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An alleged journalist whose last name is synonymous with a family involved in activities which harm innocent young children and teens pens a piece trashing QAnon’s attack on Rachel Chandler, who runs a seemingly legitimate Midland modeling agency and working as a fashion photographer, is in reality connected with Bill Clinton and is said to be currently involved in finding underage girls for Jeffrey Epstein and his Lolita Express flights.


Could your doctor falsely diagnosis you with cancer for the purpose of prescribing Big Pharma drugs and treatments which you may not need? David Zublick unseals the truth in this special report!


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David Zublick is the Doctor of the Republic – a true American patriot. He interviews the newsmakers, newsbreakers and the people who influence business, society and culture. Dynamic, provocative, spontaneous. David explores the hottest topics with the names in and behind the headlines. His hard-hitting, take no prisoners interview style gets to the very heart of the issues. He leans libertarian on most issues, and is not a shill for the Republican party. He believes in limited government and the principles upon which this constitutionally limited republic was...

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