The US has filed a 13-count indictment against Chinese telecommunications giant Huawei for stealing technology secrets and evading sanctions. Huawei pleads “not guilty” and sued Canada and the US as the West continues its global campaign to undermine and harass Huawei, the largest telecommunications company in the world. RT America’s Trinity Chavez reports for News.Views.Hughes.

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  • I didn't hear much about Huawei before the US slandering. I didn't even consider Huawei products before the US setting this American trap for Huawei. Since the US has been bullying Huawei and practicing unfair competition, I have come to know Huawei more and am looking to buy Huawei phone for my up coming travel. Edward Snowden has made me realized that I am part of the US government spying program. Huawei phone can stop US spying on me. 😀

  • Underground fibre optics in protective flexible conduits is the carrier of choice. 5G is radiation, it is a microwave on steroids, it uses an energy directing and compressing those microwaves in a beam and punching through any barrier including your DNA 🧬. 5G is radiation in the air, you are being irradiated in your neighbourhood wether you personally use it or your neighbour uses it. You cannot prevent it from hitting you in your backyard or while you walk your dog, it comes in through your roof, unless you have a thick metal roof and aluminium siding, even creeps in through the cracks and windows. The 5G network requires towers every 500 meters, it wants to make sure it covers every nook and crack between and inside buildings, there will be one or two within range of your residence, you will have no choice but to be nuked on a daily basis and so will your children, infants and babies. I am not exaggerating, many scientists and biologists as well as medical specialists are demanding that the brakes be put on this technology because it has already been demonstrated to give mice cancer, the long term effects on humans of this radiation is obvious. Look at the online documentation, since when have health warning issues ever prevented Corporate Giants from rolling out detrimental technology? Usually they demand proof but radiation damage takes time and there hasn’t been enough time to prove that people will die or live in misery as a result. Research it yourself.

  • Drop the phones in the toilet! 🚽 These Asians subscribe to 1950’s coke ads with a taste for the ritz. They …. that coincide with their monkey 🐒 dream sex as opposed to the Russians with “bear hug” and they will take you for a loop down the grunge of what one would call not their motherland backyard. GPS babe it’s all completely computerized! LOL 😂

  • Monkey King Commitment…. born on a hill before man existed…. conquered the west and lived comfortably in the east with the most beautiful princess 👸 in the world hands down

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