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  • I love physics and science too much to buy in to this beyond ideas after smoking good weed. I am with you guys on 98% of your broadcast, but he is basket case. Not because he is completely nuts , but because all he can talk about is a mush of theories and selective science.I am a nuclear professional, physics is the highest science, all things come from physics. God created a physical world for His "images" of us to live here in the physical nature. But also aware of our spiritual nature. The "falling away" was the loss of the direct connection from God in the spiritual relationship. None of these "others" he mentions were ever made in the image or have the spiritual connection we have as believers in Jesus Christ. These other beings are set aside in Hades, the realm Enoch describes along with angels who are chained for disobeying the Lord. All are still under God even though they listened to Satan. Satan has already created his world on earth. Satan is seeking to break the hold on his legions of demons by getting us to speak his kingdom into existence because Satan knows our authority better than we do! What we say sets things in motion and "created". So our music we sing, our movies we watch, our schools which teach and so on, all say the things needed to change the Christian created world and in keeping with his five "I wills" to become God.

  • #1 it is NOT Darby that the rapture is taught:chuck missler, jack hibbs-real life calvary chapel out of chino ca.,don stewart,perry stone…there is NO mention of the church after revelation chapter 6… will be in the field the other will be taken etc. so yes there is a pre tribulation. We will be out of here before the anti christ is reveled.In the talmond-book of what the rabbi s say…they Never called Mary a whore…sorry that is not in there…they never called Jesus a wisard or sourcer….listen…sounds like you are creating hate of the Jews. I am a messianic jew….We All are to bless Israel and the Jews because Jesus was a Jew and gave his life freely as the Lamb of GOD to take away all sins for who ever would believe Jesus John 3:16. The jews came back into the land of Israel in unbelief but once we all believers of Jesus are raptured all eyes will be on the jews. I understand 2/3 will not make it but there Will be a remenat that cryes out for Jesus to save them….USA,Charleston, SC

  • This man needs to understand that HE can NOT even imagine the greatness of God, God said He did not give us the mind to comprehend.This is what happens when we believe we understand it all. Small bites my friend, small bites. The big picture is NOT possible for us to understand. This is the same road that Satan took. I will and I am as great as God. Satan never says he will be greater than God. Just equal.

  • Doug, Joe and Ted,
    Atheists come to Christian video chats and comment sections because they are encouraged to seak out Christians to harass and show their contempt for us. And to be belligerent and pontificate on how supierior they believe their intelligence and reasoning skills are. They believe their "truth" is the only valid thought and anyone who doesn't agree deserves to be hunted down and ganged up on for verbal abuse.
    Militant atheist.
    Read what Richard Dawkins has wrote and encouraged. It's all right there in print. No denying it.
    Militant atheism is a religion. They do not like hearing that. Prof. Richard Dawkins is one of their prophets. They do not like hearing that either.
    They adhere to their "non religion" religion of atheism by blindly doing anything their prophet Dawkins suggests, although it makes no reasonable sense to attack without debate, to confront with questions while having no intention to listen to answers. They do it because they are told to.
    They are told to hold reason and truth to the highest ideals, but believe and act contrary.
    I'm sure atheism is the religion of socialism which explains the recent escalation of atheist verbal confrontations across YouTube.
    They will come in, demand you prove this and that, disregard your answer, demand a new demand, and try to get you to participate in a flame war of name calling so that they can call you hypocrite and by default prove that they are supierior and there is no God. Several will participate, they screen shot and share on Twitter feeds and atheist forums, etc…
    All this info can be found on their websites, forum, chats, books from Dawkins, Hitchens etc…
    Hope this helps.

  • Thank you Mr. Hagmann for having Ted on. AWESOME. I will support the show by putting my money where my mouth is. I will be going to after the podcast. If Ted can hold a train of thought and orally convey a history lesson like I just listened to then I want in.

  • Someone convinced my mother to mutilate my penis when I was born. Who was responsible for cutting of parts of young boys/girls? Zionists? Jews? Islam (fgm)? Who?

  • "The Calling"

    I Was sitting in a cell watching the rain, Thinking about the times only brought back the pain

    Wishing I was free, free as a bird, so I could take up my wings and fly with the Word

    I reap what I sow and I get out what I put in, If you only knew where I've been you'd know my life was a Sin

    But I sit here and Write about my life and the times, Wishing I could retract and take back the Crimes

    But we all know what drugs do, they put you in the dirt, they strip you of your dignity they make your heart ache with hurt

    If you can relate to what I'm saying then this rhyme is just for you, It's time to get a clue and let GOD see US through

    This life full of haterz and world full of lies, it's the truth that we seek and it's right infront of our eyes!

    So look deep within and let your HEART defeat your MIND, don't walk this world Blind or you might be left behind

    Because the Devil is Deceivious and Swift in his ways, he's like a 2 horned monster, he stalks what he preys

    So you better be on your game when the temptations come for you, I hope you've got the clue or you just might be made a fool

    If you're feeling what i'm saying this just might be your day, The day you come to christ because by GOD he's the only way,

    "The Calling"

    the truth and the life, Accept him right now he just might take your strife

    If you think I'm playing then you got me all wrong, What kind of cold hearted person you think would write this song?

