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  • Thanks for another puzzle piece, Case. Something struck me I feel compelled to mention. If you want to point someone in the direction of "proof" as regards to all this…. here's all you need to do. Have them watch all your videos in order. A) They'll be hugely entertained as well as informed. B) And, unless they're blind, they will notice the transformation in you. It's very apparent to me and I'm sure others as well. You're a prime example of what you're talking about.

  • I think anger is something a kid has before it understands much. I have seen many kids get mad before 1 years old. It definitely doesn't linger as it does in adults or older kids and teens.

  • Case I really like your insights. Good one: We deep inside know this is not our reality…

    Destiny (this life experience) is a mix of many things, there is no judgement. There are contracts that are intended to assist on the growth of other via tough lessons. But right now I cannot think how self ending this experience can be a lesson to self. A lesson to others yes.

    Dear email writer. You wrote a quite inspiring letter, with more light and wisdom that you can imagine. It inspired Case to do this great video. You are helping many with your inquiries and story. Hang on you are on the right path. For some reason we all have different lessons. The harder the lesson, the

  • My day was made as soon as I saw this video pop up..thank you, Case🙏🏽♥️✨you are a magical gift to us! See you in the field in June🥰it’s time to claim our sovereignty..light & love to all.

  • I think you provide a great value through your videos, and reconnective healings.

    However, whether you realize it or not, some diseases are the result of our diet — not merely our thoughts. You did a video a while back criticizing Jordan Peterson for his depression which bothered me because you were pretty arrogant in your assertion that his depression was the result of his thinking. You don't know everything.

    Peterson changed his diet to an all meat diet, cutting carbs and other plants. Low and behold, his depression disappeared. His daughter, Mikhaila Peterson, had rheumatoid arthritis, depression, and a few autoimmune disorders, but when she switched to an all meat diet, all of those systems disappeared.

    You might argue this is a placebo, but the only thoughts that changed were centered around diet.

    There are other stories and anecdotal evidence which shows improvement in health by reducing or eliminating plant based foods.

    You might be fine eating plant based foods, but we are all physiologically and genetically different.

  • It’s anyway to get off this system I mean completely off not like, manipulation of the AI intelligence on the web been close my doors every day I’m getting off thanks by the way the last session was awesome major connection with the DNA AI restructure thanks bro

  • Excellent video Case! This message really resonates with me & when You quoted Jesus?! I was like Whaaatt… I love it! Because that's the very "Word" I have been meditating on!!! wow! Thank You💖 keep up Your good works👍

  • Thank you for sharing. Missed you and for whatever reason you are not doing your videos more frequently, I feel you, it resonates with me AGAIN!! I am having those off times as well and sometimes I feel that life is standing still but I know that everything happens for a reason and this is the time to be still and look around and apply all we have learned so far.
    I have free will and I have the power to change my own Destiny and decorated with the most precious stones or leave it blank and still enjoy what I choose. I don't know if what I said makes sense but yah…peace brother Case.
    Be blessed 💞

  • Why did I choose these experiences? It's too painful. I think I'm colour blind to the colours. The faith in the artwork is blobby. I can't see the art. The past two months has involved ringing in the ears, vibration fluctuations in the ears like a wave, and a week of a painful stomach at the end of April. Seems like the internal experience is worse since I've started meditating everyday.

  • I have a different take on the part of the email discussed starting around the 4:48 of this video. What if the higher soul is planting that seed for understanding later when the time is right. I too have so much in common with this email. I also felt I was going to die early. I have come to realize that I indeed was going to be transformed. Go through a purging of what no longer served me. Releasing the old programs and traumas within. We are in essence shedding (dying) before blossoming into the new. The new understanding of our life purpose. Why we chose to come here on Earth at this time. Everything does happen for a reason. Keep the faith and trust that understanding will come.

  • I think that fullfilling destiny is a choice, free will is the choice to live at your basic potenial or to live out your full potential , with the abilities that you have. Moving towards a goal, no matter how small the step, leads to feelings of fulfillment on an inner level that are amazing… thinking about it till we are blue in the face is what hurts …take steps it's the cure to feeling inadequate to our dreams.

    Loved my private session… but the group sessions are very powerful because of the amount of energy created from the focus of the group, amplifies the energies.
    Incredible Case!♡! 😁

  • DIET ! we've been lied to about diet. the human body is not designed to eat carbs. stop eating carbs/sugar. Look into Mikhaila Peterson's story. Your brain will change when you stop eating carbs/sugar.

