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  • good to see you all again eh,
    I just dropped in to see what condition your condition was is,
    may smiles find you all across the miles,
    take care of yourselves so we may take care of one another,
    see you tomorrow morning S0'ers

  • Good morning,Ben,Kath and SO’s,thank you Ben on info about solar activity and cosmic rays affect on our planet,Our governments would like to lead us down the rabbit hole of CO2,Shish,the nerve of them,I’ve been noticing many changes already in plant/Animal changes,but also my skin is super sensitive too!,Itching every time I go outside,almost the same effect as frost bite!?.JMO!.βœŒπŸ½πŸ’•πŸ‘€.

  • Goodmorning Suspicious0bservers Sydney Oz here A huge amount of lightning, it's been like a strobe light for hours, large dangerous hail, and about 50mm of rain. Now 23:45 and clearing, Something spectacular anyhoo, Thx Ben for Dr Tinsley's talk back to the last 10 mins of that now, Enjoy your Friday SO'S πŸ•‰πŸ•ŠπŸŒ β˜‡πŸ”₯πŸ’žπŸ’•πŸ’“β˜„

  • Yesterday here in Albuquerque, in the valley of the higher-than-usual March winds, we experienced a lot of gusty winds that blew around trees that don't even have leaves yet. It was a cold wind but not frigid. The sun came out around noon and by evening we had a somewhat photogenic sunset. The high was 48F. Currently at 6:44 under dark, reportedly cloudy skies, we have a slight wind and 34F and birds singing because they know Spring is out there somewhere. We expect the clouds to clear, the winds to be normal speed (5-10mph) and the high to be around 49F. We foresee a long stretch of warming weather, with highs in the low 60sF well into March 23.

  • Good evening from SE Queensland, still drought affected, still very b!oody hot, still no rain!
    Thanks S0's for all this extremely interesting news I go to bed thinking about every night.

  • Thanks for all the work that you do! Just a heads up to fellow supporters, I let the ads play why I check out the show notes. That way SO gets credit for the ads. Small ways to help πŸ€“

  • Imbibing colloidal gold might help prevent the breaking up of DNA, considering what gold does to plasma and magnetic torroidal fields.

    Its resonance in the body would most likely mitigate damage from cosmic rays

  • Nebraska is nuts right now! Yesterday in the eastern part of the state we had temps breaking 60F with a wet rainy windy morning giving way to sunshine and calmer winds. 10 PM the rains had returned and local flooding was the worst Ive ever seen with beaver creek 3ft from climbing over the bridge into town. 4am I go out on break with strong north winds and temps close to freezing. 7am brings heavy snow high winds from the south with wind and temps around freezing. It is just climate chaos.

  • Thanks for the morning update. Starting my day off with 64 degrees Fahrenheit. Expecting a line of thunder and rain later on this afternoon. Enjoy your day people. ʕ‒́α΄₯‒̀ʔっ

  • Thank you very much for this presentation. March winds again today. Fluctuating temperatures. Rain. Sunshine. Clouds. Migrating armadillos and fire ants. It's that time of year again. Good luck with your gardening. Enjoy

  • The day after, and the damage is extensive! Ripped the roof off of two out buildings on my property. One smashed into my house ripping the front porch off and smashing three cars, two with extensive damages and one with minor damage but enough damage to empty my bank account and then some. It's depressing. The cleanup will take weeks. The recovery will take me years! It was a devasting day. Amarillo texas can now add hurricane to its list of weather events. It had to be at least an 80 mph gust of wind that did the dirty lick. That is hurricane force. It was a Clear sky too.

  • interested to see the video on how the micro nova would form and what would be the danger signs of it comming. I think it may have to do with the expansion of the outer layers and the fact that there has to form so much mass that the sun's field can not hold it stable. Then the question rises what would cause such fusion or forming of high mass in the sun?

  • Cancer? You get hundreds of a day. But, the body takes care of the mutations with apoptosis. So it’s need to overwhelm the system with a massive dose or long term exposure like petrochemical workers. So don’t worry about it there more carcinogens automobile exhaust than in a myuon

  • Good morning, friends.
    Received 14" snow yesterday, fortunately not much wind.
    Currently 16Β°f, very overcast with a chance of 1" more snow later today in the mountains Southwest of Denver.
    The inundation begins Friday and Saturday with highs back in the 40s.

  • I can remember asking you here on youtube several years ago if a 360 degree CME was possible. I got no response from you. Will you respond to me now?

  • Good morning, 0bservers! We survived the attack of the ferocious winds yesterday. Even had a small tornado(F1, 110mph) about 15 miles from my house in the early morning hours. I hope today is slightly less eventful. Cheers, y'all!

  • Ty…Ben…πŸ“‘….πŸ“’….πŸ‘€….be…some place are going to receive 100cm of snow an more whit that bomb alert in Colorado……

  • Greetings from Thailand.
    Much pollution in Chiang Mai
    At the moment.
    I have put in a Order for night time
    Rains, to settle this smoggy conditions down to the ground.

  • Mornin' kids…..after our little tropical storm event yesterday it was absolutely beautiful in DFW…..hope today is same!

    Appreciate you Ben!

  • Thank you for posting great video big winds over your way watched videos of the blizzard this morning not good. I sure a picture of space on another persons channel the other day ill send you a copy if you take a screen shot on your phone zoom in and see what you think. The anomaly in the picture is amazing in its self but I found myself looking around the whole picture close up after awhile and above the anomaly was a celoet of a man standing in front of adoor way with two stars as eyes and a whole constalation in his right hand with his left arm by his side and so I thought thats cool my imagination is working well so I look around the phone some more get down to the words Tell me thats on the screen shot put there by the utube asking us to tell him what we think and to debunk the picture if we can. So above the words Tell me I see another anomaly of an out line of a man standing there but it did not look right so I looked for a bit longer and realized he had a shelled in front of him in his left hand and a hammer in his left hanging down beside him over the word tell me in the picture. I mention this after seeing the picture posted in your video and yes this sounds a bit fare fetched but sometimes we get shown what we need to see to help us help others. Take care stay safe keep up the great work. God bless you and your family and friends peace be with you all. I'll see if you are on messanger have fun : )



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