August 18, 2019 5/31: While Bilderberg plots in Switzerland, the social engineers are hard at work in the USA trying to divide and conquer. Meanwhile, President Trump goes to UK on Monday, after Ass_nge “too sick” to attend video arraignment regarding extradition to the US on 18 counts of “Espionage”.

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Stac_y Abrams, Alpha Kappa Alpha:

Dr. Martin Luther King Jr.: the Harvey Weinstein of the Civil Rights movement?

While John Cleese is hugely anit-Trump, he hit it out of the park with this tweet:

Prince Charles Gave Money To Sadistic Pedophile Bishop, Inquiry Says

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  • You can bet George Soros has his fingers in this too and I believe he also owns Cortez and he's having her trained him and Bildiburgs and big Corporations are behind this Globalist (Communism) they are activating at least that is what I believe they are doing while we are watching the Clown Shows both here in the US and the EU Countries God Bless Everyone trying to stop this Travesties by the richest and most fortunate people in the entire World

  • I just got done listening to McDuff:Kennedy's Man to Smash the CIA; he has been reading real history , the book I just listened to Part 1 and hour long is called "The Mule" The Mule is Mueller and reading this you will find out his role in Iran Contra as well as William Barr's role. Barr can be against Trump; after hearing this true history I am wondering. You can also get this book on kindle and read it yourself.

  • Thank you so much for all that you do but enough on alpha kappa alpha already. It's not the only eletiste sorority. What are the womens sororities at Yale etc. Actually I don't really care. Lets have some real news. How about the folks who are building a privately funded piece of the wall in a difficult terrain on private property Near El Paso where drugs are pouring in daily.

  • I'm sorry, but I have lived long enough to see this whole thing take place with black people. They are far worse today. We've moved on. There are far more important things to think about than the future of blacks. There problem is them, and their society, and that is where the solution is. They are a minority. Uppity black women like Michelle Obama and Oprah are behind this. The fact is that they have no family structure, the majority are not educable, and their men are lazy. Perhaps they could do more could in Africa. Obamas administration was corrupt, both men and women. They were all liars and worked to the destroy the US. They have turned into an ugly race. They want a handout, and they will always want a handout.

  • As a corollary to female children being surgically abused, a story cane out yesterday about a woman who insists on changing the sex of his five year old twin son against his will. See more at website called Save James. Thank you for your honest and balanced approach to the very real issues facing us these days. Stay safe and well. MAGA2020.

  • I'm subscribed and have you on notification but I didn't get a notification this time nor did it show you uploaded a new video over on the left where all my subs are listed. This is the first time that's happened for me.

  • im soooo concerned for our pres. SAFETY on his upcoming trip Britain.. i think the queen will have him killed.. they can have the Muslims in their country to storm them & kill our 1st family… mothing is past them.. why would she invite him now???

  • Every problem in this world has been orchestrated by Zionists…… And if people don't know this by now there just plan stupid or there in a deep sleep.

  • Hate to even use his name in a sentence, but C. Manson might have been on to something when he said, "eventually, there will be a major race war(black vs. white) in America that will tear it right in half, thus, destroy itself". Something like that.

  • FMG is beyond JUST muslims girls here or anywhere else it is also happening to white girls.
    and women
    they go to a doctor who happens to be muslim for some kind of problem , doesnt even have to be a female problem it could be their appendix and once out of surgery they find that their vagina has been mutilated "for their own good"
    so its best to stay away from any arab or even docs from india will do these things to you..sorry to say it is safer to stick with the white docs…at least for now but they too have their own agendas so i really dont trust any of them but at least a white doctor wont cut on your outside vgay yiles.

  • What he’s “got” is China kicking his ass economically – he’s not supporting Julian Assange! and it’s basically the George Bush Senior administration and Zion working from the White House right now! he’s a puppeteer disguised as our nation’s orange Jesus. I think your work is amazing, and I’ve been following you for a *long time, but it’s time to get critical of this man- he is failing, Hillary Clinton is still free – he ran on bullshit! And I’m sick and fucking tired of hearing about the Mueller probe when more money has been spent on that than the 9/11 investigation for Christ sake. Last but certainly not least his labor secretary helped Jeffrey Epstein get a sweetheart deal and his attorney friend Dershowitz was possible pedo perpetrator! I’m sick and tired of people not addressing this! The whole truth and nothing but the truth or nothing at all

  • They’re equating MLK, Jr. to Weinstein for the specific goal of NOT having to follow a peaceful mission statement: CONTENT OF CHARACTER, NOT COLOR OF SKIN. You must see that.

  • Oh my!!  Now we really get into the "VICTIM POLITICS"!  Color can't get rid of us whites fast enough BUT "SEND MONEY"!!!!!!!!!!!!!!  WE (colored people)  can't take responsibility for the position we are in so BLAME others!!  HOW IS THAT WORKING FOR YOU ALL!!!!!

  • you are an angel sojourning on earth heart. i am so grateful for your presence on my journey, i cannot live wo you. thank you, i love you and yours.

  • Think mirror!Makes me think of the musical renouned group back in the 60s. Up, up with people. What color is Gods skin. It's black, brown, it's yellow, it is red, it is white! Every man's the same in the good lords sight.

  • Maybe Assange is in the US and the jail scene is not real. They need him to testify here…there was no press at the last photo op of Assange (bearded climbing into car).

  • Alot of ppl think. Blacks are demons disguised as they've infiltrated and overpppulated every country over the past decades. Look what's happening in South Africa! My whole life they have alwsys been the enemy of this country and humanity and as soon as they are the majority anywhere, their real identities come out and their evil is overwhelming.

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