  • You have very sensitive hands ….. which is hand in hand with you’re heightened sensitivity.
    Plse come to England ? 🇬🇧👍🙏🏼

  • Hello. Please I have a very important question. Reconnective Healing came on my path at the very important and hard moment in my life. And I’m hesitating. Is this God send? Or anything to do with a sect like thing? Please enlightenment me because I’m confused and I’m supposed to have the healings this Saturday and I’m still having doubts. Thank you 🙏

  • Yes it is my understanding that as essence before we are born that we choose a handful of things but once here, the form it takes is up to us. I think our lives are more complex also from a spiritual essence standpoint than we realise as there is more going on than the ego sees but as we go through our lives it's etchy sketchy as we sometimes fumble in the dark so it seems but I think that all of us kind of know where we are trying to go. If we don't get it right or it doesn't work out, I certainly don't think spirit condemns it or forces us back here. I tend to believe in reincarnation as it would seem sensible but I don't know for sure it exists as I can't remember lol!, My teacher told me it is a spiritual law than can't be altered if we believe it or not so not sure. I don't have a TV in the home and people think I'm weird but I like weird because who wants to be the same as everyone else, I have lots of fun and also enjoy both feminine as well as masculine stuff. If birth and death are parts of the chosen destiny, then I guess that maybe even suicide would be death from a higher perspective so either way all is well and we are going to get through this stuff. TV is telling you how to live your life the wrong way for the most part so please people wake up. You can still watch things on other devices but at least you will be in control. We get what we focus on so please focus on divine stuff, likewise like children's playing blocks, we can move our beliefs around with ease the same way. Good luck everyone and that includes me.

  • Each on their own path. There is no wrong way. I'm glad you rested and collected your thoughts. I'm happy you're in n.y. I'm upstate n.y too so this is exciting that i have opportunity to meet with you

  • 100% Quality as usual Chase. Anyone who doubts your sincerity are doing you a favour bro. We both know they are nessesary to keep the balance and harmony positive negative etc. I'm at a similar stage to are looking and talking really crystal clear(except for the pollen), the connection or energy is getting stronger mabey its just alligned and flowing better and its like louis Armstrong said what a wonderful world. Im going to send you an email with a few quick questions in the next week. Health and happiness bud

  • It's a pleasure to come across your page sir ☺☀👌 I've begun adding reiki certifications since early this year and am well on my way to gradually building into my purpose. You are a motivating role model to continue believing in myself and my gifts. Thank you for these videos. You are a conduit of light ✨👼🙏👼✨

  • Been watching you for year bro! Always a boost from you and I'm grateful! I'm about to get trippy on you and most will not understand. In my decades doing healing work and shamanism I went through an extended period of time where I would leave my body, though mediation work, sometime being pulled out of body by my guides (angels, higher self, whatever). Sometimes, in bed, eyes closed and speaking to my girl, I would just be dragged out and taken places (off planet, back in time, whatever). Okay, coming from a different angle here. All those experiences can also lead a person to become disinterested in this reality. Just like Phil but not with the dark thoughts but more just boredom. Not sure if many will relate. Cheers Dude! Thanks again for being you!

  • Hi Marlene from southern ca here. 👋 I came across your videos and everything that comes out of your mouth makes so much sense to me. It exited me and I’m drawn to keep learning and watching you. I deeply feel a strong connection and I have this urge in me that tells me I’m a very special person, like you, like so many of us. Ive always had spiritual/paranormal experiences through out my life, I even had an experience of being in “heaven” and feeling an overwhelming sense of peace and love. A few weeks later as I was waking up, I was praying at the same time and I heard someone’s voice (not mine) which said, “trust me, I chose you.” I can’t explain what that was and I pray for guidance everyday and I trust that the higher power will always guide me in the right direction. If you or anyone reading this has any suggestions on what that was it would be helpful. Thank you!

  • My father use to tell me that thought is the only freedom that humans have. He would say that The government can take your house, your kids, and imprison you on false charges and at the moment all you have it is you and your thoughts. They can not take that. Your essence and your being are still you and you choose each day how this is going to play out. What kind of person are you going to be and what are you going to let get inside your mind? However in this world that we live in it is sometimes hard for some sensitive souls to stay here. They can not take the struggles, the shame and the outside abuse and know no way to move past it. While power talkers say they should do this or that I see them failing because no one cared about them enough to step in and say it is okay to be who you are and we all have days like this and I am here to talk if you need me. The world we live in is very self oriented and most do not want to hear your story or help if it interferes with their life. Charity, compassion, love are all things this world could use more of. However it is up to us to be there and present for others who are having a bad day and help them rise up to the light because the darkness has become the friend who talks stories of release and freedom of a different kind.

  • Free Will has been a repeat topic I've been seeing as of late. Responsibility, accountability, and shifting out of the low vibrations to the higher vibrations is so needed. Something is totally wrong with living the fake realities that we live when asleep! We have free will to be the change we want to see in the world! Thank you for your videos!

  • Case , it goes without saying your videos are amazing , incredibly insightful and I get really excited when I see notifications !! I did want to mention you look ….. you look happy bro , I’m betting you’ve been teeing it up there in NY ! Haha ⛳️👍🏻 🏌🏻‍♂️ ! Please shoot under par round for all us spiritual hacks out here would ya !!! 🤙🏻



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