August 19, 2019 Call (605) 313-5142 access code 774025# this Thursday night, May 2nd at 8 pm eastern time to hear the dramatic and powerful testimonies of people just like the woman you’ll meet in this video, Mary, a cancer patient who was told she had 6 months to live…8 years ago. She is alive and well thanks to the help of what Washington State University calls a major preventative medical breakthrough. Be there and tell anyone you think may benefit from this valuable information. Learn more this Thursday night!


  • David you talked about Obama,Hillary and Company being arrested,and Bush being Executed for the 9/11 terrorist attack,and the death of 3000 American People on that day…Hillary is doing what she does best, walking around, Drinking blood, eating Flesh, and Sexually abusing Children, Obama is doing the Same, Bush is Having a ball of a time,on his Farm in Texas, Pedestro Brothers, are Still Child TRAFFICKING PAEDOPHILE murderers..Julian Assange is being Tortured, in Prison, for Protecting and Warning the People against our Zionist Satanic Government's, who are Committing crimes against Humanity, Trump's Paedophile, Vice President Pence, Is there To Instigate a War with IRAN,TRUMP is where he is, for Israel and not for the American People..(What happened too Lock her up,)drain the Swamp)) Build a Wall)) I5 was never to be, Americans once again have been deceived, and treated like Imbecils, By your Zionist Government…The American Taxpayers have been forking out $billion of dollar's for Rothschild's Israel's False flag wars, Since After the 2NDWW, over SEVENTY years ago, The War in which Rothschild's Instigated and Funded, and brought America into that War, In exchange for Palestine from the British..Yes Rothschild's own Israel, and the American Taxpayers money, belongs to the Rothschild's Israel..
    ( LOOK UP BENJAMIN FREEDMAN IN AN 1961,SPEECH, ABOUT WHO STARTED THE 2NDWW, AND WHO ARE RESPONSIBLE FOR ALL OF THE MILLIONS THAT PERISHED IN THAT WAR..))you will never have to look no further for the truth, because he tells us about the plan of the Rothchilds Israel..that is now happening….πŸ™πŸ™πŸ™

  • This video right here just turned me away from your channel. Your just out to make a buck. Your unbelievable, you just unsealed your own truth. Your a scam and a fraud.

  • David, this is not the only product. Have you followed Carbon 60, a discovery that won the Nobel Prize in science? This product does the same thing except it is proven to increase the length of mitochondria. This equates to antiaging. This is a miracle. Its' origin is from the sun. This has been a dramatical revolutionary product that has had unbelievable results.

  • Protandim is a good fir general health but MMS is much better at getting all the body working correctly with a great detox at same time FYI People , blessings

  • Sorry David but with all this secrecy in your video and no real info about the product …just success stories, it gives me the impression that this is shady.
    Why not reveal the product instead of just waving the carrot?

  • Why can't we get the pill now. im sold. Why do we need to hear any more. Mary was enough for me. david you have gone off the deep end.

  • Ever notice people that have dogs have cancer.

    Ever notice the more sugar you consume the more aggressive the cancer becomes

    Did you know when a doctor test for HIV – they don't know their actually testing for a retrovirus, retroviruses are indigenous to the human body; the pills they give you destroys your immune system; actually causing AIDS acquired immunodeficiency syndrome: absence of an immune system.

  • I'm pleased to see that you've given up on spouting #FAKENEWS about Military Tribunal and Fake Dead Traitors and sticking to your Real Calling… "SALES" After all that's what you're really after, Right? Separating gullible fools from their money. Good Luck Zublick and #MAGA2020

  • If you are sick, especially with something serious…………Why is it that you cannot take 30-45 minutes out of your life to listen to the presentation on a Conference Call?
    I DO NOT comprehend all of the complaining! You will ultimately be able to watch tons of YouTube videos by the people that have been helped tremendously and have recovered with this product! I have TRIED to find one bad review about the product and have not been able to find even one bad review. If you're too lazy to dedicate a tiny bit of time, then IT IS YOUR LOSS!

  • David, you turned into one big walking advertising billboard. This mysterious thing you're promoting, but won't tell us what it is, is driving most of us crazy! Especially those of us that are unable to make that call.

    So which one are you working for? This miraculous healing potion (which I suspect is Cannabis Oil) or the phone company?

  • David, you need to tell us the product name and give us a 1-800 number to order. It's wrong to go on and on about it and not disclose it.

  • I have to work nights. So there's no way I can throw in. Is there any other solution for me to get this and try it myself. My phone number is 832 819 8114. My name is Todd . So David give me a shout and let me know please. How can I get this since I can't call him

  • I was told that in 2013 and as you can tell I am is still here. They sent to a hematologist that use the same scare tactic. I chose what symptom products and bitter apricot seeds vitamin B 17. By the grace of Yahweh I am still alive. Chemo there is a 49 percent chance that you are still alive.

  • You Sir and Your Channel are the ULTIMATE SHIESTERS! I have never seen so many claims of Truth, only to find that ALL of your Videos end half way through BEFORE the sales pitch begins!

    You claim to have been selected to report on the tribunals, but again tell us nothing and half way through, Break into the sales pitch with β€œYou to can have the transcripts!

    Now, You have hit the ultimate low! Pushing up the hopes of people who are desperate and dying, and then not providing the Product name and try and create a Pyramid Scheme. You have just put yourself on a rung, 1 step below Prosperity Preachers! I have no choice but to send a complaint to YouTube; signed now unsubscribed!

  • No disease can live in an alkaline environment. Alkaline diet and distilled water with lemon or lime will improve your immune system to fight all diseases.

  • I've been investigating Dr. Sebi the last herbalist. Cured everything check him out instead of this billboard that won't tell u anything lol

  • I'd like to see the secret that puts all these idiots in Guantanamo Bay that's been ruining our country for the last 8 years a for President Trump

  • This video is BULL SHIT!!!πŸ˜‘

    WHAT IS THE PRODUCT!? You have people listening to this entire video, and you can't be forthcoming to say the name, by the end…? This Stinks!!! Why do I have to call into your show, to find out…im here now…this does suck!😢

  • Hi David: I have been a fan of your channel for quite some time now. From what I gleaned from your video, this product reduces cellular oxidative stress. I worked on oxidative stress many years ago in the Pulmonary Division at the Ohio State University Medical School. What we learned is that there is a shift in levels of ATP and its subcomponents when I imposed oxidative stress on lung cells in culture. This "stress" could be reduced by organic antioxidants that contained sulfur.Β  If you want links to these studies, you can contact me at [email protected] You said this product was not a β€œcure”. Well, there may very well be a cure using a process called immunotherapy. Such therapy requires that the bodies own defenses (white blood cells) are capable of recognizing cancer cells as foreign β€œinvaders” like parasites or bacteria. However, doing this can be very complicated because the β€œsmart bombs” required to hone in on just cancer cells must recognize something that is totally unique to that cell type; otherwise, there will be collateral damage elsewhere.Β  Usually, that something is a protein and the antibodies against it recognize unique three dimensional conformations within it. However, DNA itself can form unusual three dimensional conformations that may provide a means for forming unique antibodies against DNA superstructure. You can learn more about DNA superstructure on my BitChute channel where I discuss it in great detail along with possible cures for cancer:

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