August 18, 2019 Did you know that Horowitz was handpicked by George Soros to protect the swamp? See what our intelligence has on Horowitz:

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  • I'm sorry but you guys are delusional do you think for one minute that Donald Trump is dead against the establishment in the UK. You guys are so gassed up and so wrong and delusional PLS. You lot are apart of the problem what narrative are you trying to weave in here you guys are deceptive! And I don't trust you guys at all. I like to listen to the bull crap that you lot like to spout out. How much do you get paid for spouting out so much deceit? How much is YouTube paying you to deceive the masses? Straight up question and don't worry I won't be expecting an answer. You call yourselves American Intelligence Media WOW that is laughable…🚩

  • This designated runner…can become the shortcut replacement in a force play at home…DUH….HE'S A RINGER…AN INSIDE HIRED BLOCKER…DUH

  • This guy here he works with the swamp he is one of the swamps the sky was a dirty traitor treason to United States you should even be in the system Trump is screwed having him around I guarantee you that

  • Yes watch your back with the British in the queen these people have sent spies in our country and into our system yes they are running our system right now they got all their spies in our system Terrell America dad made the law so that they can get taxes money from us and taxes country and get money from Canada tax that country the British of really did one of the biggest scams of all time in history around the world and got away with it this will be the end now they won't get away with it anymore it's all said and done and it said the works it's in the makings it'll be done with and dealt with the way it should have been a long time ago

  • Job yours says that he's not Innocent but the thing is Mueller never brought up the fake dossier that they made up there never was any charges was all fake bullshit he did dossier the fake bulshit

  • More than two years of "Imminent arrests."
    The political landscape is looking more like a t.v. show to placate the masses ?

  • Horwitz is one of the deep State Luminati whatever you want to call him he's working with the left. Take down this President he ain't going to help him at all he's a traitor treason against the United States citizens and the United States of America

  • Great analysis…I agree …Justice & Truth be Damned…very SAD…Pray ..its gonna hit the fan…thank you for your great work..AIM one of the best on the Net…
    Sundances Article showing IG both have great insight…lately I get so angry and just cant understand their service to the material & desire and not our fellow man..

  • Hell the queen is a saitnes. She kidnapped 12 children year's ago they were never seen again. The British and other countries have spied on us just like we have spied on them. They kill children and drink their blood and eat glands. These people are the scum of the Earth. If I were Trump I would implement the Insurrection Act of 1807. Jerry Nadler is in contempt. His son Michael Nadler works for a law firm who is suing President Trump. Why doesn't anyone talked about Hillary rapping Cathy O'Brien for year's. The Deep State and the Cabal are everywhere. President Trump please prosecute Obama and Brennan all the way down to the aide's. And go back to Bush Sr. Bush jr. Clinton for treason act's against humanity and the American people. Make the Democrats pay back the 40 million dollars they wasted. Mueller knew over a year ago that there was nothing against Trump. If Hillary would not keep server's in her bathroom maybe she wouldn't have been spied on. Bush Sr gave a speech once and he said if the AMERICAN PEOPLE KNEW WHAT WE HAVE DONE THEY WOULD CHASE US DOWN THE ROAD AND HANG US ALL. BUSH JR. NEEDS TO ANSWER FOR THE TRADE CENTERS COMING DOWN. Mueller didn't retire he was fired. Wonder when he will get the shot.

  • Trump should probably read the tabloids first before traveling and read and be mindful the claims of the last three months worth of tabloids regarding the switch-a-roo and power with the two sons and all that. See who's in power who's about to be in power and Research Diana's Sons. I'm just saying look into what the tabloids put out because you know in the end the tabloids be actually telling the truth about something. LOL.

  • This is SO discouraging. If you can't see the blatant double standard then you're either blind or part of the problem. When they (the left) regain power at some point they WILL come after us with a vengeance. Way past time to decide who you will serve. 😪💔

  • I thought I heard Mueller say he was unable to prove that Trump did NOT obstruct justice. Is that what Prosecutors are supposed to do? Prove that someone did NOT break the law? And by what means would Mueller PROVE that Trump did NOT break the law? Did he even try? If yes, why? Did Nadler assume that no proving someone’s innocence = proving his guilt? Sorry, but none of this makes any logical sense to me….. Doublespeak is exactly what I was thinking.

  • In Horowitz first report he was very sneaky…but not sneaky enough. What he said was that he found no bias in the PROSECUTORS DECISION MAKING and therefore no harm done. Of course he failed to mention that the PROSECUTORS rely on the INVESTIGATORS to do their jobs without bias or their (the Prosecutors) decisions are invalidated. If the INVESTIGATORS don’t provide the facts to the PROSECUTORS the whole process breaks down. Horowitz conveniently left that information out. In reality, BIAS DID UNDERMINE THE PROSECUTORS DECISION MAKING. Whether the bias was on the part of the Prosecutors or the Investigators makes no difference to the outcome. Bias by EITHER PARTY HAS THE SAME EFFECT OF UNDERMINING THE ENTIRE PROCESS. The fact that no one picked up on this sleight of hand and called Horowitz out on it is very disturbing to me.

