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Dave Emmons, Journalist for ACO Alien Contact Organization, shares his life story. Dave’s interested in phenomenology and alienology with our various associations as a friend in social media in cyberspace. Join our future as we share our ACO Exposure for Disclosure Project in 2019 to prepare for 2020 gatherings for self-improvement and motivation for entrepreneurs to move forward in our future in space travel. Who is visiting us and why are we now accepting that UFOS are real? How we now are changing our belief systems and our critical mass consciousness and our awareness of who we are now as we share ancient wisdom and new thought teachings. We share topics that are now more accepted in cosmology, physics, quantum physics, and paranormal tourism. Theresa J Morris, Janet Kira Lessin, and Thomas Amad Becker have been sharing radio shows on paranormal topics since 2012.

Experiencer Dave Emmons talks about his experiences with extraterrestrials and the paranormal world.  (see outline below).

David D. Emmons from Alton, Illinois, age 70 years old.

Alton Senior High School Graduate – honor roll  IQ 138

Broadcast Center St. Louis Mo. Radio & TV School.

Lindenwood College St. Charles Mo. Communications.

U.S. Army 1968 to 1971 – Top Secret Nuclear Weapons training.  Dropped that class because I did not like Military Intelligence Interviews constantly.  I was 19 years old did not like that type of pressure.  Volunteered to serve in Vietnam after that.  I was a Platoon Sergeant in a Combat leader role.  At the end of my duty (contract) I was offered an Officer Commission.  Declined and left the Army.

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