August 19, 2019 Get the tea now!

The Centers For Disease Control plans to implement medical Martial Law in the United States of America due to the alleged measles and mumps epidemic. Interstate travel will be banned. Forced vaccinations will be imposed. Children will be wrenched from the loving arms of their parents. Families will be separated. Cities will be quarantined. It’s coming. And it’s all part of the plan to control you. David Zublick unseals the horrible truth in this special report!


  • It's coming down to violent revolt. I government representatives have become our enemy. Those treasonous bastards who prctice the art of lying.

  • They covered the basses.the government has been taken over.its up to you your self to fight back .the constant tell you it's every man women Americans citizen (DUTY) to git your guns and protection you and yours and the construction and bill of rights to the end amen against there government and other governments in America.

  • They been after the baby boomers for over (60) years and we are still here as veteran oath keeper's to American's and all America amen testimony Victor Freeman from the hi Rockies amen

  • OMG what a lame interview with that Ronnie Mullins guy, ranting on about Trump letting Hillary get away with robbing a bank by not doing anything. I think he's been breathing in too much of the chemtrails, if you haven't noticed a little thing playing out on the msm & DNC called the Russia collusion AND David how pathetic of an interviewer you are agreeing with that statement ummmmm what's that investigation only some alternative media are allowed to report on and Truth Unsealed being one of the lucky ones… Oh yeah, the Military Tribunals for all the people involved in trying to unseat a sitting POTUS & the deep state and shadow govts & human traffickers to name just a few! Shame on you for not sticking up for someone who's giving you this great opportunity!!!!! 😠

  • Did you know that the White House Vice President job is to look at cases that are filed..and pay out thousands of dollars every the parents that have children that have had shots..that caused AUTISIUM..etc.

  • This is the way to down size the population. They have plans to kill a big part of the people. We the people have to stop this mass murder plot they have plan on humans. They are the cause of an epidemic of cancer in our country. That sprung like crazy in the last few years. Ever since they started chemtrails and poisoning our foods. They must be stopped and more.

  • This has to be stopped…..including the chem trails. All this is part of the OBAMA/Clinton/Deep State/NWO Agenda. I and my siblings all had the measles and the mumps back in the 50's and my parents went through it all back in the 30's. My mother lived til 88 yrs and my father is now 95 yrs and still going strong. The chem trails are the reason the fires in CA we're so horrific….

  • How do you know all the stuff? Where do you get all this information? Are you a what plant to get everyone that you talk to thinking that this is going to happen. Not if we the people say no! But how do you know all this detail?

  • I find it hard to believe our President truly knows all about this stuff going on. Somehow a big stink needs to be raised over these things… The people need to fight back….trust me the Congress doesn't give a damn … They are all scared of the far left Dems and the shadow government that is still trying to run our country. I know of those who have autistic children because of innoculations. I have grandchildren who are bright, beautiful and healthy…..please do what ever can be done to stop all this attack on the American people.

  • F you and the CDC. Why are you talking like this is a done deal. You got a whole Lotta individuals out here in America that don’t think that these geeky fat out of shape guys from the CDC are going to be able to control enough people to be able to take over the population of the United States this is America. The land of the free.

  • I got Chicken Pox and Measles as a kid, it was normal. I am 52 now. The population need to realize that you cannot trust ANYONE outside your circle, unless proved by yourself. If you cannot prove stay away with force if required. I always remember that one of the last words from my Gran who went through both World Wars was 'The world is evil Andrew, look after yourself and your siblings in your times ahead'.

  • Yo fuck you and your mathotic prop. A. Ga. N. Da. you should be more realistic instead of sounding like the fucks from 60 fuckin minute. You fucking bottom feeder. Show compation instead of ffear puck

  • Well if that don't tell you what side trump is on, nothing will, me and my brother both had mumps when we was very young.are cheeks made us look like hamsters. YOU ALL HAVE TO WATCH THIS LINK EVERYONE, IT IS OF A SOLDIER HAS RISKED EVERYTHING TO GET THIS MESSAGE TO YOU.

  • They know what they are doing and let's call it what it is the vaccines are infact the viruses themselves being injected into our children. My eldest was born in 1989 he was a perfect when born then he MMR jab and over night autistic that was the last time he had any jabs. This is like in the 60's when all the children were being born with out arms and legs they. You need to watch this link it is of a professor telling a government panel why there is nothing true about global warming.

  • But who is going to go to prison or be executed over poisoning us and our environment? Defunding? Sure. But evil ppl who did this attempted genocide (or genosick) need to be executed for crimes against humanity.

