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  • Alabama is working on this bill, yes. BUT, we also have code and constitutional section stating that marriage is between a man and a woman. Yet look at what they did to Judge Roy Moore. And someone reprinted the form to apply for a marriage certificate to include same sex. Yes, we Albamians have work to do to drain our own swamp. Blessings and Re Jouir. Holding Joe close. Holding all of you close. Blessings and Re Jouir -Darlene

  • We are being invaded fromt he souther border, debt is outa control, more welfare for invaders more crime, how are we winning? civil war soon (red dawn event).

  • I'm all for anti abortion, but……but…. you have NO RIGHT in the case of rape to open your mouth. It wasn't YOU ! Don't your DARE talk to me about a Woman's right's while you talk to me about the Terrorism done to her.

  • You need to engage and be with your son. Pastor. Shunning him will only chase pain and resentment if you act the way. All the worldly talking heads say to act or react to your son. Pastor please. From one who knows bring your son back and embrass him that's what can break that.thing That he has trouble with. He will have a trying time a Christian left alone the enemy will go after. Romans 8 28

  • SCOTUS does not make law. Congress makes law. SCOTUS would rule concerning a congressional law. Marriage is a social behavior. Same as abortion. Roe v Wade did not make abortion legal. SCOTUS did not make same sex marriage legal. Same sex engages in a union. As Dr. Ben Carson said, before we drafted him to run for POTUS, "You cannot change the definition of a word." Our problems arise from our failure to demand that we follow the rule of law, and that unless our US constitution prohibits and action by the federal government, or gives rights to the citizen, it is up to the state. I hope that Alabama will spark conversation about state rights to make their own law. Blessings and Re Jouir -Darlene p.s. Ducks can be very messy!!!!!!!

  • I'm almost done with Howie Carr's bone-chilling book on 20th-century corruption in Boston (personified by the Bulger brothers). All it took were a few corrupt FBI agents and a complacent establishment to leave the murderous Winter Hill organized crime gang unchecked for decades. Medieval times look tame in comparison.

  • "The Equal Justice Tour" it seems like I just heard of this a few weeks ago. It would've been nice if they had it and gave a few months notice so that people could've possibly made plans to attend this march. I would've of love to attend.

  • Stand strong Alabama we need to start living the way God wants us to live. These people who love abortion are lovers of evil and nobody with a good conscience could possibly think abortion is a right, and this nation is going to be judged for turning our back against God.

  • The Dem – ons would be more aptly called 'prime – evil' , Satan was a reference to Saturn (when it loomed large in the sky in earlier times , the war in the heavens etc) but Satan is the common term .

  • David panicked is absolutely correct in analyzing the deaths of evil these globalist will go to go achieve their ends. I personally fear for our troops at this ti.e for fear of an Wii use chemical weapons against them. Pray for through Nashua that our countrymen are protected against every evil they rise up against.

  • Please excuse. The computer has a habit of changing words. Please insert: lankford, time, for fear that Iran will, pray for our troops through yashua that our countrymen…

  • UK's May, Canada's Trudeau,France's Macron,Germany's Merkel,barry's America… What do they ALL have in common? Corrupt Globalists bent on bringing down their perspective Countries and her people. We will not give up our FREEDOM! We will not give up our RIGHTS! Guess what? Along came a knight in shining armor named President Trump!!!!! A warrior 4 TRUTH and a HERO 4 humanity! The EVIL deep state criminals are going down like a serpent devouring it's own tail!

  • I was so proud of that vote yesterday here in Alabama. I live right down the street from the Capital building and I cheered and cried and cheered some more. There was a black state legislator that stood at the podium stomping and fuming and yelling about this vote "raped our state, women, and it's a bad thing for incest victims." Gee, maybe instead of using abortion to HIDE the incest you should go after the perpetrators? He whined and moaned that Alabama will never "attract big business like Amazon or Google with our backwoods way of thinking." I say PRAISE GOD we are backwoods thinkers and NEVER attract businesses like Amazon an Google if killing babies is the price.

