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Report date: 05.30.3019

Mueller entire investigation has come to an end. The [DS] tried to use the Mueller press conference to push impeachment but it will not work because their is not evidence. Trump making a big announcement on the border issue. JW discovers more information on the [HRC] email scandal. New tech uses AI to detect fake videos, the [DS] plans have just gone down the tubes. The [DS] will be exposed.

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Intro Music: YouTube Free Music: Warrior Strife by Jingle Punks

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  • So which is it, X22? Is Mueller part of Trump's sting op, or is Mueller helping shield Clinton with RussiaRussiaRussia? It can't be both, but yet that's what you just said.

  • when does Trump point finger and tell Americans what the evil in power are and what they do to children? Why doesn't he explain how the CIA control the wars and media propaganda? MK Ultra, school shootings, testing on humans, vaccines to depopulate, chemtrails, cancer industry scam, killing of holistic doctors etc etc etc…… when???

  • The only reason they have left to move toward impeachment is because they are running out of political ammo.  They desperately need to sustain chaos no matter the cost.  EXCEPT they see that impeachment is also a dagger in the heart of their winning in the next election.  Chaos is coming back to bite them in the ass!

  • You say that mueller is a secret white hat working with Trump from the start, and the investigation was all a part of the 4D chess game deep plan 10:15. What about his sidekick, the vicious andrew wiesman and the other Trump-hating dems in the investigation team? How would a Trump-supporting mueller stop all these dems from doing what they were there for? What about the almost two years wasted that could have been used productively, and clean up the election process that might have saved the House in 2018 and individuals like Roy Moore? How many of those districts had the conservatives in the lead during the night of the vote, only to have thousands of dem ballots appear out of nowhere and turn the election to the dems?

  • When all this has played out, it's going to make one hell of a made for TV documentary series.  God chose the best man for the job, Donald J. Trump.

  • Thanks Dave for your reports!! I love them! I didn't know if you knew, that YouTube makes it very hard to find you on TV. It is like they are censoring you and a few other Qanon channels. I used to watch my favorites and can't find them and if I find them they are old. Keep up the good work!

  • I get the Plan and all but would Trump really lie to our faces and say Mueller should have never been chosen if he in fact was the one who chose him?

  • Trump is made of steel! They used everything they had to take him out yet he's still standing. No it's time to lock up Hillary and Bill and the rest of them

  • Trump has these traitors right where he wants them. Like a cat playing with a mouse before he consumes it. The President knows exactly what he's doing, he's following the Constitution, and the deep state knows it. He has the biggest TRUMP CARD in the deck, he's the Commander and Chief of the Armed Forces. Watch all the last minute flights out of the country begin very soon!

  • No the DS is not getting exposed. This is bullshit. It’s like waiting for the messiah. Nothing will happen. The swamp drains and new creatures fill it back up.
    Oh, and Q anon was and always will be a psyop. I wish it wasn’t the case, but it is. Sorry 😐

  • You said Mueller decided to join Trump and has been on his payroll since May 17, 2017? Sting operation? How does this wash with what's happened since? This is preposterous. I had heard this conspiracy theory, but Mueller clearly was doing a witch hunt and his recent remarks prove he was working against Trump, not for him.

  • Of course, HRC knew her phones and everything else were unsecured. She was selling SAP's to the Chinese! She also had C_A operatives in China assassinated by giving up their identities and locations. If that's not treason I don't know what is. Do you hear that, AG Barr??? There is so much high-end, 4, or 5-dimensional, chess being played here it's hard for the average person to actually see what the moves and counter moves are achieving, especially when the viewer doesn't even know if there is a 4, or 5-dimensional chess game.

  • _ Your explanation appears to be full of false assumptions.
    _ What people THINK about what is happening or happened is of no consequence.
    _ For example thinking about a storm does not obviate the storm.
    _ What one believes or tries to prove from their base of bias etc. does not change the course of reality.
    _ One obvious factor is the ongoing intervention of Russian and other foreign operatives in influencing public opinion regarding elections. Why has the current government, the President as head of US government in particular, not put forth a positive plan of action to secure elections from foreign influence?
    _ The source of failure in current government is obvious when personal opinion and belief is set aside.

    _ Argument is not required – the obvious faces the nation – resistance is futile.

  • Love your channel Dave, I’m just still a skeptic. Not for the Democrats, but don’t trust anyone because the snake has so many heads. I hope and pray he’s our man thru and thru!!

  • Mueller should be disbarred for his statements! A special council does not get to give opinions after the fact !! It's a statement every American should fear " we could not prove the president was not guilty of a crime "" what 😱 I thought someone had to be proven guilty not prove he's innocent , what a wreck less statement

  • Will they be going to the Military tribunals? I want them hung by their necks for ALL to see. Thank you for all your help for me to understand all the information on all that is going on. I PRAY for all the PATRIOTS, MILITARY and our PRESIDENT. WWG1WG A…LOVE TO ALL!!!

  • The black hats had a knive in mueller's back and the white hats were showing him a potential indictment if he failed to play it straight. He seemed feeble.



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