Episode 19 | Dr. Anthony Peratt & Ben Davidson @ Observing the Frontier 2019.

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  • My favorite part is 36:28
    "… we're gonna just take your most important stories, and just gonna pretend you guys are crazy and made them up." "…especially when they could predict eclipses."
    That whole portion is the lens I do my own investigations through. Like, why are we cherry picking what we find from advanced ancient civilizations and then turn around and say they were otherwise primitive and stupid; believing in gods and whatnot? The closed minded and biased exploration of topics in the conventional scientific community has held us back for so long. It's people like these fine presenters who open up that box and excavate the mysteries that still plague us. One day, they will be vindicated. I believe we are at the forefront of that shift.

  • Ben, Here's a question for you.. When the poles get near each other.. Will they exhibit a Z-pinch? Earth Flare? And if so, would this blow enough atmosphere out of the local area to cause super cooling where it occurs?

  • There's an Epoch Eclipse on April 8th, 2024. See also Total Eclipse of
    Their shadow paths CROSS, almost 7 years apart, near the
    Illinois-Kentucky border.
    The CROSSING is an Epic Eclipse. What makes it an Epoch Eclipse is
    that Apocalypse means that all shall be revealed.
    The Urantia Book dates Jesus' birth date as 8/21/7 BC, and the
    day of his resurrection — the morning the stone was found already
    rolled away, as April 9th 30 AD.
    The Vernal Equinox of 2030 marks the beginning of the 3rd,
    1000-year day of Heaven since Jesus taught us, Love One Another. But
    we were told SOONER. and besides, 1000 vernal equinoxes is simply the
    beast measure we can make of a heavenly day from Earth. And I cannot
    verify the count.

  • Interesting that netflix just announced they were buying one of the hottest movie releases ever in China right now. Called wandering earth. The movie tells of p[eople trying to save the earth from being destroyed by the sun.

  • 28.26 Number Two, Ben, seriously, Number Two!?? The only excuse I can think of: somebody butt the line in front of you . . . anyways, excellent report, thank you for sharing and we're glad you still be maintaining your high standards on that front at least.

  • Wonderful talk 🙂 However, you still haven't used the BIG Words… "Memory Reset"… With all of the evidence that No one knows Who, When and/or Why the Pyramids, and all of the Megalithic Structures were built, it just seems to me that a Solar Even wiped the memories of most of the humans on earth… I'm thinking that you're waiting to wade into this topic… n/p, I'll wait… lol

  • @suspicious0bservers hey Ben, at about 21:30 minutes in you mention that none of the Japanese astronomers speak English and haven’t replied to your emails.. I might be able to help you with that. Though I speak Japanese and read a little my wife is native Japanese and maybe if I ask her really nice she could translate a few emails for you before you send them out and translate the replies for you.

  • Well done Mssrs. Peratt and Davidson. Better quality than most, references to the extant literature and presentation of both sides of this controversial topic is excellently done.

    We humans now as a global society with fantastic scientific and technical infrastructure in place and more instruments in design, in the deployment pipeline, more powerful super computers, we stand on the verge of great progress in revealing hidden truths about our local star, Sol, the Sun. This star has great potential to affect the evolution of our planet, in fact all the planets in this system with profound implications for the future of human civilization and the survival of the web of life in this current Holocene epoch..(Anthropocene if you wish)!

    The relevance of the symbolism of the Four Horsemen of the Apocalypse on the NASA Moon badge and the similar symbolism employed by the Soviets is not lost on me. Wonder what is really buried in the Vatican astronomical observatories files, beyond the CIA/DIA/Area 51 Men in black suits and their files, the :Priory of Scion, the Tibetan Masters in their hidden caves in the Himalayas (whom have oral traditions dating from past the last ice age 18,000 BP I have on good account ), True Rosicrucians (RR et AC) and so on…

    Someone knows something and is not telling us, the broader public at large are being kept ignorant.

  • Loud applause. This will stand as and come to be known and understood as a landmark presentation. As those who have or will encounter Voyager on its journey through the cosmos will be apt to observe, when assessing the majority of of human intellect, "geeze, I wish they had sent more Elvis"…kudos to all of you of greater, better and braver insight.

  • Atomic bombs: teasing the structure of reality itself by harassing electrons, in a planet where nuclear reactions are not the norm, it is dangerous (nuclear power plants also disturb the energy)

  • Peace. One Love.

    Thank you for sharing this incredible information so casually explained. I am truly grateful for every 0bserver commenting their insights. "eyes open, no fear. Stay safe everyone."

  • So Chad, from Chad's Point and I were discussing this. I at first was like whatever, but then he started pointing to all the physical evidence for which SOME ANCIENT HIGH TECH RACE gets all the credit. Like Stone Walls in Peru and other places that are VITRIFIED, which while just their construction is AMZing I do not believe they could soften Absynian or Andesite. SO WHAT HAPPENS when really hot stuff hits, BOOM VITRIFICATION, then The ancient megaliths of Egypt, Mexico, South America, ETC. Those things he said were built not only as temples possibly but also ELITist Shelters which is why you have a number of Abisynian coffins in one of the sites at EGYPT. These PEOPLE knew what was coming and they all prepared and those that did not, WELL the survivors sure as hell did.

  • Hi, i have a small question about the real quality (and origins) of the moon dust used, as the rocks from the first "Apollo travels" were in fact petrified wood… A very old scam could be interfering with your actual researchs ?

  • Ben, thank you for sharing this whole series with us, I find this subject utterly exhilarating to watch. A subject such as this, that captures the evidence holistically, very much sates my mind. Keep up the good work, you, your family and your team are doing a fantastic job!

  • Maybe the mammoths were electrocuted to death, the electric storm also caused the crust to twist on earth's rotation axis, so therefore some mammoths got frozen with grass in their mouths?



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