  • Mueller looked horrible. He was very thin. His face was chalky, tone almost monotone. He as you said made President Trump going in “ Guilty” before “ not guilty “ with his pre- written
    He looked fearful and not a fearless Mueller. Sounded like he was playing on the fence. His Butt is “ Dead” by both parties and all other agencies.
    It will be interesting what comes next.
    Horowitz is a disappointment but this nonsense is going to go nowhere but into the soon to be Brick/Steel Wall
    ( Made in America).

  • Horowitz cannot indict anyone that the real truth ..that isn't his job.all he does is gather evidence then present his findings.if he does his job properly,Durham will then read everything or any slant he put on his report.if Durham thinks Horowitz is wrong in his interpretation of a certain findings,he will reach his own decision then act on it.. before, there was no one to indict the perpetrators,Sessions was missing in action and Rosenstein was protecting any wrong doer. but since Barr,there is Durham to do just that. Horowitz will need to be careful this time because he knows there is Durham, who will also read everything that Horowitz will report and reach his own conclusions.

  • All these investigations are just a charade, and the media frenzy is nothing but Kabuki Theater. There were never any sealed indictments, there never was any plan for tribunals. Get used to it, the DOJ exists to protect the traitors.

  • The governments around the world are frauds. Mobs within government. Double negatives and speak is, in the words of the courts , "gibberish " it's a fraud. Fraud is fraud without a statute of limitations……

  • Mueller for Gitmo! Maybe he and Comey can share a cell and talk about the good old days, while awaiting their fate. Comey can work on his next book, My time at Gitmo, Higher calling II.

  • I have been really worried about Trump making this trip to England that this just might be the very people that would TRY to hurt him.
    We need to all pray for our President Trump with all the love of God we have in us while Trump is around all this evil !
    Dear God please watch over our President Trump and bring him home safely to us , Amen

  • The next in line of charades, is declass, nothing will come of that report, following that is the Huber report which is supposed to be an investigation of the Clinton Foundation, Huber hasn't even interviewed key witnesses. Prepare yourself for another nothing burger!

  • [ You ]
    If you examine seriously with your ability to understand, you should be able to realise that casually said "everyone is to die…" is not what you can know as a fact, but you only can assume and believe. If you believe so, of course you shall die. It is because the disrespect to the God(… or whatever you may call it) makes you exist and functioning every now.

    YOU ARE AN AWARENESS, as a person of your own making each day, generated by the Body you occupy and use. The Body is not your property, but of the God. How any living creature's body takes a birth and grow to full size, and keep functioning as it does… IS, but of course MIRACLE. As the matter of the Fact that anything just EXISTS IS the MIRACLE of the God.


    What the Buddha supposed has realised was "THE GOD HAS NEVER GIFTED THE LIFE AWARENESS WHICH DOES NOT WANT TO DIE YET ONLY TO DIE". Also, what the Jesus supposed to have taught was your chance of an eternal life within, with this Reality of the God.

    If you can believe the God has gifted your life awareness which does not want to die yet only to die, or the God would favour any one or any group of people above others, you shall die for the "disrespect" to the God keeps you exist and functioning with the Loving Efforts(Force) of the God. The Law "for your life or death" is the "Common Sense of the God" of everyone that has accompanied your life awareness, which define the crime as to be unfair to others.

    The man made, so called "law", is only the evidence of the crime of the ones who have made up the selfish rulings and forced on the people with the threat of all kinds of violence, to keep the existence of the rich and poor they have caused and fabricated.

    With the fact that even the Body you occupy is not your own property, how possibly anyone believing to own the land and its productivity? It is the Earth generation in the state of maddess for the *selfishness and *greed, in where everyone is dying?

    *selfishness: One may be selfish within everyone's right, but never should be selfish above others.
    *greed: The healthy appetite is not the greed, but want to have more than others is.
    *) The only duty attached to your gifted life awareness is to behave yourself within the God's acceptance, not to be unfair to others.
    *) Mind you that, the "God" has nothing to do with any religions, which cannot define what is the God they are talking about, infest on earth.

    One does noes have to die is the Truth, but there are understandable obvious reasons why one dies. Of course, the God shall die the criminals out of the God's Reality, —Tenpage☀net

  • Abolish NATO, MOREOVER, NO DEAL ON USMCA – it creates a regional state of the US, Mexico and Canada just like he EU! It would destroy our sovereignty and create one of Orwell’s / Hungers Games regions!


  • Mueller's name is listed in… Iron
    Mountain- the Blueprint for Tyranny….look it up, interesting video….
    This agenda has been going on for quite some time.

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