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Host: Thomas
Producer: Seth Hilton
Intro Music: Chris Wilson


  • Hey Guys. A reminder, that my entire channel has been demonetized. EVERY VIDEO.
    If you have the means to keep this channel afloat, and i rarely ask for this. Which shows the importance of it all, also it
    would be greatly appreciated. The Demonetization could last 3 months. The appeal to reverse YT decision will be sent to them this week
    so positive thoughts and prayers are welcomed to say the least.
    Thank you all for the support and love!

  • Is this the same deep state that Q said would be taken down every day for the last 2 years now? I know, we have a million sealed indictments and trust sessions and the plan as they arrest Clinton, aren't they all in Gitmo begging for their lives?
    BS meter off the charts when anyone mentions Q, anons, and that whole Psyop pushed by channels that grow during years of censorship. Think

  • Because we have the Internet and lots of smart people – I feel certain that this mystery will be solved as are all others given enough time and effort.

  • Hey Thomas….great work buddy!!! You are doing awesome and incredible digs and truth missions. Yes I think you should do more videos on this topic!!! Praying for you and don’t forget to put on the Full Armor of GOD DAILY Thomas!!!!! Thank you πŸ™πŸ» for your continued effort in reporting the TRUTH and propelling the MOVEMENT forward!! WWG1WGA

  • If that is a sacrifice altar, then this all fits with the symbology.
    White/Black masonic colorations on the ground and clothes = Duality, Dark/Light, Evil/Good
    Let's not forget the handkerchief code for white and black as well.
    He died at 42. 4+2 = 6. That's your 6 symbolism all the celebs throw up.
    A lot of strange shit happens in Arizona.

    You figure it out, i know what i believe

  • Wow, I'm speechless. I don't know what he could have done that was so bad, he took his life. As far has his reckless life, it's understandable, given the evil he's endured. Rest in peace, Kappy

  • Isaac, was killed for exposing the dark forces, that RULE HIS field or profession, HE breached THEIR DARKNESS and shed light on their EVIL WORKS, TRULY A tragic END, TO ONE WHO sought liberation from A pact HE MADE, PRAY that the MOST HIGH HAVE MERCY ON HIS SOUL 😎😎😎!!!

  • sorry, but that IS NOT TITANIC MARDEN PALACE in the video with the girls….the girls are walking on a black and white tiled floor, and the palace pic has a white floor….plus the wash basins in the girls video are plain and smooth sided. while the palace basins are fancy and sculpted…..and finally, the sigil on the raised dais is more complicated in the girls video…LOOK CLOSER PEOPLE

  • So much to think about but one thing's for certain – I will never watch another Tom Hanks film. I gave him a pass months ago when I first discovered his creepy Twitter account, but that Roadkill stuff on 4/4 just five weeks before Kappy was made into Roadkill… nope. Done with Mr. Hanx for LIFE!

  • According to Steven D Kelly, the original "Issac's Dead Man Switch Video was approx. 1 1/2 minutes long He uploaded this on 5/14/19. Reading comments from there, it looks like it has been removed & shortened! Steven would not show it but describes what he saw & left a link! It should be considered kiddy-porn, so it is illegal. Why would they not just remove the entire thing instead of cutting out all but 15 seconds???

  • Scott david hellton aka prime creator2 is a phony cult leader with a God complex. He steals energy from good hearted people i. His thread who dont know better.

  • If the m k ultra they use is so powerful as to hear voices and kill, why not jump? Maybe he wasn't Physically pushed, but mentally.
    He's an excellent candidate.

  • Re Assange and his dead man switch. Wikileaks has posted saying the UK authorities have deleted sensitive files of Assange's. Could it be videos like this one Kappy posted? Could it be they deleted Assange's dead man switch? Hmmm

  • Thomas, I heard you are going through tough times in many respects. Throw off the evils and talk to your most trusted family and friends. We were with you in the beginning and we are all going to support and love each other through trying times my friend.

    God is great. Our President is doing God's Will on Earth. That has to give you hope through trying times. I love you my friend. You can reach me at @maga_hard if you need to do so. I'm only a short drive away. Just an ordinary Patriot here.

  • All these Celebs giving their souls to Satan to be rich & famous & for what? Hanks is pure TRASH! His whole demon family will enjoy hell soon! The thought of him & Hitlery etc..all banding together in pure flames…makes me feel good.

  • It's built like a hamam. I've image searched a still from the video and can't find one that matches. And typically young girls are NOT a part of the 'process' – that's not how a hamam works. If Kappy was speaking of a basement of Seth Green's then maybe this setting is in a private home – and not exactly used as a hamam, but definitely a very perfect design to hijack for sacrificial activities.
    And you can't overlook the technology of EMF and the such as 'mind' control, getting someone to jump off a bridge would be one of the most basic uses of that tech, or shooting up a movie theater, or so on. HE said he wasn't suicidal, but the [remote] 'voice in his head' apparently said otherwise.

  • Some made a video about Tom Hanks. He takes pictures of lost gloves on the street all the time. Weird. Deff code.
    My instincts are great. Thanks god. I never liked hanks. Made me very uneasy. Shiff to. Way before trump lifted him up by his bridges and exposed him.

  • Crazy stuff going on while the left ignores it all and lives in lala land, they're to busy derpa der-ing to even see what's going on right in front of their eyes, and they call anybody that doesn't derpa der right along with them "right wingers"….. it's INSANE….I didn't know being informed and challenging main stream narratives made me a right winger…..but according to the left it does, they want you to be stupid like them, and if you're not, then you must be a racist nazi

  • I believe handkerchiefs are family patterns just like in Hawaii certain families have certain patterns I hope that helps brother I am Irish and I have family crest and patterns Great work brother you are an American hero

  • He was on I-40 aka Route 66 on the bridge outside of Flagstaff. Autopsy said he was unrecognizable. Suicide note was typed, not using the same linguistics as his spoken word.

  • Tom Hanks parading around in his white tshirt admitting that he is a pedophile is disgusting, these people think they're untouchable, I pray they face Justice. Sick fucks

  • thanks: suicide is a grave situation and only on the last day will we know. He had time for his act of contrition and Lord Jesus would be His Priest. The wickedness practiced by our rulers is well known and our Lord Jesus is raising the veil on that which is hidden. Evil cannot stand in the Light, lets us pray and desire more Light.
    Pax Christi
    – Oh Glorious St Nicholas pray for this man as he attempts to bring light and may he see the Light of Christ in his life and be converted to the Faith; outside of which there is no Salvation.
    Sacred Heart of Jesus have Mercy on us.
    Immaculate Heart of Mary pray for us now and at the hour of our death, amen.



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