August 17, 2019 Complete statement from Special Counsel Robert Mueller


  • Finally, Mueller is doing the right thing; HE gave up. CONGRATULATIONS!!
    After 3 years of procrastination and laziness, your special" counsel has found nothing regarding collusion!

  • What a joke. If he has evidence the President would have been impeached long ago. Deep state scum. This is the same guy in charge during the first wtc bombing.

  • America spend almost 30 MILLION dollars on this bring Mulleller in front of Congress and on t.v. and let him explain him self and give his own opinion on the situation on the situation mulleller know what he was getting into when he took this job. WOW TRUMP CHEATED

  • No conspirators and no collusion. Making a statement to news outlets and not to the Congress is a safe move or you would be charged for lying to Congress.

    Why not tell Congress what the President did, which was so illegal, so they could start the process of impeachment? Can’t charge the president with a “federal crime,” then kick him out of office! #nothingburger #fakenews #MAGA2020

  • So for all the qanon psychos who can only loosley comprehend concepts and pieces of information–many co-conspirators have been charged, many with conspiracy against the us. There is a case against trump, and unless a congress wrangled court is assembled during his presedency, he will just be charged as soon as he is out of the white house, impeached or not. Far from a nothing burger, as a normal red pill psycho has put it.

    Look in the mirror and know you are the dredges of society and your genes and their expressions spurn beings of hate and emotional whimsy that dictates their reality, not reality itself. Low level operating systems that only take up loud angry space and worships power over love. That's who you elected, that's who you defend almighty, that's who you are

  • Mr. Mueller failed, and the one sided investigation is OVER! Now Mueller can be subpoenaed to testify in Congress, and he too can be investigated on “matters” such as the Uranium One deal, Clinton foundation crimes, leaking, deleting emails and more! Hire some lawyers Mr. Mueller, Declass is coming your way!!

  • All the time and money spent on this investigation was not worth a dime because as long as the Democratic party wants to allow illegals the right to vote, any collusion is not as great as this.

  • THE BIG QUESTION: IS THE JUSTICE DEPT. "POLICIES" GRATER THAN THE US CONSTITUTION & US Codes (Laws)? EXAMPLES of POLICY: "No minorities can be promoted to any White Collar Position". Our POLICY, "We WILL NOT RENT TO A BLACK FAMILY in the Building". Do you get the message?

  • So the clintons leaked the info and then BURNED THEIR SERVERS, and somehow the investigation is completely on trump and not the not on the clinton campaign? Am i the only one that smells somethint fishy? Am i the only one that remembers anything?
    Proof that modern politics is a circle jerk.
    They're all guilty.

  • More of the same. Russian interference did happen. The President did obstruct justice. The subordination of the Special Counsel under the DOJ did not allow Mueller and his team to prosecute. No wonder there are so many russian trolls' faked-news comments in this article. — This whole second rated US White House Reality TV show has run its course. Boring!

  • And Mueller is the head of the tick ? …cmon R We smarter than this
    … The dude in the trench laying pipe has more sense .
    Its East or West but these fucks wanna waddle in the grey areas
    …. Fuck that nsew four directions
    ….pick One You fucking losers

  • Can that left and the right at least agree that there should be a deeper investigation into Russian interference? That seems to be something everyone can get behind, even assuming Trump or his campaign was not involved.

    If there was even a sliver of evidence that, say, Iran or China interfered, you know public would go nuts. So why not with Russia?

  • 1:20 > Mueller's report and Barr's letter to Congress confirm (once again!) that the Russians meddled to help Trump beat Clinton, which in turn, confirms that Trump "won" with the help of a foreign government that is our adversary.
    Collusion, or semi-collusion, or no collusion at all, this FACT alone makes Trump an illegitimate president. This FACT is not a quantitative one (Can you prove how many did the Russians sway to vote for Trump?), but a qualitative one (I'd say, a million, can anyone prove otherwise?).
    Impeachment is not enough. Trump's presidency must be annulled.

  • Again he began with a remark that involved H. Clinton. When will thar corroded bit of steel in a Channel suit be hanged or shot for treason? She is so smug and guilty of so many heinous and illegal acts but everyone kisses her ass. She is the worst. Welli its a tie between her and her lover Rachel Madcow.

  • Again, False indictments on so called Russian Intelligence election meddling. He leaves out Seth Rich, UK political members providing DNC emails to Wikileaks. He also leaves out his "Collusion" with Russia on the Uranium One deal. 20 percent of Uranium sold to whom? RUSSIA. He flew to Russia with samples and was attempting to cover up the activities of The Podesta Firm, Clinton and the election fraud by the DNC. Remember the lawsuits by Bernie supporters and Project Veritas hidden in investigations? I Do. The false dossier purchased by Hillary Clinton & the text messages and emails of Lisa Page & Peter Strzok says it all. Remember the "Insurance Policy". Mueller exposed himself and the rest of the corrupt system. Hillary Clinton must have files on all these politicians.

  • If Democrats want to guarantee President Trump's re-election, they should empower his base by beginning impeachment hearings in the House (a scant six months before the first 2020 primaries). The Republican donations will come pouring in.

  • Am I the on,y person living since 1992 during bad Clinton years? I would never vote for them. I was waiting decades for Trump. I asked him in Tweets to Please run for President, Bush Men and Clinton’s have ties to .Russia long before 2016. I am shocked Clinton’s were never investigated for anything

  • Sure, Sure? Mueller!! changing your story again I see. Not surprised at all… Despite of all things, why all sudden you want to be a civilian?? What you got to hide Mueller? What did Clinton promised you on the long run, more money or your freedom?? You said you were a Marine! Your a disgrace!!

  • When did you find out that it was a fake dossier? It would have been early on in the investigation?
    Why drag it out for over 2yrs?
    Did you abuse your power?
    Obama isn't a sitting president?

  • 7:35 With all due respect, it not up to you, Mr. Mueller whether you will speak to the US Congress. The US Congress is the one who solely decides who it wants to listen to.



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