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  • Cliff highs new webbot verbal report says, within the next ten years or so more or less, that a new ultraviolet type light will be so strong in our atmosphere that the Sky's will become to look violet in color, and that its reflections in our oceans and lakes are going to make them appear to be dark red?

  • The Earth and the sun resonate just like all the other planets in our solar system.
    That Neptune is losing it's rings is no coincident, it all is because our whole solar system is changing.
    Look at Jupiter the biggest planet.
    It had always one big red spot and now there are tree?
    We humans think that we know it all but we know shit about our climate and our solar system.

  • I don’t know if this has anything to do with the CME but it’s 9:30 am MT in Billings, Montana and the power just went out. It’s 19Β°F outside.

  • I'm glad you brought that little snippet out of last week's FOTW. Been going over that in my mind even before I watched, why would our poles already be in the process of a flip if the sunburst is what causes it to happen? Thanks for all you do Ben and have a great start to your week 0bservers, you have to set the tone for the rest of it! πŸ˜‰

  • Ben, I have a question. At the sake of sounding ignorant, in this cade I am at a lack of knowledge. In 3012, 2012 one thing was said like the whole earth would shift. Now I understand it is the magnetic poles. I saw where they end up close ti one anither rather than opposite ends. Back then I resd about best safe places to be. You know when many people moved to NM AZ etc. Now I'm wondering just exactly what does this magnetic shift mean as far as the effects on living etc. And also the poles ending up close to one another and those effects on atmosphere, people, living in certain places like Coastlines etc. ??? I am on the SE Coast of N. America (US).

  • Thank you for posting take care stay safe keep up the great work. God bless you and your family and friends peace be with you all. Hot here in oz brother the warmest summer ever recorded ever ha good times. No Fear

  • It wouldn't surprise me if the Madagascar region near SE Africa experiences an unpleasant unexpected geophysical punch in the face with cyclone Idai.
    There's something unprecedented going on under there. And above, such storms there are rare at best. A lot of energy migrating around that place. Plenty coming up and out right now. I wonder if they caught any Celocanth lately?

    I hope I'm wrong…and I most likely am but… I wouldn't want to be a lemur hunter right now.

    Here in Middle Leftyfornia we have the week of sunshine I've been telling my friends would hit the week of Mar 10. Should last at least a week before the next good storm visits us on the last week of March.

    My chickens will be thrilled. Maybe Darkmeat will mellow out and stop flying at me every morning. It's kinda fun but you cannot turn your back on that one. His spikes are well over an inch long. I feel a bit sorry for my hens… Until I'm eating those organic fertilized eggs of course.

    In case anyone wonders, you need at least three hens if you've a rooster. Six is better. Otherwise being a breeding hen is noooo fun at all!

    Delaware's are very cool BTW. Nice to look at too. A dwindling heritage breed in need of help. They have strong natural instincts for the roles their Vietnamese ancestors evolved. Broody. Lots of extra large tan-brown eggs. Good moms, good foragers, strong flocking behavior and Darkmeat is a most vigilant and protective patriarch. He's about 8 pounds. The hens are about 4 to 5.

    The hens are pretty friendly if given regular attention from a young age.

    If you want your own flock of chickens?
    Look online and order some this spring or ask your local farm n feed store to stock some. Just beware of the raccoons. Those murderous little bandits become bloodthirsty, if they gain entry to the coop and henhouse. Those cute little critters with humanish hands will kill every single bird and maybe eat one.

    But I digress. We are very pleased to see the sun today. Fingers crossed for the 180Β° Phi angle to falter before the impending geomagnetic unrest ensues, and no deadly quakes or volcanoes erupt…

    Have the best day ever, whoever you are. We only get so many of those so if you see a rose?
    Smell it twice!🌹

  • Idai is a Muslim Name. Means Awakening, Love.

    Makes me Think of the Alliances being made between Islam and the Vatican.

    Every One is feeling Lovey Dovey,… but we Know it’s True source.


