August 18, 2019 The Foreign Intelligence Surveillance Act (FISA) and the court created to oversee its implementation are going to be in the news quite a bit in the upcoming weeks.

This is because the FISA court plays a central role in the ongoing “Spygate” scandal, which is only the biggest political scandal in the history of the United States, dwarfing even the Nixon Watergate scandal.

New evidence has surfaced that it wasn’t only former Trump campaign adviser Carter Page who was the subject of FISA court hearings during the 2016 presidential campaign. At least three other persons in the Trump campaign were targets of FISA court hearings, according to a member of Congress who sits on the House Judiciary Committee.

Rep. Sheila Jackson Lee (D-Texas) helpfully revealed that during her questioning of former Attorney General Loretta Lynch in a closed-door hearing of the House Judiciary Committee on Dec. 19, 2018.

Written by Brian Cates @drawandstrike

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  • Brian Cates did a great job here. Gina's reading and dissemination of the facts surrounding this story was excellent. There is so much more to come! This is truly the greatest political scandal in the history of this republic. Trump's election in 2016 was possibly the most spectacular and phenomenal political defeat ever. it was only the beginning! The establishment deep state under the Obama administration was determined to overthrow his election. I find it interesting that the Democrats often brag that the Obama administration was "scandal free". That's true. They, of course, controlled and weaponized the DOJ, FBI, CIA, NIC, State Department to perform whatever task, legal or illegal, they deemed necessary! They were not scandal free because they were, of course, one HUGE criminal cabal controlling everything. Add to that a complying media and you have the ingredients to overthrow a newly elected president….. or even an entire country! Stand by for more.

  • I saw this great quote and just have to pass it along. In one sentences the essence of this whole debacle is captured:
    A Texas rancher's perspective of the Mueller report, and Democrats' hapless efforts to keep this dumpster fire going, summarized in one sentence:
    "While we recognize that the subject did not actually steal any horses, he is obviously guilty of trying to resist being hanged for it."

  • Biggest scandal that appears to about to be covered up. Hopefully all your hard work wont be lost in the biggest cover up ever.

  • Love how you seem to have the giggles throughout your report today! Is it something that you’re not telling us and waiting for a future report or someone in production making a funny face?

  • Gina you look ravishing today. This FISA declass is going to be very revealing I believe. I hope Barr will be a straight shooter and hold those who are accountable to the letter of the law. The Demonrats are all scrambling for a narrative for cover, it is very entertaining to watch them flounder. The impeachment threat is getting bogged down with the impending truth about to become revealed. Nancy has put herself in a lose lose situation as she struggles to walk a tightrope. Brian Cates does a phenomenal job of investigating the underlying malignancy of corruption. Great Job by all.

  • $40 million dollars wasted to discover what ANY third grader knows…there WAS NO CRIME! There were NO FACTS. FALSE investigation(KGB style) based on FAKE RUSSIAN 'dossier'(killary's insurance policy) & initiatef by killary's Russian cronies named Crowdstrike who created the DNC 'hack' HOAX immediately after Podesta's e-mails revealed the assasination plots against Seth Rich and our beloved Justice Scalia. Tarmac meeting promised SCOTUS seat to Lynch, but Scalia had to be 'wet worked' first. Julian Assange (political prisoner) jailed for publishing the Truth! These Patriots did not die in vain. We the People DEMAND justice for Judge Scalia & Seth Rich. Mueller & Weisslime spent $40 million tax dollars carefully hiding exculpitory evidence from the court system as he has done for 40 years of these crimes starting with WhiteWater, Ruby Ridge,Senator Stevens, Waco ,MurrahBldg,TwinTowers1, 9-11,'FAKE'war on terror', killary's pay to play, killary's e-mails,Bengazi LIES, IRAN TREASON, sotero 'weaponizing' the IRS/FBI/DOJ/NSA/DIN & especially the CIA brainwashing MSM mind control 'thought police' who pollute OUR airwaves & newspapers nationwide 24-7 with Anti-American, anti Trump hate & vitriol. Pathetic. Now that the COUP has failed, WHEN do the trials for Treason begin? The U.S Constitution has a cure for Treason. Love of country Trumps hate for Donald. MAGA. LOL

  • Truth be told Gina makes a helluva anchor not to mention she has racked up an immense truckload of accolades,this is truly a talented woman and I respect her talents tremendously not to mention she doesn't hurt my eyes either!! Carry on Gina the best is yet to come.👍🏻👍🏻👍🏻

  • Great job once again! It's my understanding that it wasn't just personnel within the Trump campaign, but Cruz's, Carson's and Kaisic's campaigns and staffers as well. Popadop just happened to be a "2fer", while with Ben b4 heading over to Trump's team.

    With Carter have being a paid informant for the C_A and FBI for a good while, I'm absolutely shocked this little known fact hasn't been added as a line item or even discussed in media pertaining to the gross amounts of FISA abuse. Dare I say that I'm baffled, no hornswogled, better yet bewildered by all these known facts and not hearing a peep from MSM at all.

    Justice has to be served in what will (IMHO) be the greatest scandal and acts of treason and sedition in American history, from now until the end of time.

    Anyway, keep bringin it and stay awesome!

  • A FISA warrant on Papadopoulos will be especially problematic since the required exculpatory evidence that the FBI had on him was left off the warrant application.

  • Just hope this does not end up being one of those things… You know the type of thing my kids will still be asking questions about. YOU ALL DON'T GET IT THIS WAS DONE TO ALL OF YOU WAKE THE FUK UP FFS GET OFF YOUR FKN AZZES AND KICK THE SCUMBAGS INVOLVED THE FK OUT ALREADY

  • As usual, excellent reporting Gina. Ty ..And congratulations to Epoch Times for establishing an account on Parler..Its a new social media platform that vows to be a better alternative to Twitter as a true "community" discussion and Free Speech platform.

  • If I headed a major News Network, I'd hire this lady in a heartbeat. She's not just very attractive, but presents FACTS….. instead of Bloviating on and on about one Political Party or the other! Why even Edward R Murrow would hire her and he's the father of modern Broadcast Journalism!

  • Imho If William Barr had not been appointed AG, the Mueller "investigation" would have dragged on until the 2020 election. It looks like Mueller has done the next best thing – by directing Congress to take over the coup. I would pay good money to see Mueller subpoenaed and exposed.

  • Hi Gina. Nothing anymore really is as it seems to be. Is it?
    Lawyers, Politicians, and many News Media have so convoluted the Truth, for so long. They've corrupted normal people into liars.
    This is why, civilizations fall.
    Big Government with the ability to hide the secrets, under so many layers of people. Or blame someone else for the misdeeds.
    This is why we need to cut and slash Government. Not make it bigger.

  • 8 high ranking officials were fired in Italy over this abuse, these Italians were working with…. You guessed it… John O Brennan, who by the way gave visas to 12 of the terrorists that conspired with the 911 attacks. Brennan is a known wahhabist so go figure, he hates America and is scum of the earth.

  • The entire nation of people were spied on. Now the payment is due. No due process for the big criminals, we'll round them up, let them reflect before building the gallows.

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