  • If the people only knew the TRUTH……The District Court, District Attorney & the Sherriff in my town as well as the Secretary of State are now aware that I am aware of the FACT that…The United States is a Corporation! They are perpetrating fraud upon the masses! As found in the Judiciary & Judiciary Procedure U.S.C 3002 (15) A.

    Using the "Color of Law" (Black’s Law Dictionary 6th Edition defines “Color of law” as; “The appearance or semblance, without the substance, of legal right … “ )

    According to the Historical & Revision Notes 1948 Act “ … The "saving to suitors" clause in § 41(3) & 371(3) of title 28, U.S.C., 1940 ed., was changed by substituting the words "any other remedy to which he is otherwise entitled" for the words "the right of a common law remedy where the common law is competent to give it." The substituted language is simpler & more expressive of the original intent of Congress & is in conformity with Rule 2 of the Federal Rules of Civil Procedure abolishing the distinction between law & equity.” (F.C.R.C.P. Rule 2. One Form of Action; There is one form of action — the civil action.)

    Words "libellant or petitioner" were substituted for "suitors" to describe moving party in admiralty cases.

    Changes were made in phraseology.1949 Act

    This section amends section 1333(a)(1) of title 28, U.S.C., by substituting "suitors" for "libellant or petitioner" to conform to the language of the law in existence at the time of the enactment of the revision of title 28.

    Amendments: 1949-Subd. (1). Act May 24, 1949, substituted "suitors" for "libellant or petitioner".

    28 USC 1333: Admiralty, maritime & prize cases. The district courts shall have original jurisdiction, exclusive of the courts of the States, of:

    (1) Any civil case of admiralty or maritime jurisdiction, saving to suitors in all cases all other remedies to which they are otherwise entitled.

    (2) Any prize brought into the United States & all proceedings for the condemnation of property taken as prize.

    They have not provided me with any written proof of claim with evidence that they have legal & lawful authority as public servants to even bother me at all, Latana v. Hopper, . "Court must prove on the record, all jurisdiction facts related to the jurisdiction asserted." And; Stuck v. Medical Examiners, “Once challenged, jurisdiction cannot be assumed, it must be proved to exist.” Until then we cannot proceed! 😎

  • Immunization: Think about this: How is possible to help the public by giving them Poisons and an immunization that is the disease?
    Have we forgotten the Polio Immunization that at the beginning caused the Disease to become a Plague? Did immunizations cause Polio, the plague not to cure the Polio sickness? Is it not medicine it is a PONZI Scheme by the Pharmaceutical, THE FDA, the Politicians get Bonuses from Bribes pre-payment with no investigation,
    and the Moron Doctors. This is moron medicine. Is this real cure to deal with CAUSE, Not Symptom?
    Forced immunizations is obviously an act of the Global Elitists.

  • David , the CDC is not true government agency. It started in 1946 under the Rockefeller to control malaria in the South. The primary employees were entomologists and engineers. That should make people think….engineer what? The CDC was responsible for DDT and we know how badly that went. Within the CDC are the Center for Global Health, and other “institutes” that do not operate as part of our government. Much of what the CDC does is all based on communist principles. In fact they just were given millions to study “gun” safety. As you can see, they are every bit as much Deep State as Hillary Clinton. Please write your President and ask him to dismantle this very sinister organization. The few good parts can be merged into other organizations.

  • when Trump said, "they have to get their shots"…BIG PHARMA rejoiced!!  That's a violation of civil liberties, basic human rights, all in the name of a disease that no one dies from!!   Trump might have well said, "All should HAIL SATAN!"  Wake up Amerika

  • The only one who can impose martial law is the President! David, I thought you were legit. You are pushing that bs tea that made me deathly ill! Shame on you!

  • I notice the use of Two contradictory terms indiscriminately in the video, the term UNITED STATES citizen and the term American Citizen. This is extremely misleading in the sense that they are not the same thing. An American Citizen is a Native on native soil; whereas, the UNITED STATES citizen is a fiction created by the fiction called 'government' through the policial actors playing the roles of fictitious officers of the fiction named "THE UNITED STATES. The people seem to have forgotten that their consent is required for them to be effected by the actions of the so-called 'government'. Perhaps when the 'government' controlled schools teach of the Declaration of Independence they need to stress more sufficiently the meaning of the phrase "consent of the governed".

  • The Democrats are already becoming a horror movie! We never know what side Trump will take! I used to trust him but I think he is more than one person now and is controlled by the Deep state monsters, they have mind-control programs and drugs that change how brains work! You notice they are not arresting the top criminals!
    These monsters are becoming more crazy everyday! No common sense at all and they want to impeach anyone that still has a working brain!

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