August 18, 2019 Bilderberg 2019 Eric Schmidt Confronted!

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  • YouTube killed my channel once I started uploading conspiracy music. Key words such as: Revolution, Freemason, illuminati, killuminati, conspiracy, etc. Etc.. will drive users away by not suggesting, lower view counts, lower thumbs ups, etc.. The algorithm is already proven fact.

  • Hey! Is this Schmidt a blood-relative to the other Schmidt's ( the John Jacob Astor family)? If so, this Schmidt is from the poor-white side of the Schmidt family!

    The trade-union Slav immigrants made up a song about the faux-Astors: "John Jacob Gheinglehymer Schmidt, his name is my name , too! Whenever we go out, hear the happy people shout, John Jacob Gheinglehymer Schmidt! Ta-ra-ra-ra-ra-ha!"

    They sang it when battling with the Pinkerton men and the company-gun-thugs that the Astor family hired.

    Evidently, the mother of John Jacob "Astor" was very free with her favors— and she took a liking to a teenage Yiddish speaking, part-Jewish tradeboy who worked at her house for a time. He was fired when she got pregnant with John Jacob.
    The tradesboy grew up and became an important part of the US Socialist Slavic labor fight against the faux-Astor's. I think he was arrested in our Red Purges and he died in prison.

    The poor Eastern European, mixed-religion, part-Jewish Yiddish-speaking immigrants from the Pale knew that the Schmidt's were pretending to be AngloSaxon. They took on the name Astor to separate themselves from the poorer , more ethnic mixed-race Slavic Jewish farmers and craftsmen that were being sent to America in the 1900's.

    The faux-Astors worked with the other elites to crush the labor rights movement and trademens movements that were uniting all the poor people in immigrant US communities

  • 😂😂😂That was hilarious!!! I’m still Chuckling my Schumer off! Great work.

    ‘Mr. Schmidt, is the natural colour of your face always that red or only when you’re guilty?’

  • Silence is acquiescence.
    The developments in BitcoinSV are interesting that your content subs etc is all stored and owned on chain and twitter google instagram or whatever simply becomes the interface for that data so if you get banned from a platform you can connect your subs and content through another platform. Check the recent bsv confrence for info on it.

  • You can tell this guy is a scumbag within 1 second of listening to him and seeing his expression/mannerisms. Why can't good people run the world? Oh yeah, because you can't get into a position of supposed "power" without being a bought out, blackmailed, corrupt excuse for a human-being.

  • He was genuinely agitated about the fake news question. He was expecting that question, waiting for it, and it pushed a button. Seeing as this is the only response you got it can only mean a couple of things. He actually had nothing to do with it and he's sick of hearing about it. He was part of it but didn't know he was part of it. He was part of it and knew it. But my leading guess from this response is that he is so focused on some other agenda, that he actually can't see what he has been a part of, so he believes he wasn't part of it. Too bad he left us guessing.

  • lmaooo luke a savage "Let's not curse here, we don't want this video to be demonitized on youtube" clapping intensifies you the real MVP luke for saying that.

  • You need to get on his nerves, ask if he even knows how to use a computer, or use code, or any type of computer programming at all? He’s just a placed head figure.

  • Look at how they love the attention oily snakes evil scumbags an those whom think they live above the law seeing as they dictate it

    it's disgusting they have no concern for the general population they continue to use an manipulate us an technologies against us an we suffer daily like rats in a lab or sheep to the slaughter. We need a revolt a revolution the people must unite world wide
    These fat cats are the creation of the worlds turmoil.

    power to the people not the privileged

    Thank you for your efforts an hard work its thanks to people like you that your able to reach an awaken so many

  • Great job!!!! Awesome! Eric played it safe by not answering. Next time be nice and asked questions that he will answer then hit him with a HARD BALL to stir his organ abruptly.

  • I bet Schmidt knows how they unlawfully obtained control of you tube. He probably doesn't understand they took it from people who broke the contract under which it was created so they still are not actually the "owners". It will be funny to me when they get prosecuted for corporate theft, and or receiving stolen property…

  • So there you have it. The term fake news, made especially famous by Trump's use of the term was actually created by Google and others as a pretext for censorship. Enter the ministry of truth to fill the void.

  • Those people are ABSOLUTE trash pos scum … GET CRYPTO AND USE CRYPTO … that way those PARASITES only get money if you give it to them.

  • It’s awesome to see you keep grinding no matter what you get hit with. When I start making actual money I will be glad to donate some to we are change for all the hard work you guys do and info you give us. I share your videoswhenever I get a chance with people I know. You’re the man Luke !

  • This, sadly is what 'confrontation' vids, even VS the NWO cunts have become: TMZ cameras hounding egomaniacal sociopathic self-deluded celebrities. In earlier 2000s during Jim Tucker & Alex Jones days, they were shocked, and tried to hide their attendees. NOW, they literally advertise them openly, on their frickin' official websites: they've CHOSEN to shove it directly in our faces.

    Dan Dicks's camera angle:

    These 'confrontations' don't work 'cause the Technocracy has seen and calculated that the masses don't give a fuck, especially after they've addicted them with 'smart'phone crack.

    There's no doubt masses as a whole are INFINITELY MORE gullible, than they were PRE-9/11.

    Y'all each played your valiant roles in the fight. But, at this moment, the 2019 Bilderberg coverage should be a moment of reflection: it's time to reassess tactics, in terms of efficacy, impact, influence and whether actual changes are made from the coverage.

    NOT that y'all shouldn't cover them anymore, but precisely because the Technocratic attendees themselves have CHOSEN to sort of embrace their 'Dr. Evil/Dr. Strangelove' roles, they really can't be SHAMED into doing anything. Last time that happened? They've been 'forced' into coming out of the shadows. As seen by their official website, and them openly posting the names of the attendees.

    So while these confrontations vs them, whom for a time assumed/took for granted and deluded that they could operate in the shadows, were initially shocked during the 2000s, but now, they've embraced the 'mystique' assumed an even more arrogant posture.

    As such, likewise the #TeamFreeHumanity activists must equally adjust tactics, even in coverage, to maximize the impact.

    Don't think these type of 'confrontations' videos are working anymore.

    If anything, it just makes these sociopathic nerd social engineering egomaniacal Technocrats to affirm and confirm in their minds that they 'ARE' important, precisely because you're essentially giving them the paparazzi vs reclusive celeb dynamic, in terms of PR & optics, now.

    Just a thought.

    Y'all be careful though. Safe trip back home.

  • Oh boy I love the look on his face. Nowhere to run, nobody to block you guys…and the way he gets so annoyed at questions just shows what kind of person he is. Great journalism work here.

  • They even do it to everyday people who are switched on! If you post anything on social media which opens up anyone's mind definite no no! I've been censorship from day one. NO LIE. I've only been on social media often and on for four years. And I am continually blocked in some kind of way. Gang stalking the lot!

  • Oh so (((Eric Schmidt))) was confronted? Not with weapons I'm sure. Well, so was (((Sara Mazur))) travelling from Sweden. Those globalists are set on oppressing all their slaves all over the world.



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