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  • We ordered our food supply back before Trump won! Do people realize how bad Obumer really did! National stat’s! Homeless rose by 3 times,crimes by 4 times, shootings and killing rose by 4 times what it was! Illegals immigrants interning was not reported but shows highest ever most were ms13 gangs and Islamic Muslim brotherhood terrorist about 90,000. Missing children double during his reign! Unemployment fail by40% ,ppl on Gov benefits increased by 80%. Found these on a report utub! But as far as I can tell Obama destroyed Americans! He broke more laws than any other President before! He illegally changed laws and made laws without Congress knowledge! He had democrats illegally changed laws in secret meetings! 1 they let Muslims BHood serve in congress. Must reverse this back to only American born citizens serve in government office! Need to make it only American born citizens whose parents were born in America! He put 200 Islamic Muslim BHood terrorist in Dems party! They own MSM that’s why they cover their lies! He had 22 terrorist training camps in America and all Muslims go benefits and no work! He gave them free house medical college and 2300$ each! And illegally citizenship! He is an ISIS Islamic Muslim BHood terrorist leader, he promised his people they could have America under their control! He truly was the worst person ever in WH! He was a joke and Michael Robinson was a Shem fake buttons with sausage! It’s reported MBhood paid major money out to keep people mouth shut! They killed many ! Only by grace of God we made it with all these evil satanic people In DC and Hollywood!

  • Please watch the True Conservative minute YT titled Janet Kolmbuug protest😤some big name companies paying for New illegals to get loans for new businesses in return fir Democrat votes

  • That's that good old socialism all of these morons actually thinks it's a good idea then again they have to be morons to think it's a good idea to give absolute power the government and big corporations which work in tandem to take away all of their rights and freedoms while emptying their pocketbooks pockets and bank accounts

  • Climate change is nothing but a big hoax defeat the pocketbooks and bank accounts of the ultra-wealthy by convincing you that the environment is in danger so they can create more environmentally friendly products and over tax you and over regulate everything

  • The IDIOT liberals out number Republicans in our state. The Libtards keep voting the socialists back into office. There is NOT much We can do about the Liberals. It is NOT our fault! They have run California into the Ground. People are leaving Our State by the thousands!

  • Be careful Californians! I wish you all could get out of there. This stinks to high heaven. Another deep state tactic. My question is for what purpose?? I’d be asking myself that question very seriously if I lived there. I’m praying for you all🙏🏻🙏🏻

  • Best thing to do for this emergency is to take all your money out of the bank as soon as it goes in there and stop shopping using the cards because it is time to stop them from minding our business and where we shop and what we buy. Time to take our privacy back by not being manipulated by these money banksters. And is power goes we got money hidden somewhere safe.


    SOCIAL MEDIA PLATFORMS should advance FREEDOM OF SPEECH. Yet too many Americans have seen their accounts suspended, banned, or fraudulently reported for unclear “violations” of user policies.

    No matter your views, if you suspect political bias caused such an action to be taken against you, share your story with President Trump.


  • people who's lives depend on medical devices, will be getting MURDERED.
    people who have food in cold storage, get ready to sue, make it hurt!
    you little greenie-weenies with your electric cars, excuse me while I laugh.

  • God I’m glad that I left California. Left just before that pos Newsom got in, and they finally stole our house seat in the Valley. Sad to say it but Cali is completely a lost cause.

  • Sounds like a La Raza plan to me. Kill power , infiltrate , and kill whitey . I remember a couple years back they were threatening to kill All whites if we didn't give the southwest states to Mexico . 2nd amendment is trampled in cali so there wont be much resistance , not many 911 calls will get through , police probably wont patrol much as they will be protecting their own . Yep sounds like a strategic war move ,as well as a perfect distraction of indictments. They will kill as many whites as possible , kidnapping attractive women and children after raping to their satisfaction and within a day or so be back across the border with loot, booty and lots of sex slaves to use and sell. The perpetrators will not face justice because they will return across the border quickly .Communication will be almost completely lost. Pray /prey in California

  • When the power is up, will we see some people vanished from California? Are the secret police on standby to pull people from their houses and into the gas chambers? Democrats will do anything as they are as evil to the core.

  • Black outs and CAFires are due to Brown's Fast Rail project. Do a google, and arial google of all the places where the fire happened, it is the same exact area where the rails are going through, insurances wont cover some houses in that area, due to "high" risks, those fires are due to Smart Meters. Google it here, theres alot of live videos and legit speakeres w proof. Thema camps are built before the fires.And now we may have to pay higher bills..due to NWO.

  • I,m not sure how it works in the US , but here in Australia , well before summer starts theres lots of burnoffs of grasses and scrub that could be a problem during bushfire season , happens every year . These are controlled burnoffs

  • Those zero down solar deals, have stuff in the fine print, if the utility shuts off power, they usually make you turn off your power too… Seriously!

  • Who ever voted this piece of shit into office should be blacked out..or let all the welfare blacks and illegals go live in there communities

  • Full steam ahead for Agenda 21/2030… blame the depopulation of California on the heat. How in the world did California survive all these years before evil started controlling their government? Cali-zuela

  • There are people in the state that must have life sustaining equipment to stay alive! A perfect set up for looting by all these undocumented aliens in the country! Stop the chem trials! this sounds like a police state being formed.

  • Thanks to the NWO satanic cult being in charge of our country China who owns PG&E and most of CA can literally get away with murder.

  • This is retaliation for cutting off the High Speed Rail (tunnel — cabal funnel) money, AND cutting off the Federal Funding for Sanctuary City status. California's Cabal torturing the Citizens, cause we are sheep to them. Anyone notice the financial squeeze slowly suffocating us? Think Gas Prices. Generators needed when they shut off the power, inflated gas… no access to money? No access to pumps even if you have money? These people are EVIL!!
    To those who say we deserve this because WE VOTED THE EVIL IN, Please STOP!! How many times has Q brought up VOTER FRAUD? ILLEGALS ALLOWED TO VOTE? Have COMPASSION for those of us who are STUCK HERE Faithfully Waiting for the SWAMP TO BE DRAINED.

  • "Climate Change" is a buzz word to more easily control US!
    Our Military said it would Control The Weather By 2020!
    This has NOTHING to do with NATURE! It is Man-Made!
    Become as Independent as you can! Its the only way to deal with this.

  • My families home was looted during the hurricane and flooding situation in Florida.. this is not a joke.. made to evacuate and while on leave all farming equipment, generators ect were taken.. it's up for grabs by who.. multiple thousands in stolen goods with minimal wind damage and NO flood damage of any sort..



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