August 19, 2019 UK Labour leader Jeremy Corbyn says Prime Minister Theresa May’s handling of Brexit is beyond ridiculous.

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  • Corbyn the renowned anti-EU MP is now pretending to be for remain AND Mrs May who campaigned to remain is now pretending to be for leave!

    Politicians in a nutshell… Duplicitous

  • Inez Qtaish will speak the truth always no matter who the truth hurts, Inez Qtaish will never sign no contract for settlement or compromise and no deal with evildoers, Inez Qtaish will speak truth when people go against God rules.

  • Like he could do any better. The EU is going to make it as hard as possible regardless of what puppet you send there.

    Want to get angry at someone for this Brexit mess, get angry at all the voters that voted to leave the EU without realize they had no ability to even feed or cloth themselves without foreign trade.

  • INEZ Qtaish say One GOD and not others, Inez Qtaish is writing God is the only power in the entire world, universe on earth, God test all people especially believers who worship GOD.

  • Inez Qtaish is about to let all people know the truth , God is the only power, not others, only one GOD, God give evil permission to give unbelievers hell on earth, Inez Qtaish say the devil love GOD, Inez Qtaish say GOD is good, God makes no mistakes, God is perfect and nobody can not compare too GOD, Inez Qtaish say GOD hears, knows all, Inez Qtaish see whatever wrong or evil people do with Guidance from GOD.

  • INEZ Qtaish will never sign no contract for settlement or compromise and no deal with evildoers, Inez Qtaish Warning evildoers stop lying , reveal the truth publicly about what happened in inez Qtaish Illinois worker's compensation case no redactions and say my name inez Qtaish so all people can know the truth about inez Qtaish.

  • The British are governed by Brussels, and the Catholic Checkers club (Club of Rome) Corban Is as useless as tits on a bull,. as an opposition leader and Totally incompetent He is not even British he to is a ROMAN too the whole lot should be put on High Treason charges

  • Inez Qtaish brother John Gregory Smith died from Aids, I received a phone call from providence hospital asking for family members to come to the hospital immediately. I and my siblings met in the hospital, we talked with doctors and was informed john walked in the hospital complaining about chest pain, my siblings and I was told john was comatose not long after, my siblings and I was told we have to chose to pull the plug or not because john was brain dead. My siblings didn't want to make that choice, they left the hospital to change clothes and intellect on the information received. I stayed and decided to communicate with my brother John Smith. I said to john my brother, you have done things and you have to repent , I said you can not die without saying being a Muslim, I told john, you molested me when i was young, you killed a man, you did evil things, John was suffering, he was in so much pain, his legs was leaking, his body was full of lesions. I asked him to repeat after me , I said in Arabian launguage, there is no God only ALLAH, i asked john to pray too GOD and I would be back, tears ran down his face, I went to the hospital restroom, two or three minutes later I heard the door slam and a loud voice said code blue. I was feeling a sense of fear before john passed , I felt a presence in the restroom, I suddenly felt a relief, the door open and a nurse said" your brother tried to wait for you he passed, I went into the room and his body was cleared, his face looked so smooth, his face was peaceful with a smile, I said" thank you ALLAH. I read my brother chart from prison when i picked up his things from where he was staying that's when i found out he was diagnosed with Hiv in prison. My cousin Bobby was shot in the head on 47 street I chicago, I couldn't save his soul, I went to view his body and ask the funeral director where is my cousin Bobby smith she said" you seen him, I said" that's a 90 year old man, the funeral director said no that's your cousin. I heard he had aids and my cousin Ronnie had aids and he was cremated with no funeral, I couldn't save Bobby and Ronnie soul.



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