–OM Ketamine has been legal as an anesthetic in humans and at the vet’s office for a while now, but it isn’t patented, which is why pharmaceutical companies have largely ignored it. Now, Janssen Pharmaceutical has just patented the mirror-image molecule, eketamine, for treating depression…even though it’s the same drug that kids do at raves and fall into K-holes. The Resident gives her spin.

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  • Ketamine reboots the brain. So even though this is being allowed for depression, it will also help those with nerve disorders. I have crps. It isnt covered for insurance right now but when it is i will be trying it. I have several friends that have gone down 40% in their pain from infusions.

    I was taken off my pain meds because of the "opioid crisis" even though my pain was under control, had no issues with med and was able to function. Now I cant even leave my house due to pain. If I could afford this treatment (3,000 for 6 infusions) I would have already tried it.

    Also side note, weed also was "bad" before…. Now look at all the legalization. As science grows so does our understanding of how things can benefit us.

  • Anything the drug companies can make a profit from is legalized,but when people vote for marijuana to legalized they are met with resistance. It goes to show whose interest the government serves,yet again.

  • This was a bad take. At the right dose and in the right environment (i.e. in a controlled therapeutic environment), ketamine and psilocybin are safer and more effective than most modern pharmaceuticals. An analysis of 70 trials of the most common antidepressants – involving more than 18,000 people – found they doubled the risk of suicide and aggressive behaviour in under 18s.

  • Aluminum is a neurotoxin and they want you injecting that in every vaccine.
    Shrooms are more of a neurostimulant.
    I have done them countless times but I would never recommend them for anything but enlightenment and I rarely do them more than once a year. No one I know that has eaten shrooms would even consider doing them daily.

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