Takes us around the world in search of ancient megaliths, levitation, gigantic building projects of the ancient world and evidence of the use of high tech devices in ancient times, such as electricity, heavy machinery and flight. He then combines the fantastic technology of Nikola Tesla to show us how the ancients did many of their construction miracles. A fascinating and visual workshop on the astonishing achievements in the ancient past.

David consults ancient texts and modern stories and presents astonishing evidence that aircraft, similar to the ones we use today, were used thousands of years ago in India, Sumeria, China and other countries.

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  • I wonder if we're gonna get to see a feature of that one mechanism they found in Rome that's supposedly a thousand years ahead of it's time.

  • At 1:02:00 that seen is the alchemical wedding or The culmination of the Great Work i.e. Ascension or the Divine Union . We use clay to make bricks to build pyramids to be capped then they become Diamonds in a field of Clay. Look at it this way. We gather Info=clay to make Comparison=bricks to give Proportion=pyramids to add Measure=Capped from above then we Create Understanding=Diamonds then we become Diamonds in a sea of Clay i.e information.!!!!
    I'm not KNOCKING this mans take One just has to realize most of EGYPTIAN hieroglyphics are depictions of the alchemical wedding. The baboon is Thoth the feather was the thing the heart was weighed against in the Underworld……
    Goes without saying that these things need to be rediscovered thanks

  • THIS IS NOT 2019. THIS is David Hatcher Childress a world traveler & prolific author who started the Modern lecture tour program with guidance from the original explorer & author Thor Hayadoll and the UFO author Erich von DΓ€niken. WHERE'S DAVID'S CREDITS & LINKS TO HIS WORK ??

  • Aeroplane was used by Tamil King from Sri lanka, King Ravanan and his father in law Great architect Mayan, who is none other than who invented the Mayan civilisation in Mexico..

    Mayan built Pyramids all over the world .

  • head binding DOES NOT create a larger cranium. The Paracas elongated skulls are elongated naturally as they found a fetus and several small babies that already had an elongated skull. There are other naturally elongated skulls found in other places including Malta and Sardinia

  • For those that care. The main thumbnail object appears to be a hydraulically balanced impeller from a vertical turbine pump. New day technology not ancient.

  • Eye of the Desert- Mauritania – on the shoulder of Africa, the Atlantic. Alot of convincing evidence for that spot. Just look at the erosion on a topographical satellite photo. Looks like somebody jumped in the Atlantic and washed "Atlantis" away when Africa was alot wetter.

  • There is a series of UTUBE vjos by Click Spring building the machine shown at 1:00. It is a clock works that plots the location of the moon, sun, and some of the planets or stars.



This youtube channel is dedicated to the teaching of knowledge that was hidden from the human race all through history.There are traces of hidden knowledge in many places. Ancient Mystery surrounds us.
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