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  • Craig…you missed the set up by POTUS in the accusation of China hacking her server…The Fbi/DOJ etc said there was no evidence of hacking. BUT as China has the info…how did they get it? Treason obviously. He tricked them into admitting China did not hack her unsecured server. Checkmate!

  • I remember my Wife said, she is done for, and didn't me when I said, nothing will happen when he comes back, even said, they will find no just cause to charge her and the witch is still stirring the cauldron against Trump and actually against America, same as Obama was

  • Didn't Trump win because of the electorial college votes why is saying in the beginning of your video the electorial college only benefits the Dems. Wasn't it Hilliry won the popular vote Trump won the electorial college votes

  • HRC was open for business with China!! NO hijacking! I do wish some Russians came to make a point. We can not expect to get some truth out of he media. The owners are part of the deep state and they are being hunted down. Do you think they are going to tell the truth?? I wonder what Q say about the Muslim Women and AOC. Are they a threat??

  • POTUS ur God sent. Trade and construction jobs are decimated by illigas, college jobs taken by H1B1 overseas workers America is sinking fast over run with illigal unemployable, criminal drug dealers, anchor babies, chain migration citizens disabled or retirees. WAKE UP AMERICA WE'RE SINKING! Change immigration law NOW!!!! MAGA 🇺🇸

  • You mentioned Facebook going down last night. I went to settings, security and login, on my phone app, to see logged in devices. I have 2 step authentication and notifications on for when a device logs in. I routinely check it, and have for years, and regularly log out of all sessions and then log back in. Last night, I had a Facebook for Windows device logged in from 2014 showing in that list. I had to wait for Facebook to come back up before I could remove it. Maybe that has something to do with their spying methods.

  • Neither of the judges ruled on anything relating to collusion. And neither of the judges offered any conclusions about whether there was collusion with Russia in the 2016 campaign.

  • Is anyone else just kind of burned out with all of this at this point? I know theres a plan in place and these things take time but man… it just seems like i hear the same post week after week.

  • Craig, Here's what I think about the Steele dossier: the public doesn't care. It means very little now. Just like they have slowly introduced and gotten everyone use to mass surviellance so that no one even complains anymore no matter how far their privacy is stripped They have brainwashed the gen. Public to the point where they hate Trump he's so evil that anything is justified. So all this coup crap like when McCabe went on TV and admitted it. NO ONE CARES. very sad and scary but this is the state of things. Also the Deepstate has moved on to new topics there never was a Russia. No collusion no breach if power So now they are looking for any past crimes. They are either confident they'll find something, or they have something thier using against Trump, he's been extremely tame considering right? Or third they know they are going to carry out a fake witch Hunt forever. My point is is that THE RUSSIA COLLUSION CLINTON COUP EVEN IF EXPLAINED REPORTED TO THE PUBLIC MEANS SHIT NOW. AND NO ONE CARES OBVIOUSLY ABOUT CENSORSHIP AND SURVIELLANCE AND NIETHER DOES TRUMP OR SOMETHING WOULD'VE HAPPENED. WHY IS Q RECYCLING OLD FACTS OVER AND OVER

  • You're missing the point on the census. The Dems don't want illegals counted or categorized. House seats tie back to census, of citizens, but w/o known categorization of illegals. Think the illegals are living where R's are strong or D's are in control? Think about it

  • Like H.R. Goodman has stated in his segments. How did Clinton move TS-SCI information from closed SIPRNet routers to NIPRNet ones and offload it onto her personal equipment.

  • She has 1 of 3 keys to do anything on the net. I say that is hogwash. Why is it I'm the only one not lol. This hole thing is not the public in an country fault. This is the Elites fault. Government's, ect fault. All I see who is getting punished for all of their BS is the public in every country. Not them. Someone explain it to me. Everything on Earth has been a way over board proven fact it is done backwards. All the laws do not pertain to the public but the public must follow. Their only for the Freemasons and Illuminati. They do all the crimes and we as the public get all the heat and punishment for their actions. Backwards. I'm still waiting for all the Elite to even walk and talk backwards. Oh, they already do talk backwards. They push the blame on any civilian population as their fault and it is a proven fact it is the Elites fault yet we as proven throughout history we get punished for all of their crimes and they just keep doing more. Everyone says their scared of Hell, your in it, pure Hell. Sad.

    Remember the FAKE email dump…. login get what's needed log out….!
    4 different servers…..!

  • And you say to yourself ?Why didn't the MSM call anyone out for all the firings ??? They didn't want the investigations of them to be a public spectacle !!!!

  • Beans bullets gold silver get underground people ASAP eminently San Andreas fault it's about to happen peeps! 30 times bigger than Katrina. I am 48 and have never been a prepper. A lot of this is just smoke and mirrors so that we are not aware of the upcoming catastrophe pray do not fear you have to be the light workers for the world in your heart you know this is true do what must be done get some helmets pray be ready

  • Craig, Q is directing us to inquire about the CMS (Classified Materials System) logs.
    These record all persons security clearances, and access (in /out) dates, and times with signatures

  • I've been following Q for about 9 months now. I am always interested in others perspective on the drops. I like your straight forward approach. 1st time here, I'll be back. WWG1WGA.

  • We are in a war which more need to take seriously. If you don’t think this might turn violent and you don’t need to be prepared, you’re either not paying attention, foolish, or plan on hiding…

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