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  • I'm a holistic Healer. I use a treatment called Pranic Healing and I've worked on pain management cases, and various other afflictions over 35 years. Most people think that their physical problem can be resolved by conventional medicine, but when that fails, I take over from there!

  • Typical ignorant comments from people who dont suffer with chronic pain so they have no clue what this kind of life is like. First off, nobody who suffers with chronic pain is just living with it not having tried to cut out the pain. Believe me we have tried all OTC (over the counter) things, double even triple the dose. Even tried combos of OTC things, doubled even triple the doses. We have sought pain relief through doctors and pain management. We all have a "bag of tricks" we use to try and take the edge off the pain. Granted there are a few out there that many pain meds make them sick. They cant handle pain meds so they dont take them and they just deal with the pain. But them living with the pain isn't from them not having tried many things to end the pain. And those people dont have SEVERE pain. If the pain is severe enough they will take pain med regardless if they didnt like how it made them feel. There is not a single person on earth who suffers with chronic pain that hasn't sought to try and treat the pain. There is nobody on this earth who suffers with pain that when they started having their pain said to themself "I see I now hurt all the time. Oh well, looks like I'll just have to live with it" and didn't try many things to cut the pain out. Your comments are insulting to people who suffer with chronic pain. If you want to be successful in promoting whatever it is you are trying to promote, you might want to approach the topic differently. Actually not might but SHOULD. As someone who lives with severe 24/7 pain I have no interest in checking out whatever it is you are promoting simply because of the things you said in the beginning of your video. If you are that uneducated and not understanding of chronic pain and how people who suffer with pain are then I dont view you as being knowledgeable on anything pertaining to pain. My comment is not meant to be rude. Just being blunt.

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