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  • BOOM!! WOW!! The media will put a couple of stupid actresses to distract from the BIGGER PICTURE, which is to recruit young people into the Ivy school secret societies…..NOTHING IS WHAT IT SEEMS.

  • Our family took in a foster kid. A 14 yr old girl with a history of running away. She ran away again at 15 and stole the bill $ from my Dad. At 18 she showed up and begged to stay again. She told a story about meeting a guy who told her he knew of a place where a pretty girl could get all the drugs she wanted. She had to pay her own way so she stole dad's money. She was taken to Nassau, after they gave her drugs and got her primed they took her to another island. St. James island. She met David Bowie there and did coke with him and said she saw alot of kids younger than her. She said she was given drugs and a woman took care of them like a den mom. When she turned 18 they gave her a plane ticket back to Ohio. I always thought she was just making up stories to sound cool. Now I wish I knew where she was. We tried to keep in touch but last I heard she was living in a homeless shelter in MN then her phone went off. 😔 I hope she gets to tell her story to someone who will hear her.

  • Please, Father, help our Miltary and intelligence, and Border patrol and all involved to get these kids to safe ground, from the border, from the airways, and from the seaway. Help them save the children, save the humans that are trafficked and keep them safe while they are out there Lord, in the mighty name of Jesus Amen & Amen. Surprised that a CNN article puts something out you agree with but I won't judge, I just cringe every time I see their logo! CNN did have to tell the truth about this because it's everywhere but CNN is part of the deep state as well..

  • Yeah I agree there's something more to this Laura Loughlin's bond was $1000000 my gosh you would have thought she killed somebody maybe she did. (Sacrificed maybe?? )

  • The BEST movie about the Snowden leaks is "CitizenFour" It is not Hollywood but rather it was shot real time during his interviews with Glenn Greenwald, and others, for the Guardian, and directed by Laura Poitas. Poitras has received numerous awards for her work, including the 2015 Academy Award for Best Documentary Feature for Citizenfour. Please check it out and pass it along to others. You can find it on several streaming sources but you won't see it advertised!

  • I've been watching/learning from you for well over a year now, since you first started reporting on Q. You have the heart of a saint. Anyone who listens to you can hear your heartbreak over knowing what we know…it breaks my heart as well. But be strong in The Lord Craig. As much as it hurts to report on it, it hurts these children infinitely worse. The best thing we can do right now is to spread awareness and pray for them. You my friend, are a champion for this cause.
    I don't think I'm alone in saying Thank You. I salute you for doing the hard work. And I pray every night for your continued strength, peace, & safety to get you thru this extremely hard time.
    I pray alongside you for The Lord, our Father to wrap His loving arms around these children and comfort & protect these poor poor babies. They will not be forgotten and their abusers WILL get their just dues. There will be no escape from The Father.

  • I alway know that elites kids wasn’t smart enough to get in to those colleges. Look how many Hollywood elites never finished high School how do you think the Obama’s girls got in to a elite College. Obama’s involved in this scandal to.

  • Lol…… um slight problem with your statement Facebook is darpa. … darpa is the Internet, everything Facebook is being allegedly to have done, was already being done! Everything on the Internet has to be tracked, has to be! The the only way your keyboard, manipulates a site, out side your network, or in your network , even then the machines have to track the action of the other! — undo delete? 《 this meaning everything is recorded nothing is ever deleted !

  • Justinformed please answer me if you can, should I trust Info Wars or Alex Jones aren't they the same? All I hear is that he is part of this Deep State, sure he gave us great info but then you know what happened, so please answer me if you can, thanks, Jeannie.


  • Other than through cheating on admission tests, how could something as stupid as George W Bush ever get into any college (much less Yale)?😎 BTW: ruling elites are not "satanists" as to be so requires a belief that "satan" is real and they do not believe in anything beyond themselves.

  • very funny Craig…"lets say your name is George Herbert Bush and you want to get your son George into Skull and Bones, but he is not the brightest apple in the bushel"

  • I knew this was coming we are never gonna have those unsealed at all it is all just a distraction at this point I knew Q would say that about indictments

  • Even back at our nation’s founding, secret societies were a concern, and there were those who spoke out about it…like you said, it’s not good for a democratic society to have groups who give preference to their members over US law. It’s a form of tyranny, because they end up being the power brokers. All is being exposed to the light.

  • Justin your doing fantastic work but I must leave as I feel uncomfortable here, thank you for all you do for us survivors. I'll only get triggered as I suffer from C.P.T.S D I love your channel.xx

  • They need to put kids that deserve it . As well will put forth to education . This is all desitfull and the rich bitches should put a book in front of there kids . Your teaching them your idiototic illegal shit . Cause they think money will get them out of everything. I pray you do Jail or Prison preferably

  • Listening to your enlightening analysis I couldn't help but wonder if this was how "Hussain" got into Harvard. Hopefully his school transcript will be revealed. Nadler, Pelosi, etc are going after Pres Trumps tax returns. Seems fair to me to go after info much more important to America which is to verify Obama's eligibility to be president in the 1st place.

  • Give me ur money and subscribe but hey I’m never gonna respond since day one I have never responded to anyone and now false info of breaking news that broke 2 days ago with bill smith he is the one who did the work and broke this wide open nice try though give me ur money money money ur choosing not to work a real job and beg for money but never responding to one person for over s year and half is on u bud I don’t like people who take credit for others very hard work

  • The island stuff prison and they need death penalty.back and use it . Very stupid stopping it now . When we definitely. Theres so much evel people that's got to go

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