  • Great update Ben. Thanks for all your work. In the process of re-educating myself about planet earth 12,000 – 15,000 years ago, a piece of evidence presented me with some difficulty. Wooly Mammoths were found in Siberia that had been frozen from the inside out. Apparently that kind of "flash freezing" can only happen when the temperature is 270 degrees below zero – temperatures not usually found on our lovely Big Blue – even in Antarctica in deepest winter or in our grandest solar minimums. However, there is one place where this "cool" temperature can be found. About 50 miles above our heads. Could a Micro Nova 14,000 years ago have blown a hole in our atmosphere deep enough to bring 270 degrees below zero to the surface of the earth and flash freeze herds of Wooly Mammoths with such speed that the contents of their stomachs were still fresh when they thawed out a few years ago? Their 14,000 year old meat was still edible!! Food…..for thought, if nothing else.
    Did the planet experience a Micro Nova just as we were coming out of the last Ice Age that put us straight back into another one – only to have a meteor impacts 12,000 years ago melt all the ice in a matter of months and give us the coastlines we see today?

  • 2:23 I've had my money on this being the case for about 10 years now, well, the glacial age coming thing, the polar ice melting thing just gave evidence for that impetus.
    "A hard rain's a-gonna fall…" …over the next couple thousands of years πŸ˜› and then some!

  • HA looks like that CME has blown some of those clouds out of here for me to see the sky plus rained this morning very nice beautiful day here today SWNM
    Ben Kat Thank YouπŸ‘

  • I think multiple CMEs is when problems can occur. They tend to merge causing a continuous cloud to impact. In 2013 3 or 4 merged into a giant cloud that would have impacted for well over a day. The event that some physicists later claimed "would have knocked us back into horse and buggys" essentially. When the whole world gets hit … who is there to pick up the pieces? Carrington size event avoided by not that much.

  • On this date in History – March 11,
    1693 – Mt Etna erupts, Sicily
    1787 – Titania & Oberon, moons of Uranus, discovered by William Herschel
    1839 – Earthquake at Martinique, believed to have measured 6.5, destroys half of Port Royal – 700 die
    1911 – Tamarack, CA reported 451 inches (37.58 feet) of snow on the ground, a record for the U.S
    1923 – Deanburg and Pinson, TN were struck by an F5 tornado. 20 people were killed and ΒΌ of Pinson was obliterated
    1942 – -23Β°F (-31Β°C), Kingston, Rhode Island (state record)
    1948 – Record cold followed in the wake of a Kansas blizzard. Lows of -25 degrees at Oberlin, Healy and Quinter established a state record for the month of March. Lows of -15 at Dodge City, -11 at Concordia, and -3 at Wichita were also March records.
    1968 – Explorer 36 (GEOS-B) launched into earth orbit (1080/1570 km)
    1974 – Mount Etna in Sicily erupted
    1986 – Japanese probe Sakigake flies by Halley's Comet at 6.8 million km
    1995 – -36.8Β°F (-38.2Β°C) in Chosedachar, Komi-district, on 67Β°N
    1997 – Ashes of Star Trek creator, Gene Roddenberry are launched into space
    2001 – The town of Dubbo, New South Wales Australia, located northwest of Sydney received 1.06 inches of rain in just an hour
    2006 – Phoenix's record run for dry days finally ends at 143 days. The last measured rain fell on October 18, 2005. Not only did the rain break the dry spell, the 1.40 inches that fell was a record amount for the date.
    2011 – An earthquake measuring 9.0 in magnitude strikes 130 km (80 miles) east of Sendai, Japan, triggering a tsunami killing thousands of people. This event also triggered the second largest nuclear accident in history, and one of only two events to be classified as a Level 7 on the International Nuclear Event Scale

  • I heard a story on Mysterious Universe about Sky-Beast! πŸ˜… Jellyfish like animals that evaporate after they die, when they crash to the ground.

    This may explain many U.F.O. events.

  • Its all in PERFECT HANDS PERFECT PLAN ABBA YHWH HANDS and PLAN! What a Interesting Creation We are on PERFECT Creation To Change Eaven Magnificient! But Thanks to your Info Ben. nothing new under The Sun! Like ABBA YHWH Word Sayes!

  • Its the shifting poles AND mini ice age "convergence" that makes me think its a world ender this go around. If it was just a maunder minimum I wouldn't be too alarmed, but those poles racing toward each other makes me add 2+2 and damned if those Mayans weren't right all along! We just suck at knowing what our actual calendar date is as the popes and others from 100-17– ad changed the dates quite often for celebrations like the millennial . I mean that airline flight a few weeks ago on that supercharged jetstream was crazy fast!

  • There is ice at the poles, so are we not currently in an ice age? Maybe we are approaching the beginning, or end, of a glacial or inter-glacial period?



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