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  • Many censorships are under supervision by the DS operators. They forfill this in a kind off old faschion way , They have many moderators working to make comments on a 24/7 daily base which created drawn up seductively comments to react on or they place a comment into already other excisting comments , no matter what this is for channel iit can be placed on one the many channels which they own themselve or if this a independant channel the purpose is the same to search for any comments which could be a potential threat. Then they will eliminate such comments to prevent them from reading. These upright truthseekers will be engaged by moderators to give a thump up or trough responces with non saying reactions whereby any discussion will rapidly ends . Just enough to let these truthseekers believe that their comments are there to read , instead they will be placed in a fully controlled environment. It is a simple but effective way to have a strong censorship without the creator feel violated in their rights . Now look into several othervsites aswell and read the conditions which all communication sites having you will notice that the conditions are setup in a certain way to create a environment whereby censorship is allowed without any obligtaion to notice such perticular commentmaker. Because their comment are still there but the only problem only for them to fiind and not by anyone else. All these commentmakers are marked as being a real threat for the DS organisation . These trutseekers all become watchdogs on their channels fanlist. So everything looks like normal but ifvthey look with a other account they will completly vanished, So my advice will be to you keep some devices out of their sight, especially do not use your regular used ip adress(es). You will never know where they up to. America's first amendment is a complete farce it is violated in the core of his meaning , A TOTAL FRAUDSCEME .

  • Where was Peter today? Did I miss an announcement stating he wouldn't be on today? I didn't listen to the program but kept fast forwarding looking for Peter's usual Monday segment so perhaps Doug said something during the show? I'm not one for a lot of one way banter and can't watch it every single day. Just my personality. I subscribe to another podcast and usually only catch a couple per week for the same reason. But Monday has always been a day I looked forward to because of Peter. I hope he will be back soon.

  • I'm a high school teacher and it amazes me how casual and nonchalant high school students are about homosexuality and transgender issues. It's no big deal to them.

  • Obama once said that the United States should be more like Europe. Did he forget that we had a war to get away from European control?
    The fact is, European leaders hate the United States. We are not the subjects of our nation. Not many generations have passed since we have founded the greatest nation on the planet to live and it's common for European people to look at us and want their governments to have laws similar to ours. European leaders hate that fact.
    We are literally at war politically. Globalist have much of our elected (rigged) trying to enact laws to create chaos and destroy our system of governing. Look around, it's working.
    Traitors to the nation must be prosecuted. If you do not like this country then get out. We do not want you here. There is a line. Cross it and see if real people care about your fake ass feelings. When we are done with weak minded traitors then maybe it's time to do the same to the counties that have created this mess.
    It's time to stand up. Speak up in public and hurt some feelings and back it up by all means necessary. This chaos can not continue.

  • TRUMP (STARTED)!!!! All of this.. by allowing bump stock ban.. and red flag laws,, and best of yet!!! (take the guns) and (no due process ) all out of Trumps mouth

  • Hillary is as guilty as anyone can be.. 100%. Yet we keep going over the evidence again and again and again! Where are the charges, where are the charges? I have heard EVERYONE lay out the case clearly with all the evidence.. still nothing.. wtf.. are you just trying to drive everyone crazy, I am literally sick of all these talk shows with a multitude of talk laying out the evidence so clearly and precisely yet no one is prosecuted.. I don't want to hear anymore I want to see action!

  • Dear brother, thank you for your work! However your explanations need to be more direct. The long explanations may be difficult to follow and folks are reluctant forward. I am reluctant to begin to view your presentations because they require a significant investment in time. Blessings!

  • The answer is the Rico act. The lawsuit over leader technology over patent theft and from the law firm of Hilary Clinton, is still heading for another court appeal. Michael McKinnon is his name. The open source data can be found from Aim4Truth

  • We the people just lay down and let these degenerate people run over us and pass these laws???
    If so we deserve them.
    I am sick of it all and its disgusting. Who the hell other than satan does this???? Democrats do this…
    Rise up in your towns and make your voices heard and stop it just like the Democrats sneak their devils into our local Governments

  • Loved all the clips! What a great refresher course. Great job….even if there was no Peter Chowka. I look forward to his next appearance with the kitties!

