Donald Trump has a decades-long history of doing business with mobsters from both the Italian and Jewish mafias. Trump was 1 of only 2 real estate moguls in all of New York City who allowed organized crime families to purchase hundreds of millions of dollars in Trump properties using anonymous shell companies.

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  • REALLY who cares Did Trump's sale out the American PEOPLE did Trump sale California to China did Trump give all WATER gas company's to Rothschild Dis Trump's sale all our minerals to Water land to the BANKERS

  • Here are some Solutions to Government!
    01. Reduce the Size of Government by 10% a year for the Next 9 Years
    02. End all of the Warmongering around the world
    03. Close 800 Foreign Military Bases
    04. End All the "Aid" to Foreign Countries
    05. Get out of NATO and all Global Political Associations
    06. End all Tariffs and Sanctions
    07. Eliminate the "Tax Code" and Tax everyone and every company at 10% (Amounts above 50k) until the National Debt is Paid in Full then cut the rate to 5% (No Exemptions, No Subsidies)
    08. The FED shall be Abolished and the USA will go back on the Gold Standard
    09. Set a term limit of 2 terms in Congress without all of the "Benefits"
    10. Eliminate All the "Bonuses" in Government Employment/Service
    11. Sell Amtrak or Close it
    12. The US Post Office shall NOT receive any more Government Funding or Government Rules/Regulations
    13. All Federal Laws and Regulations shall be made by Congress (No Government Agency shall make Regulations or Laws)
    14. The Federal Government shall NOT provide Funds to any State (the States shall remain sovereign and Independent without Federal Pressure)
    15. A Federal Criminal LAW shall be enacted with a Mandatory Minimum for the Government Violating a Citizens Civil Rights… 5 Years in Prison and 5M Fine for each rights violation/stacked charge plus all attorney fees and expenses. (This shall apply to all Government)

    I am sure there should be more but this should take care of the vast majority of Federal, State, and Local Government Abuses!

  • TRUMP SURELY DUPED A LOT OF PEOPLE. Americans voted for him to MAGA, not MIGA… Trump works for the Jews, Israel and their Synagogue of Satan. The Russian-Jews and Israel-Jews are one and the same, both sides of the same coin. So Russia-Gate is the Israel-Gate… Trump is a liar. He has fooled all of us by slogan MAGA but actually he meant MIGA.

  • Selling condos with no questions asked is just the icing on the cake. I'd bet the Trump Organization has been laundering CIA/MI6/Mossad Drug & Weapons Profits money laundering, at least from the 70s. Who else is going to pay Donald Trump to out his Tacky name on their buildings? Same with Kushner, total money laundering, build the ugliest building in NYC for the highest ever price paid. Then flipping it to Carlyle Group. Oh, please. The Vampires of D.C./NY/Houston/London/Tel Aviv never sleep.

  • Roy Cohn was Trumps lawyer as well as the bosses in the. NY Families. You had to b close with the mob in those days to build anything in NY.

  • If one were the creator of the game..One could simply rig the rules. But no one will play unless one were to give the players some 'options'..Just enough to keep them interested, and with some feeling of control.
    Its almost like the players are being played.

  • This is very cool to watch… a live bot attack. I bash Trump in nearly every single video. Nothing new. I've been doing it for years now. I certainly get some trolls on every video. But in the first few minutes of THIS video, I got HAMMERED by swarms of accounts talking about how Trump's ties to the mafia don't matter. Almost all of these accounts purport to be hardcore "christians". This is not an organic event. It's waaaaaay different than a normal handful of Trumptard trolls. And my YouTube analytics prove it. Makes you wonder… what is it about THIS topic that is of such concern that a coordinated effort would be made to attack the character of the person sharing the information… rather than attacking the verifiable information itself?

  • Since when do ties to evil not matter? I was honestly done with people when they said "so what if Trump took a ride on the Lolita express! He was probably catching a ride to his island from Epstein"… Birds of a feather flock together… as I said before, I was done with people THEN!!!

  • All you have to do to see Trump's true colors is look at what's happening in Venezuela. These psychopaths aren't even trying to hide it anymore.

  • Maybe trump didn't want to or seek out these deals, maybe he had to, because they own him and the buildings, and he's just the fool who has to have his name on the books? That's the kind of person who they'd make president, cause he's guaranteed to do as he's told, like making a fool of himself saying Ilhan Omar is antisemitic for talking about a country, not a race..

  • There is a reason why it's called political theater anyone who is unwilling to separate their feelings from the FACTS presented in this video is brainwashed politicians are nothing more than the public face of organized crime and if voting made a difference they would make it illegal

  • The older I get the more I realize almost 100% of politicians are corrupt as hell. It amazes me how many people still fall for the left / right, republican / democrat BS…

  • Jake is a beacon of light and a General among independent news correspondents. Keep guiding us through the murky waters of world events. Thank you!!

  • I wonder when certain conservatives will realize Trump is as bad as all the others. If not intentionally at least because of who he surrounds himself with.

  • Jake, can you go over the mechanics of a laundered cash transaction? In other words, does a bag man show up with a suitcase filled with 1000s of dirty hundred dollar bills? In what type of institution is that dirty cash deposited? Who makes the deposit? Why are there no β€œ official” questions asked when all this dirty money is being passed around?

  • He's a SOB(sorry), deceitful, dishonest, dangerous, corrupt, criminal, and I don't think that there's any point to go on! It sickens me to see that I turned 55 yesterday and never thought that this world that we live in today would be what it is! Thank you for all that you do Jake!

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Jake Morphonios is the chief investigator for the Blackstone Intelligence Network. His background is in financial crimes investigation, journalism and Middle Eastern geopolitics. Jake has worked as a strategist and adviser to several political campaigns, including those of presidential candidates Steve Forbes and Ron Paul.

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