How compassionate are we for the wellbeing of others?

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  • Knuckle draggers won't even consider thinking about any of this. Lack of empathy is a big problem that exists more than any other time within my lifetime.

  • 1 of the reason people are indifferent to the slave trade in the past is because we didn't consider people of Color as fully human with the same intelligence as Europeans. It would be a few centuries before scientists discover all humans share 99.9% of the same genes.

  • Thank you so much for your videos. Your time and dedication is very much appreciated.
    You explain everything so clearly, especially some of the spiritual concepts that can seem complex to understand.

  • hi mr wilhelm , i thank god to find your clips🙏😃 such wisdom and spirituality in a simple and easy way to understand, and a shining in your eyes that reveals your pure soul🌷🌹🌹 love you from iran

  • On one hand I agree but on the other reflecting on the world today I think this is trivial. In many countries abortion is rampant and in some countries now they will allow abortion at the 9th month and will not resuscitate if the fetus lives after a late abortion. Worldwide of 40 million abortions a year. If we can kill like this, then what are animals worth ? (yes I do like your channel please keep it going, thanks ever so much)

  • Very good, although I find the slavery of animals to be an interesting example. Why not discuss the open slave markets in Africa and the middle East. We can relate to the emotional attachment of pets more than the child laborers who mine Cobalt in Africa for our batteries. Some bit of indifference I suppose.

  • Over the years that I've been interested in spiritual growth, I have noticed within myself that I am more and more sensitive to the suffering and pain of others. From when I was a child I always felt the urge to learn more about life, existence and ethics, and in early adulthood I became interested in meditation. Over time this has lead me to feel more and more compassion for others, and it opened up my eyes (and heart) to humans' treatment of non-humans.

    It was like waking up from the Matrix. It is all around us, yet we are oblivious. Commodification, incarceration, killing, violence and exploitation is everyday life for a majority of the animals on this planet (yes, the majority of the animals alive today are chickens, pigs, fish, cows, sheep bred for human use). And the victims has never done anything to harm us. And I have learned more and more about the similarities that unite different species. They too want to avoid harm and suffering and seek pleasure and joy. They too have relationships and families. They are much more alike us than we want to admit to ourselves.

    So the logical step would be to extend our circle of compassion to also include non-humans, and grant them the basic rights that we would grant our fellow humans: The right to not be harmed and killed, the right to bodily integrity and the right to live a life in freedom and on your own terms. But it has also struck me how controversial this perspective is to many people. The change is and will be very slow. But at least we can change ourselves and try to inform, explain and inspire others.

    Thank you Hans for this clip and for shining light in this perspective! <3

  • 🙏💙gratitude. Love and light to all beings from the great central sun. Blessings and greetings to all light beings that volunteered for the human vessel experiment, and willing to experience earth dualistic based thought process combined with didactic ( instructive Learning through religious,social and academic) that's dogmatic and polarizing on many levels and it makes it difficult to be innately compassionate and altuiristic. You're a light being in a universe of equal light beings. STAY STRONG 🙏💙.live your life according to the two I'S: individualism and intellectualism and the two E'S: ethics and empathy regardless of your beliefs. It's an equilibrium of knowledge and wisdom i.e. Emotional Intelligence and a catalyst for behavior Intelligence. Philosophy that is designed for dualistic states of mind. 🙏💙

  • I do not understand how to possibly consume enough protien in a day to support my body. I need 300 grams and can only have no more than 50 grams of carbs. I see it being impossible. I support what your saying about cruelty but dont have a solution for my problem.

  • The problem is vegetarian replacements of meat are 3x more expensive.
    We eat mostly fish. If you want to make a difference, you must skip all products which contain eggs, milk etc. You can’t eat cheese.or wear leather. Yes less meat and no more bio industry but can we skip it all? Your body needs B6 and B12. There must come a end to the terrible bio industry, but I am affraid it takes time swotch

  • I used to agree with this whole-heartedly. I couldn't bare think about the way animals were treated in slaughterhouses. I went vegan because of that reason and I have an autoimmune disorder. My symptoms only got worse though. I no longer can believe that we are herbivores. I cured myself of hormonal and autoimmune issues with a ketogenic diet. I try to buy local fresh meat and dairy. It helps me be at peace that the animals had a happy life and were not in confinement. Also, there are many ex-vegans who were vegan for much longer than I was having major health consequences of the diet. I believe we are meant to consume animals products. I still love and appreciate your videos Hans❤

  • how dare you diminish slavery this way, You obtuse man.
    Revelation 13:10 King James Version (KJV)

    10 He that leadeth into captivity shall go into captivity: he that killeth with the sword must be killed with the sword. Here is the patience and the faith of the saints.

  • By eating the animals you eat the fear the fear is in your DNA every 30 days your body rejuvenates itself I challenge anyone myself there's only one way to make a change and that's change

  • Human trafficking, pedophilia, even pedovorism and cannibalism do still exist. Pizzagate is real. Soon it will all come out in the open. Most people choose to ignore this and I challenge anyone to research this. If you care so much…

  • Im DYING to know how reincarnation connects to numerology, and life path’s. I would be so happy if you could shed some light on this. LOVE your channel.

  • I agree animals are treated terribly in our consumer based society, the consumption of meat is made to easy for people today. But i totally reject the idea that humans are not built to consume meat, or that a vegetarian diet is more healthy or more spiritual. As if some vegan at Starbucks is more connected to the web of life than Native Americans tribes were, or the Masai of Africa or the Inuit people. Just more western arrogance.

  • I believe your intentions are good ,but I don't advise or appreciate anyone using the examples of human slavery for the cause of animals, when there are plenty of human causes that could be fought for.
    For example; genocidal campaigns , global sex trafficking, private prisons , famine , etc…
    Edit: I should also add that I am a subscriber, and your overall posts are interesting and very beneficial.

  • AI IDENTIFICATION MARKS (Marks of the Beast)
    Proof that SOULS (free wills) don't incarnate into animals.

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    Animals behave according to the DNA, bodies without wills [souls]. 
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  • Its all I have ever known my entire life
    Being fucked over bullied and shit on by others
    So I store it all for revenge when I expire
    I am broken and ocd… I have to fake being happy
    If I mark your bloodline I will hunt in death and make you suffer endlessly
    I am broken

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