    I write this out of love which GOD has for you and me, if you could only see what I see you'd know you were free

    From the shakles and the chains which entrap us by the night, makes us fall to sin but family i walk in LIGHT

    So catch my drift and get on my level, stop gambling with your soul or you just might meet the devil

    If you aint got the point I advise you to run, you may seek you may find, but you won't hide from the son! <– ( Jesus )


    yo i look around, think about my past like it was yesterday like whoa,

    reminissin on all the oppertunities i missed and how i chose to go,

    down the wrong path for a reason? maybe, but here i sit,

    spittin flames in every which way direction that i see fit,

    props to my lord, i'm repping g.o.d, yes im talkin about j.e.s.u.s and yes i'm free,

    from the shackles and the chains that use to hold me down,

    rob me of my joy and turned my smile upside down like some twisted clown.

    i was a prisoner to my self, my mind couldn't defeat the matter,

    so i gave my heart to god and he served me up a new life on a platter,

    while the devil was tryin to rob a poor boy of his spiritual wealth,

    god was waitin for the right moment to bring me back to full health,

    this is testimony rap, i rhyme for a reason,

    recollecting on all the dark thoughts ,youda thought i commited treason,

    but it was only for a season cuz they say only the good die young,

    well i'm living proof the good live forever for by grace and mercy on the cross he hung!

    for all mankinds sins you better appreciate the picture im trying to paint,

    and that's to surrender yur ways and let HIM take over and no i aint no saint,

    i'm a sinner just like you but my eyes have been opened to something beyond most can see,

    we're living in lawless times and the devils hard at work trying to stir up chaos within you and me,

    this might sound crazy but the end times is real,

    if you don't believe me just stop, think, and ponder on this and feel

    why we allowing millions of abortions to happen and letting innocent blood spill?

    why aint we questioning our true existence and how we came to be,

    the one and only generation thats had the lightbulb turn on you see?

    we are called to be the salt of the earth and the light that shines in the darkest of places,

    so it's here i sit writing whats on my heart and lettin my mind tie up my laces,

    cuz these bars go much deeper then you even can comprehend just off first sight,

    and my flows go harder than most and with his strength i might,

    break through to one of you and just for a split second you might see,

    the moral of this rhyme and how its reachin out to not only you, but me

    to keep fightin the good fight and just know your minds at battle,

    spiritual warfare is real,… it's like the rattle on a venomous snake,

    trying to drag us down, oppress our lives and turn you into something we would call fake,

    so stay true to yurself, before you lie to someone with out even knowing,

    you claim your steady growin but is the fruits really showin?

    so catch my drift and get on my level, stop gamblin with your soul or you just might meet the devil.

    and end up in a place when you pass you diddnt think you'd say,

    why diddnt i just listen to the truth, it was right infront of me but ayyy,

    thats why i'm here to plant the seed and hope it grows,

    bigger and better then anyone one of my spirit filled flows,

    cuz it aint about my skill, it's about freedom, happy 4th of july,

    i'm glad i could bring you this truth i aint got no reason to lie,

    so break the curse of bondage and let your true self fly,

    there is life after death don't let your free will deny! YEEEEEEEEEEE godbless

  • Extremely well done video stream Gentlemen! Now I know why my video is not getting hits. They don't want people to know. I have been trying to tell people about these dimensional beings for years even by showing proof on video. At least someone is getting it out there! Prays GOD! I liked when your guest explained how the dark will never comprehend the light and the efforts would be fruitless.
    I will not kneel! I will not submit! I will not deny my GOD!

  • SHOCKING INTERVIEW you won't hear on Hagmann Report

    SEARCH YouTube
    "Dr Lorraine Day Tells About the Passing of the Noahide Laws"

  • Hello my dears thank you so much for all of your hard work and bringing all of this information to our attention. I live in San Jose and I know people that do the ayahuasca ceremony all the time. To me it seems like a glittery butterfly that they are chasing further keeping them away from the path that they need to be on but they don't realize it because they're chasing the glittery butterfly. All the best April from California

  • The left are drug addicts..drunks..pedophilia babies murders..cheaters. Supporters of illegal aliens…running to shed innocent blood…I am sorry. These are presidential qualifications.please vote red.2020..if you really love America.amen

  • Sadly, we are going to see Kavanaugh go the same route as Roberts! Kavanaugh is no Conservative. For Pete's sake he clerked under Kennedy. He was a bad choice!

  • Ted Broer plagiarized EVERYTHING Alex Jones JUST talked about on Joe Rogan's show!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Literally verbatim!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! This dude is a snake and needs to be called out!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Now knock on Rothchild's door . Get the tall gray's in the same room call up the judge on the supreme court . Then take every red cent . Lock every one of them up and do not I mean do not feed the snake scum's ever .Tell the world . Then you might have peace .

  • Watch ye therefore, and pray always, that ye may be accounted worthy to escape all these things that shall come to pass, and to stand before the Son of man.

  • John Hagee said Jesus never claimed to be the Messiah. Hagee gets paid by Rothschild to turn his church toward Noahide Laws, which condemns those who worship of Jesus, death by decapitation.

  • Mr. Haggman, I rely on the information you provide but I am reluctant to watch the podcast lately. We all have emotions and we are responsible for our own behavior. With that said, I will continue to pray for you but I implore you put your anger and attitude in check.
    God Bless the #Haggmans.

  • The Zionists who want to build the 3rd Temple are biologically descended from Satan and Eve. They know Satan can rule the world, after they build the Temple for him.

  • Wake up, Patriots, and realize that even if you “save” the US, you have let Jehovah know that your allegiance is with the King of the South. Bible prophecy and the whole Bible requires allegiance to Jehovah’s Sovereignty.


  • American government is broken beyond repair or anything Trump will be able to do. It’s all bread and circuses. Won’t be fixed.

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