  • It is a perplexing situation with many moving parts. The case as it is always presented on this show only goes so far to report on the NWO and its attempt to overthrow Donald Trump but is not presenting the bigger picture. Vision is blurred by a focus on immigrants, walls, economy, leftists, Democrats, etc. Hopefully, more insight will be gained, horizons will broaden, and you will come to realize that Israel is the one running the show and attempting to establish the NWO. Wittingly and/or unwittingly, the Trump administration and the Christian Zionist lobby, to name but a few, are aligning themselves with the Israeli state in its promoting of the globalist agenda.

  • It is a Genocidal Agenda against Black people…
    They will NOT prevail tho….
    These Idiots will have to pay for the KARMAS. . It cannot be avoided. it's the Law…..

  • David said unto ALahym then YAHUWAH ALAHYM we must take Babylon our our mouths with her pagan names and titles doctrines you see lord mean Baal in Hebrew wake up people remember the beast with blasphemous names (religious religions of the world with their Babylonian names and titles for him our Heavenly Father the first cause of creation and his only son the second cause of creation)

    Their is a seal being put into the true elects forehead in revelation now skip to revelation 14 and it tells you it’s the name of the father YAHUWAH and the name of YAHUWSHUWA his son in there foreheads before judgment hits and we’re right at the door

  • Why is this even an issue, clearly the teens & women that are having repeat abortions are morally bankrupt & they are doing the world a favor by offing their degenerate offspring.

  • Another video host had mentioned Roe v. Wade from Roe in the case of Planned Parenthood v. Casey was determined by a court case, NOT from a state vote by the people on a this subject. It sounds like just setup lawsuit to have the Supreme Court pass a law, not a people vote?

  • yes, one day there will be a one world religion-a united economic controlled world. but NOTHING in the Bible says it has to be on our watch. a NWO NOT for our kids, NOT for our grandchildren, and NOT for our great grands.

  • Published on Apr 8, 2017 sponsor VARBAGE

    HIDDEN code in the Bible have revealed a volcano will crash into the sea and send giant 300ft waves thundering towards the Spain in a mega tsunami that will kill millions. Source:

    Bible 'predicts’ killer TSUNAMI from Canary Islands volcano will wipe out SPAIN!

    Added view if it happens, this giant 300ft waves will come from the southwest of Morocco and travel across the Rock of Gibraltar to hit Spain. Well if this happens this wave will go straight east on Mediterranean Sea to ISRAEL. As shores get closer together, the wave will get higher and God will take care of the rest. AMEN And if true Russia can make a TSUNAMI to do the same?

  • I am 100% Pro-Life, but I think ANYONE who is against life would CHANGE their mind about abortion if they wire to read THIS. Unless, of course, they have NO morals to begin with.
    Trump IS going to declassify everything! There are a lot of slow people out there as well as people who work who are believing the lies of the MSM currently. So, there is an "order" that things have to happen, as in releasing info. Those who still think that nothing is happening, going to happen, people haven't been arrested & things people won't be locked up or worse, need to remind themselves that THEIR name was NOT on a Presidential Ballot, nor are they a god. Gods don't die, but we ALL will.

  • there are many confused women out-there. they miss simple truth that their CHOICE was to take PRECAUTIONS. Simple as that. These are the same low iq, uneducated women that make up today's 'executive' HR's. Directly responsible for near-collapse of US. Used by internal and external enemies to destroy US.

  • We are in the greatest spiritual warfare and destitution in all of human history. This is the root cause and source of all that is going wrong in the world and the church today. It has been engineered by the worldwide satanic deep state totalitarianism seeking to destroy Christianity, America and western civilization. Your daily Godliness and prayerfulness are a matter of life and death from now on for you, family, church and nation. Be Godly, wise, courageous, unified, prayerful, stand and fight the good fight. God fights our battles. We want God's attention, not the medias.

  • Abortion is not a right, it is a privilege. White privilege meant to kill black babies and stated as much by those that passed it in to law. They did it to ruin their population in America and it worked. It is doing the same thing to everyone now. You are importing people to replace yourselves while aborting yourselves and saying there are too many of you. Absolutely insane.

  • Well that's weird, a few months ago you were painting a bleak picture, as for your statement that we are winning then you should go back to the bleak picture………The ones that you think you can trust the most in this world are going to betray you and all I will do is say, I told you so as others have done. They are dragging this world into war and could care less about you

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