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  • Rex,, It sounds like you need to get outside more, powerlines are not new, nore is the microwave technology for transmission towers. Yes, when you can physically feel the effects of the EMF it is time to get out of range. Think of all the people who live within close proximity to high amounts of this and the effects it has.

  • πŸ‘πŸ‘ Wow and to think 5G isn’t fully functional yet but the 2 combined what will it be like we know Electrifying! πŸ€ͺ Crazy times! Thank you for sharing and keeping us informed! Have a great day!

  • My old 3G smartphone has a tennisball sized radiation field coming from the earpiece, I can feel it with my eardrum when I hold it too close to my head.

  • This is so sick and horrible, but ya know… I knew about the terrors to come because people aren't really that nice and never have been. Lots of people enjoy tormenting others at only gains to them.

  • Important research in the field. Thanks Rex, take precautions where you can. I really hope you recover your equipment. How the heck did you loose it in the first place? πŸ––πŸ‘ŠπŸ’–

  • Read up on the "Law of Induction" and the "Law of Sympathetic Resonance". This is HOW these energies are able to affect biological life.

  • Within 29 seconds + day dreaming what ever hearing and processing ='s 2 this video is aimed to be positive for humanity good job. πŸ‘ PS I'm the 1st 1 to give and start the thumbs up on YouTube being gold and grey at bottom. YouTube history noticing it and mentioning it. Just a guess can someone check? Yes/No ? (edited)

  • We used to have beehives on 4 different properties. 3 farms and one guys property he let us put hives on the PowerLine clearing. Those behives, about 15, we're 1/2 the size, not productive and extremely aggressive. They were European honey bees and acted almost like the Africanized bees. We moved them after two years, killed the queens and split the bees into other hives. Lesson learned. EMF bad.

  • I feel those symptoms daily. I live in the mineral area where they mostly mined lead. Lymphocytes are always above normal. I think I'm allergic to the current living conditions on the planet…. pun intended πŸ™‚

  • I got a book called latent powers in man and in it it states the use of good emf reserch and what happens when you tip the scale and find the bad effects of emf done in 1920…they have always known the side effects good and bad….its also known as polarity reversal therepy….many ppl use this for many disorders etc your frequency gets reset to neutral….restoring balance mind and body.

  • Next time you stand under a high voltage power line 230,000 volts. take a fluorescent tube bulb with you. Sometimes you can light them up if the humidity is high enough. Go mid span where the wires are closest to the ground.

  • The animal especially deer around my house are acting really weird to. The Kabal wants to thin the heard & usher in their NWO. It is only going to get worse in the coming years.

  • People please believe in Jesus as your Savior that died so your sins are forgiven and obey His words. Help others that are the worst off like homeless people that are the least of these. The asteroid is coming that flys over and tilts the planet over because the earth has a weakened magnetosphere, then earth tilts other way, then sways like a tent in the wind. Isaiah 24 and Revelation plays out.

  • Hey sexy rexy. Did you have a leak project in your pants when the moose chased you?
    You tried to be El Matador but only I am the greatest Matador of all times!

  • And I used to trim trees for Davey Tree co. from 400kv transmission lines in Orange County and LA County when I was 18. Now I live 650 feet away from a kill tower!

  • OMG you got a huge dose. We are not doing well as humanity. Have you studied emf waves. They’re linear. You can interfere with them (I think) with an oscillator (maybe)?

  • Deborah Tavares (or anyone’s) interview with Barry Trower retired highest level British scientist studied microwave frequencies his career with other countries β€˜ same speaks out finally because 5G threat is so great. Despite lifetime of threats against doing so. Sobering and very credible source.

  • Back when wired magazine was new I remember a Piece wrote about just what your describing , even in rural area's where those giant steel telephone poles , they were saying the vegetation does not grow well under them, and where those transformer stations are nothing will grow in the area, when is the last time you seen any thing growing around one of those? its all gravel or dirt, they all so went on about the effects of electromagnetism on people and what you just described pretty much sums it up, they did say if you have a choice do not live under or near one, My self and family live in Seattle and have a cell tower across the alley behind our house that looks like a Transformer it is insane and a block away we have a transformer station that serves West Seattle, we are sandwiched right between the two, a lot of my neighbors including my wife and I have nerve disorders and unexplained health problems. What are you supposed to do? It is the times we live in, I wish they would quit lying to us though. Its kinda like smoking,Bastards.

  • For me personally, under 5 minutes and I go into full blown heart attack symptoms! I have to live in the mountains in my RV, it’s so BAD! I’m NOT ALONE, I have many friends in my age group (60) who are developing severe symptoms! I started a group on Facebook to document my journey… THE NEW AMERICAN EMF WIFI REFUGEES. We are the canaries in the coal mine! COLLATERAL DAMAGE!

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