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February 24, 2019: |A tremendous meteor/fireball explosion took place above the island of Mayotte. All aerial and maritime information suggest that the observed phenomenon took place at sea, off the coast of Mahor near the big island of Madagascar.




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  • It makes me wonder if man may be the cause of the increase of falling objects. Most meteorites are made of iron and with all the electro magnetic objects we have circling the erarth and on the ground, it would seem that objects that would otherwise pass us by may be pulled into theses fields.And come into our gravity. Hummmmmm I wonder

  • We deserve more credit as a nation as people if they explained it to us correctly instead of being like look out everybody there's a giant meteor coming we got days until it gets here we're all dead if they started off with you guys are meteors going to hit the Earth or a volcano is going to erupt it's going to be Yellowstone and it's going to be super volcano then maybe they should ask the entire world to work together all the people I mean yes I'm will go crazy throw them in prisons and camps whatnot but 90% of the world would be like let's work together and Destroy what's coming to kill us even if it was a meteor rock a volcano a tidal wave coming to wipe out the entire United States we would build a dome over the volcano a giant massive wall to stop the wave some kind of missile or laser beam to destroy the meteor something just something leaving us in the dark screws us because people who aren't Geniuses could have a genius idea that a genius didn't think of because everybody thinks differently so if we took all of our minds together we could figure it out and we could stop anyting if we all just worked together the entire world

  • The earth has a new orbit…
    To prove this theory:
    1- Most planets have become brighter
    than before…
    2- The showers of meteors are rising in
    the sky than before…
    3- Many meteorites and asteroids hit
    and will hit the earth more than
    4-The magnetic field of the earth deviates to the west…
    5- Dozens of fireballs hit the earth daily…
    6- Occurring of bloody moon once or
    more yearly…
    7- The rise of cosmic rays that reach the
    earth by 18%…
    8- Cosmic rays are increasing year after year…
    9- Mars approaches earth by a rare
    10 -The appearance of rainbows in the City of Abisko, Sweden on Nov 2018…

    Result : The earth will be lost in the
    ———– infinite depth of space…
    Solution : We must fix the earth on
    ————– on its new orbit…
    These studies had completed and sent on July 26th 2000…

    Yousif A Tobiya
    Forcibly displace

  • We have moved into a more cluttered area of space, as predicted back in the 80s or earlier. By 2010, the number of spotted bolides went up from 3000ish per year to 10,000 a year or so. Expect some scary hits in our lifetime.

    Edit: interesting that this is also where that weird world-wide "ringing" of the Earth happened a month or so ago. It was a very unusual type of Earthquake.

  • the last years I have a sense about something goes wrong with the sky earth world…..maybe its bcoz im getting older and wiser or maybe im getting crazy mind , paranoic… btw nice video,, ty

  • You have to come up to speed with The Thunderbolts Project information, the fact that there are two craters makes the liklihood of it being electrical scaring much higher. Also all the "impact craters', are bulls eyes, noe trail of impact, just direct hits, the odds on that are and the amount of them we see, means they are not impact craters. It is far more terriying to know how sterong the electrical arcing is in the Solar System. Do you think the powers that be want the people to know the real extent of the catastophic things that happen to planets.

  • Woild i be right saying plasma feilds are big concern or i hope its those controllers and there games but sure looks like a club has raped the earth with all she had and there offsy hide ho when shit hits the ,,,,,,,,,,

  • I propose that on the bar graph @ 4:16, that the credible portion would be the the black. The reason is that requires 10 or more witnesses. I feel the 1 views are unreliable because of the ease of anonymous reporting. The green ( 1 view ) if imposed on a graph of technology, would have a very similar curve. The black does show an increase but it is a more steady rate over the time period.

  • The graph does not show an exponential increase of events. It shows an increase in the number of sightings that were reported. This could include an increase in the number of people with cell phones world wide and the increasing ease of making a report. On the other hand it does seem like more events are occurring. So far it is interesting, to people far away from the event and scary to those near the event. If another ELE occurs, it could happen in an instant or build up over many years. In the first case everyone will know it is happening. In the second case people will become aware of it more slowly, but everyone will understand that an ELE has begun. Calculations will determine the time left to do something, and the time when it is too late to do anything. In any case it is best to live your life honestly, solve the problems that you can, and treat others as well as you can. No one knows how many will survive. Try to live your life with hope and live your life without fear. The next ELE may come in your lifetime or it may come in thousands of years. I pray that you are not one of the millions of people who will die from all causes this year. Love each other, be honest with everyone, and do your best. The world will not be a better place if you let fear be your guide.

  • I live in NC and witnessed something strange last night. I was looking out my window upstairs and heard 5 loud pops, almost like a gun. Right after the pops I saw an amber colored light flicker and fade out over about 5 or 10 seconds. No clue what it could have been. I live out in the country and there are no lights where I saw it.

  • Message to humanity…
    You might want to reconsider your beliefs regarding FAT-HER of ALL
    souls of humanity are reaching critical mass 9.99999999…
    single polarity

  • And people don't believe me when I say I have been seeing beautiful small meteors every night and sometimes even during the day now for the last 3 years. Most are blue and green but some are red with yellowish tails. The later being my favorite.

  • I think it also has a lot to do with not being able to stop them from coming in. I guess that just having it hit afterwards would cause less social panic than letting everyone know that such a size meteorite is inbound and we can't do anything until it hits.

  • the Universe is not 'cruel' it is benign, it does not care for or hate You. You Create Your Own Existence, the cruelty you perceive is just that, Your Perception. you can see a dangerous universe aiming for your head every second or you can see an elegant ever evolving system of energy in time. it's your perception, you choose.

  • Is not a Meteor☄️or Astroids☄️and is not Comets ☄️.

    Is them👽👽👽 getting ready for them👾👾👾.

    I promise you all will see it too

    Many humans Will Vanish and our Goverments will Never tell any of you the honest Truth.

    Why lie.
    Why Act.
    Why Hide.
    Keep thinking you know.

    Stay Blessed🙏

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