COAST TO COAST AM. Alan Stern declared the New Horizons mission to be a success after its exploration of Pluto in July 2015, which revealed a tremendous diversity of phenomena. “We see massive glaciers the size of the state of Texas made of nitrogen ice,” he said of Pluto, and “evidence for avalanches…giant ice volcanoes the scale of Mauna Loa. We have evidence for a liquid water ocean inside the planet, for snows from the atmosphere.” The size of the New Horizons craft is actually quite small, Stern noted– about that of a baby grand piano, weighing around 1,000 lbs. The two guests also commented on the announcement that ancient organic matter has been found on Mars– this kind of matter has already been detected in the middle and outer solar system, such as on Saturn’s giant moon Titan.

Featured guests also include: David Grinspoon, Madame Pamita
News segment guests: John Curtis, Mike Bara, Peter Davenport

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