  • Who is taking away the Sleeper Cell Islamic Jihad Terrorist’s guns away inside the USA? Democraps Aiding, abetting feces poo doo on the roadways To Hello! PC Public Culpability; Willful Complicity, Sheer Socialist Society Stupidity. Drugged Up, Dumbed Down Sheeple Asleep At The Wheel. Bleeding Hearts; Blood On Your Hands; trust it will be yours not innocent victims. Heaven has a Gate; Hell Has no Borders. UN Globalist Political Agendas NWO OWO Open Borders. MAGA

  • America holds the 13 lost tribes that were scattered across the earth of Israel not Judah. Great Britain =Ephraim, America =Manasseh . One out of many. The Puritans knew this, Britain knew it with the only commonwealth. We carry His name, Christ-ians. So we are Israel-American not judeo-Christian. Yes it matters

  • 8:39 hmmm????? My theory? CME coronal mass ejections???? Gamma rays change the zygote// fetus! Plato! Split us apart! The Butcher's Wife DVD! Sodom and gay Mora? Lot's generation not effected! Why the plethora of gays? CME it effected a generation! Fire balls and comets hit Sodom town! Gamma rays saturated earth! Pillar of salt? Back draft DVD a wall of fire consumed her followed with a wind gust ! She was covered in white sand! = pillar of salt! Is a meteor shower gods wraith? Point of view! About the caravan? Men were the spearhead and women and children trailed behind! Gap of two city blocks! So children and women were killed! All stories in the Bible were embellished for entertainment! U were in my feed then magically removed but Dave Hodges mentioned u!!!!! So I looked u up! Thanks for yr videos !

  • 17:42 mutations happen !!!!!! Electric universe! Water universe! Solar dance! Riddle! Planet x changes earth's atmosphere! Dinosaurs and giants! Helium planet???? Earth had a gas atmosphere hence giants and dinosaurs! Can u accept gamma ray mutations! If u can then??? The Bible is a collection of entertainment!!!!!! God lied! How did god lie? God knows geography! No one in the bible knows where Alaska is or the Andes mtns ???? God knows anatomy! No one in the Bible knows anatomy! God knows herbs! Chemistry! Medicine!!!! Hence? God lied! Conclusion! No one talked to god!!!!!!!!!!! Passover? God does not need u to put blood on yr door! Gas lighted for over two thousand years!!!!!!!

  • Bio labs? 17:46 ? Unicorns are invading invading! Why? Subliminal messaging??? What does it mean? TV advertising with ghosts? Casper mattress! Animals in yr bed? Beastiality????? Greek mythology? Minataur? Pegasus? Unicorns?????

  • Hil-ucifer is not a murderer, she's a psychopathic killer! Watch her (in the clips) as she lies so smoothly, purring like the serpent in The Garden of Eden…satan is the father of lies, SHE is the mother of lies! Every time I hear her voice I feel sick to my stomach, every time I see her I wanna scratch my own eyes out and when she lies, I smile, I know that GOD will judge her!

  • The reason why our schools are corrupted now is because men of my grandfather's generation decided that the schools of their days needed government intervention to make them "better".
    Government intervention is like vicodine – works for awhile but then becomes an even bigger problem than what you started with.

  • The only Judeo-christians are Jews that have been saved. Modern Judeaism is the rejection of Jesus Christ. Ask a Rabbi if Christians and Jews worship the same God. Weapon of war??? A civilian AR15 wouldn't last ten minutes on a battlefield. I'm sure the NRA will help pen all the "common sense" gun laws we need.

  • I just don’t see how they can return to the rule of law if I had convinced of a crime and went to jail I’d be asking myself how is this equal justice under the law. I would want the same deal if I were that person rape murder treason snd as a cherry on top rob the White House and no one can touch me. I will live out my whole life and confess my crimes on my deathbed. HRC has lived out here whole life that should have been in prison.
    I used to ask myself how could one person think of let alone pull off all the crimes The Clinton Crime Family has then I watched the movie Donie Brosco and I understood completely.

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