserves. No sane person would have a monetary system like this. People are enticed all the time to buy stuff. Credit cards! Free money, right?! The road to hell is paved with idealism bereft of reality, and credit cards.

  • what's the time frame do you think Dave?
    Q mentioned, the "something" along the bank lines/crashing etc, not being done by them yet, few more things to be done or something, so that alluded to a little while left for more ducks to be in a row!

  • I will start by saying I am no fan of central banks and especially the Federal Reserve… However this video is total garbage! The rates haven't been risen because the economy is doing way better than expected … this whole Fantastical story about Patriots and control that's total bullshit we just have a really Savvy president… I want the clintons in jail and I'm a straight-ticket voting Republican but this story is just total garbage .. it's not even intelligent garbage it's just really simplistic… losing faith in people on both sides… everybody is so willingly brainwashed to one extreme or the other

  • Patriots in control? Are you serious? The banksters are in control you mutton head! Trump is a puppet of the Fed you ding-bat! I sometimes wonder what planet you've been living on, Dave!

  • Where are we going to get the gold from, Dave? Ala 1934? Gold confiscation? The US has no gold, Dave! That is why there's been no audit in nearly 60 years you ding-bat!

  • Finally fed up with this channel. Blocking permanently. They keep using acronyms that they never explain. I don't have time for assholes who use lots of acronyms but don't have the journalistic integrity to say what they mean at least once. It's a shame that those who aim to tell the truth are incapable of good presentation skills and the pro's with the presentation skills and the money to pull it off are the liars. So we have to put up with terrible news if we want to enjoy a good presentation or we have to listen to journalistic hacks who can't even be bothered to look up the words they read or post an extra word or two in order to explain a two letter acronym. I tried googling CB several times on google since these yahoo's started using it — but "cock block" is the only answer you'll find on Google. I guess that's what they mean but using that definition makes nonsense out of their news cast so I'm guessing they wanted to communicate nonsense. Either way I've blocked it now so it's gone once I migrate away from posting this. Adios.

  • Spiritual speaking the ONLY thing that that really matters is whether u are TAKEN UP or LEFT BEHIND aka Saved or Un saved. If u reject this u are either a FOOL or Spiritually ignorant aka Blind to what's HAPPENING in the Un- seen realm & the forces @ play/work ~Maranatha~



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