August 19, 2019 The US is projecting its own plans against Venezuela on Moscow, surmising about “military contingents” and “operations,” the Russian Foreign Ministry said, adding that Russian specialists have clear and open goals in the country.



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  • "Double standards" the US allowed Russia to get away with invading 2 of its neighbouring nations and annexing there territory time for them to Focuk off back to their half of the world or they will be spanked

  • If Trump likes Euro snowflakes like Guaido so much, why didn't he just back Hilary Clinton? Or declare Hilary as president of Venezuela? Or maybe Macron when the French finally throw him out of France?

  • The US isn't absolutely in a position to lecture nobody on moral grounds, mind your own businesses and make the jews great, cannot say again for obvious reasons, never where and never will be.

  • Another foreign intervention by the US to rob Venezuela of its resources, Double standards at its best. Why dont you concentrate on your own border. America has no friends, only interest.

  • Giving Venezuela over to the US, is giving to the latter free oil for 100 years. Russia is defending it's future on this front just like they, Russia, stopped the "free gas for Europe" project through Syria.

  • Why in the world would Americans let criminals and con artists like Trump,Bolton,Abrams and that weasel Pompeo ruin a great country that so many people built with sweat and tears, their only interest is helping the rich and corporate ties that bought them.Look at Detroit,Seattle,LA,Chicago,San Francisco,San Antonio, etc…DUMP TRUMP

  • 0:50 The irony of the USA claiming that minority of 54 countries weighs more than the rest because they are allegedly democracies, because that mindset is undemocratic.
    (OK, unless you take the word by its root, but it still means minority decision in a field where majority decision is supposed to matter. – But this is all irrelevant anyway, since it is a mass criminal talking.)

  • Sure, US invasions all over the world and destabilizing countries is a small matter compared to Russia trying to save a country like they did with Syria. Russians are surely a danger and a threat …… to tyranny that the US governments put to plan that is. US governments are nothing but more of the same as the Nazis, only that they are bunch of hypocrites.

  • Ok Americans have a job to do to keep the USA from turning into a Middle East. To remove all the crack heads you voted into Washington. Russia is not a toy. And can easily make the USA look like Syria. If you want war in America it's simple push Putin's button. It's not a joke

  • Still it is correct. Venezuela belongs to the US sphere of influence. Just like Caucasus and Central Asia are integrated in the Russian sphere. Imagine if the US would send 100 troops to Ukraine. Moscow would view this as an act of aggression and would respond accordingly.

  • The US loves the people of Central and South America.
    That's why it destabilizes their countries forcing them to leave their homes, and then builds a wall to keep them out.

  • Israel invading and taking over the Golan Heights and continously bombing Syria and Palestine are a greater threat to international peace than Russia supporting Maduro in Venezuela…

    With Peace Sakinah 🌹

  • Russia should deploy more soldiers n nuclear war heads
    When USA pulls out of other countries and plays with jews in his own backyard then i dont see why russia shouldnt pull out of Venezuela.

  • South China Seas is China's backyard, americunts need to leave. Black Seas is Russia's backyard, americunts need to leave.
    Got that? Americunts?

  • So US thinks everyone should do how they want when they want no matter how illegal it is, or face punishment.
    What the hell kind of country is that, who the hell do they think they are. Russia should tell them f**k off with their 54 countries.

  • Maduro destroyed his own people to become rich…and some people in the world are supporting him? politics aside…he should be sent to the gallows

  • Don't say we didn't warn you. You have over 80% of that country that doesn't want socialists or Russia involved.

    I can also guarantee that any country that has Russia as their main partner isn't doing that well economically and has only turned to Russia because they literally have no other choice.

    Who in their right mind would expect to come out ahead economically from a country who takes more than it gives?
    What sort of aid does Russia provide the 3rd world? Weapons? Because they really can't afford to load anyone money like the US does.

  • This talks about “ Russia is in in our back yard and should go…. Russia is destabilizing the Latin American hemisphere…” sounds more like a whining kid who is about to go to sleep either because the kid wants attention from its mom or the kid want the mom to acknowledge its presence which by the way is fading because it is about to go to sleep. The US inconsistent policies and it’s double standard sounds more like a super power inferiority complex. US has run out of options and it’s now threatening Russia, who by the way has been invited by the legitimate Madura government of Venezuela to be present in that country.

  • Pathetic USA trying to control the world and expects all countries to follow International law while the US breaks those laws on a regular basis.



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