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Barr Speaks Out On Mueller: ‘He Could’ve Reached a Decision’ on Trump and Obstruction in Russia Probe


  • That speech that you had, the video of which you refer, was probably one of the best and most powerful I've ever seen. You did a great job no matter what YouTube or anybody else says.

  • No worries. So far EVERYTHING Mark Taylor has predicted has come true. He said long ago 1) Trump is a 2 term President. 2) Military tribunals like we've never seen are coming.
    Keep the faith Craig. Creepy Joe has NO CHANCE.

  • The further into the light we go the more it appears that if you are pro-American and anti-communist/socialist the more our government spied on you and tried to entrap you in made-up illegal charges. It appears that they at least spied on you and collected who knows what kinds of information about you. Seems like if you are socialist and communist they (our government) was and is protecting you. I believe that kind of thing is still going on. There are too many indicators that those people are still heavily embedded in our DOJ, CIA, other agencies and our elected politicians. It's bad and they must be found out and held accountable.

  • I'm running into a lot of censorship, comments and videos yanked. Declare truth while it is light because darkness approaches when no man can work! They only kill truth because they fear truth.

  • Did no one listen to Snowden? Haystack is a program that not only connects people by affiliation, but develops a profile on what you do, say, buy, watch and communicate with. And that's 10 year old technology. They're litterally in yer living room and beds with you.

  • "For the Lord your God is he that goeth with you, to fight for you against your enemies, to save you." Deuteronomy 20:4
    We knew Comey was a Commie before he admitted it! I believe I've reminded him of it on Twitter a time or two, as many others have.😁 Ahahahaaaaa, Hillary may still have hope as a crook!
    I certainly hope there will be some accountability, without it there just is no rule of law. And, Patriots aren't taking this any longer, we are ready to do what we have to do. If Dems steal this election, America will never be the country we know ever again. Appeal to Heaven!!
    Thanks Craig, you're the best! God bless the Patriots of our country. 🙏♥️🇺🇸 #WWG1WGA

  • I have told you before that you need to cut up those videos into sections and give commentary along the way. One long string of content reads as one long string of content. Think of it as a way to protect yourself from this kind of claim.

  • Hmm, wonder what happened to the 47 hard drives after they were turned over to the FBI? Let us pray that Dennis Montgomery was smart enough to make backups of all 47 hard drives etc.. Let us also pray that Dennis Montgomery doesn't mysteriously commit suicide with two bullets to the back of the head!

  • So if this is true, where were the REPUBLICANS……but then they were still part of the DEEP STATE…..the time where it didn't matter who was elected President , they were all just puppets of those pulling the strings…..and we voters were just the masses who didn't matter……TRUMP changed all that…

  • I am certain after many many times that the scriptures you choose on a daily basis are precisely what I need to hear that day. The God’s Grace section is daily reinforcement for my struggle to bring a powerful medicine to the people who need it. All glory to God! I love you brother Craig. Thank you for the courage you demonstrate and encourage. Youda man!

  • There is no way that the lunatic left will get elected. They will only get voted…Out of existence. All Americans are sick of the crap and lies. They twist everything. Stay strong in the Lord. Seek His Face first then all good things will follow. Amen brother

  • Attorney General William Barr said the investigators who launched the Russia probe did not commit treason, as President Trump has repeatedly
    claimed……so the NWO lawyer from W era shows his true position….or is it misinformation smokescreen?….regardless these crisis actors including the pres. are in it for one reason…..$$$$$….when they finish destroying the heartland/breadbasket with their geoengineered storms will T. build a new hotel for the UN officials using Chinese labor? nothing is what it appears to be

  • Reach out to Bongino directly, he is a big fan of people sharing his message, maybe he could pull some strings over there and help you get your video back.

  • hope someone realizes she, through her proxy IPG in China, still has control of ALL ENCRYPTION CODES & the Fed.Bridge Authorization, which makes her the most powerful (&corrupt) AH in the AI business……that superficial stuff of destroying evidence, lying/perjuring, graft are just petty crimes to her 90's capers with the bureau files on congress & theft of the DoD encryption codes

  • To your opening question the answer is yes. But I believe the clandestine/&or/intelligence services were used to manufacture false evidence against trump as well, that is why there were so many people claiming to have a smoking gun.

  • The HAMR or something like it was also used bt Bush. Everyone seems to bypass that administration. It was also used to rig elections.
    Trump's dad died before JFK Jr., so as I always suspected, they were spying on Trump before or right after 9/11.

  • I wish you would spend less time promoting and asking for money on your videos. I almost never watch your channel anymore, bc it's so redundant. Especially for us that have been watching you daily for years… Stick to creating good content!

  • So thick got that technology then look up gang stalking or organized harassment and just imagine a law enforcement officer lives in your neighborhood. Doesn't like you or personally attacks you and what he's capable of doing

  • What if you had a business that you started and you upset your past employer who was a large corporation and they attacked you with this kind of Technology who else have they contracted and gave this technology to who used it in other ways to help other clients to bring down a little guy

  • Like your new lead in. It impresses me to ready my thought processes rather than expect to get slapped between the eyes with a newspaper. Tinfoil hat off to you, good sir. Interesting content, as always. I've come to expect it from you so don't think I'm not appreciating if I don't stroke your ego every video. You keep makin' 'em. I'll keep watchin' 'em. Stay cool in Sunday School.

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