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  • Im sorry but what black person would even care about who CNN hires!? That won't change who calls the shots at CNN!!! Sounds like a game of race baiting by CNN itself!!! Affirmative action 2.0

  • AOC is an embarrassment first to women and secondly to latinos. I can say this because I AM A LATINA WOMAN. I pray that she accepts Jesus Christ as her personal Lord and Savior and changes her ways.
    Capitalism is need, Socialism is greed.

  • It amazes me how much everyone will fight for things but not fight for white Christians. This bill passed the house on Jan 15, 2019. Is there a bill to shut down black lives matter? Is there a bill to shut down the Jewish sponsored and run group Anti-Fa? Interesting only white People cannot be proud of being white and loving our country. Even though researchers know that The KKK was created by our own government to cause discourse. So now white People will be out casted because of something our government created after WWII?

  • I am so glad you brought up the 'don't eat the little gel packs'…I bought a blow-up mattress for some guest that was going to stay over in my home, on that mattress were printed the words, "DO NOT EAT"…you just can't fix stupid, Guys! God bless! STAN, I was just saying that about the locust! Fry 'em up, make 'em dinner! Ha!

  • How is it Bernie and Biden look like the FrontRunner for the Democratic nomination? They are both old rich white men, the demographic that the left hates the most!

  • I know you didn’t have time to get into the whole Kavanaugh debacle, but if that wasn’t a case of guilty until proven innocent, I don’t know what it was! Ford should never have been given a public hearing for such an issue! It was all part of what Nancy Pelosi describes as the “wrap up smear,” and despite the fact it was clear to me that Democrats devised the scheme and rolled it out at a strategic time, their cohorts in the media were more than willing to do their part to make it seem like a courtroom drama. But it was not a courtroom. Kavanaugh was forced into the position of defending himself against an unseen foe….a supposed event that, in my mind, never happened. Kavanaugh was “raped” in front of the entire world, including his wife and little girls. It was a shameful study on the depths of leftist deception.

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